Free Chrome time tracking extension

Measure time spent on tasks on your Chrome browser with just a click Chrome time tracker apps for Chrome. Simply add the extension or download directly to your Chromebook.

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Easily measure employee work time with Flowace Chrome time tracker

Register for Chromebook profile

  • Enter your email address in the sign up menu
  • Create a strong password for account protection
  • Handpick what you need like time tracking, billing and invoicing, attendance tracking or reporting
  • Unlock more features as per your company needs
  • Start tracking time seamlessly with Flowace Chrome time tracker

Install the extension

  • Locate the three parallel lines at the top of your menu, click and go to the Chrome menu
  • Click «Extensions» and go to the «Add-ons Store» section.
  • Identify the Flowace Chrome time tracker extension and “Click” to add it.
  • You can do it on the browser, or download Chromebook and apply the same procedure to log in and track time
Install the extension (2)-min

Sign in

  • Signing into the Chrome time tracker is EASY. Simply log in to the Flowace account and it auto syncs data for easy tracking
  • Enter username, password and you’re logged in
Sign in (2)-min

Run the timer

Activate the timer by engaging the “Start” button, and the Flowace Chrome time tracking extension will initiate its operation. Whether you’re engaged in web browsing, app development, or DevOps protals, our tracker meticulously records the time spent on each activity.

Run the timer (1)-min

Select a project

As soon as you activate the Chrome time tracker extension, simply enter the task name and select one or multiple projects. The timer will then automatically track your work activities conducted on the browser. You are not required to switch between tasks to update the timer.

Select a project-min

Time tracking

Regardless of the type of tasks you engage in, when the Flowace timer is active, it accurately logs all your daily activities and actions onto the timesheet, which is accessible to both managers and employees.

Time Tracking (2)


Leverage the features provided by your chosen productivity tools! Whether you are using Jira, Azure, Asana, GitLab, GitHub, or Salesforce, you can effortlessly create tasks within any of these platforms and smoothly synchronize their progress with the Flowace time tracker extension for Chrome, thanks to the intuitive built-in integrations.


Report generation

Using the Flowace Chrome browser time tracker, you can efficiently distribute your workload among different projects, tasks, and teams. Additionally, it provides detailed reports with visual analytics that assist in formulating future work schedules.

Reports (9)

Considering the Positive Aspects of Employee Monitoring?

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Chrome time tracker extension benefits

Easy task management with time tracking

Use the Flowace timer button on Chrome browser to allow your team to actively measure time spent on different tasks or projects. What’s more? Integrate Flowace with 35+ project management tools and easily draw project time data onto your timesheets effortlessly.

Easy task management with time tracking

Smart tracking via Chromebook

Capture the actual time spent working on various projects and tasks with the Chrome time tracker extension. Did you miss starting the timer? No worries, input time manually or set a reminder to start the clock in the future.

Smart Tracking via Chromebook

Catergozie your team’s work under one unit

Time tracked within Flowace apps directly replicates into your dashboard so you can overview your team’s activities without disrupting workflow. View your team’s time spent on projects and tasks, explore where the budget stands, and get accurate workforce analytics reports. Further, you can easily navigate to your Flowace account page through the Chrome time tracker extension or app for Chromebook.

Catergozie Your Team’s Work Under One Unit

Seamlessly operation for newbies

The Flowace Chrome time tracker operates smoothly on web browsers and mobile apps, catering to both beginners and seasoned users. Its user-friendly interface ensures efficient execution of commands with just a few clicks.

Seamlessly Operation for Newbies

Agile connection

Registering with the Flowace Firefox extension is a breeze – all you need is a robust email and password to sign up for tracking, and we seamlessly link your profile to your browser. For managers, this extension streamlines task assignment and tracking, regardless of the company’s workforce size.

Agile Connection

Best Laid Features of chrome time tracker

Work of proof

Concrete work proof

Verify proof of work; apps used, URLs visited, optional screenshots and more.

Timer shortcut

Timer shortcuts

Activate and halt the timer from anywhere using the Ctrl+Shift+U shortcut.


Idle/missing hour dectection

Review idle/missing hours directly on the timesheets or the dashboard.

Active tracking

Activity tracking

Get to know accurate employee activity patterns via mouse and keyboard usage.



Initiate the timer within Azure, Asana, ClickUp, JIRA, Salesforce, and 35+ intergations.



Get notified if you miss starting the timer on Flowace Chrome time tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

Does the Chrome time tracker extension work on other browsers?
No, the Chome time tracker extension for Flowace is free, and it is only used for tracking activities performed under the respective browser.
Can i check all websites visited using the Flowace timer?
Indeed, the Chrome time tracker extension can track time spent on all websites, whether they are classified as productive or unproductive.
Is the Flowace Chrome extension compatible with DevOp tools?
Yes, the Flowace Chrome time tracker can seamlessly integrate with tools like Jira, Azure, Asana, Tello, Salesforce and 35+ other tools.
How long does it take to set up the flowace firefox extension
It takes around 1-4 minutes to set up the Chrome time trackin extension for Flowace, depending on speed of your server.
Can I generate timesheet reports using the Flowace Chrome time tracker extension?
Certainly, once you stop the timer, Flowace automatically generates immediate timesheet reports. You can conveniently analyze, review, or approve timesheets anytime, anywhere.