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Performance monitoring

Get real-time insights on remote employees’ activity. With Flowace's productivity monitoring feature, you can spot areas for improvement and streamline operations. Thus boosting employees’ performance by identifying bottlenecks and ensuring better resource utilisation.

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Performance Monitoring (1)

Hybrid employee monitoring

Manage your remote workforce irrespective of their location. The Hybrid employee monitoring tool leverages you to track their work patterns, ensuring better team management. With Flowace, you can effectively monitor productivity, ensure data security, and streamline communication, leading to enhanced productivity.

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Employee productivity tracking

Remote employee activity analysis

Get actionable insight into how your team works with Flowace’s intuitive dashboard and customized timesheets. Our automated data empowers efficient time management and enhances informed decision-making, helping your organization optimize performance and productivity.

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Remote Employee Activity Analysis

Budget allocation

Stay on top of every project’s financial health. Get a holistic project overview, track how much time employees are spending, understand the resource allocation and identify the associated costs. This enables better financial control and maximises ROI for every project.

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Budget Allocation
Gain a 31% boost in productivity for your business.

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Gain a 31% boost in productivity for your business.
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Enhanced employee focus & efficiency

Flowace assists in automatically tracking individual and team task durations, distinguishes between productive and non-productive activities, and provides valuable workforce analytics for mapping and enhancing employees’ productivity.

  • Easy setup, > 1-Min

    Flowace is easy to set-up and use. It takes less than a minute to integrate.

  • 30+ integrations for your workforce

    Whether you are using a Customer Relationship Management tool like Salesforce or a Project management Tool like Asana, Jira, or even a communication tool like Slack, Flowace easily connects with these and others for seamless productivity mapping

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Automate workforce management

Flowace eliminates long hours of admin work by saving your 60 minutes a day. Our project management features boast intuitive elements that help balance workload, measure activities, tackle burnouts and maximize profit- all this is accessible from a single dashboard.

  • Burnout reports

    Afraid of being overworked due to organizational biases? Don’t worry! Our burnout tracker identifies if any employee is surpassing their regular work hours and an alert is shared with respective parties to reallocate the work immediately.

  • Accurate resource utilization

    Access clear and precise reports on resource usage and data analysis. Determine if everyone contributes equally to a task or project, regardless of the tools or software they use, and allocate respective workloads accordingly.

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Stop revenue leakages

Struggling to find where your profit margin is dipping? Is it a client, employee, or a project, that is responsible, or is it something else? Flowace workforce analytics software will pinpoint the areas and showcase reports that help understand where the revenue leakages are happening. Save up to 15-30% of monthly revenue leaks and boost company profits.

  • Identify bottlenecks and solutions

    Leverage workforce data reports and analytics to identify productivity roadblocks, such as time-consuming, low-paying projects, and redirect your team's efforts toward more profitable tasks.

  • Better expense management

    Track time limits, expenses, and easily set weekly budgets for teams directly through Flowace’s dashboard and we automate the rest. Get an alert the moment a limit is reached and stay ahead of expenses. 

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Stop Revenue Leakages (1)
Better Expense Management

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