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Flowace time tracker for software development integrates into the Azure dashboard, making it a cakewalk to track and manage DevOps projects/ teams and employee efforts seamlessly and in real time.

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Ultimate Time Tracking Solution for Azure DevOps Services

Effortlessly link your Azure DevOps Services workspace to the Flowace time tracking app in simple steps. Customize organizational settings and easily capture work item time with a few clicks, generating comprehensive and accurate project reports. Ensure not a minute of your valuable time goes wasted and maximize productivity by 31%


Professional Time Tracking in Azure DevOps & GitHub

Time is Precious.

Azure DevOps Services and the Flowace Tieup

Complete tasks, and automate the rest - Agile, Scrum, DevOps, Waterfall, or in-between, Flowace time tracker syncs with it all and effortlessly allows cross-platform teams and managers to stay aware and accountable for their daily workflows.


Measure or track time directly from the Azure DevOps platform and understand developer progress, backlogs, and hindrances on the move.

Billing and Invoicing

Sync to automated workflow and capture billing details as per time worked with absolute clarity of reports.

Data-Driven Insights

Make informed decisions based on work data analysis and understand resource usage, time consumed and efforts wasted or maximized with ease.


Automate burndown and task completion tracking, for example on Sprint and take the headache off as every move is visible on the dashboard with clarity.

EVM (Earned Value Management):

Effort reporting for internal and external billing analysis helps showcase proof of work and accurate resource utilization. This helps companies bill clients accurately.

CapEx and OpEx Compliance

Ensure compliance with financial requirements, including SOP 98-1. Track time spent on resources and measure effort capitalization accurately.

PPM (Project Portfolio Management)

Effectively oversee time, resources, and budgets within large organizations and streamline development operations seamlessly.

What our users wants to say

"Effective tool to determine & boost team productivity"

Weekly time reports. I can easily skim through the reports and understand whether a particular productivity strategy is working or not or how a specific member reacts to it.

Suvidya K.

"Encouraging member's and teams to measure their performance has helped increase productivity"

Automated activity tracking. Employees do not need to remember to switch back and forth with their timer to make their time entries.

Anima J.

"A must have for every HR team."

Time reports & custom KPIs are really helpful

Priyadarshani S.

"Nice and effective tool to monitor employees"

It is automatic and saves us a lot of time and costs

Hitesh Y.

"It has genuinely helped me increase the productivity of my teams"

Flowace gives me measurable data and actionable insights that have hugely helped in bringing transparency and work life balance

Prashant B.

"Very good task monitoring tool for teams"

Flowace's interface looks clean and the app doesn't buffer. We enjoy using it.

Usha K.

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Hours Tracked in Flowace Timetracker.

3 seconds

Average time spent logging each task.

Boost productivity for modern teams by minimum 31%.

    14-day free trial | No credit card required