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Money is time! Utilize Flowace's automated time tracking application to maximize billable hours and double profits. Get accurate timesheets, activity reports, idle time hours and track costs without error. That’s not all; pay for the hours of service only and get rid of high administrative costs. We help capture the A-Z of your team’s productivity and ensure optimal peace of mind.

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Accurate time tracking

Track your team’s time as soon as they log in, or utilize GPS location tracking to automatically clock your staffing crew in and out if they are working outdoors. Your crew’s time cards will be easier to track no matter what device they’re using.

No chance of time theft

Our time tracker easily integrates with other apps and systems that capture every detail of an employee or a team during work hours. This way, there is a minimized chance of time theft as the app leaves people no place to hide.

Employee Monitoring Software in Houston

Payroll transparency

Conflicts and questions are reduced for both client and employer as our time tracker analyzes the time worked and develops accurate payrolls. This way there is complete transparency on both employer and client side.

Employee Monitoring Software in Houston

Simple data sync features

Your time tracking data is always in sync with Flowace thanks to our easy integration with accounting, payroll, vendor management, and other business systems.

Employee Monitoring Software in Houston

Powerful employee monitoring dashboard

A simplified dashboard on Flowace's automated workforce management software shows a transparent report on each employee's productivity timeline, daily activities, including missing and burnout hours. Furthermore, the link between projects and expenses prevents miscommunication by generating accurate payrolls. Streamline employee monitoring with Flowace today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.

How does the Flowace app work?

While Flowace is running, the app tracks what your team is using. After that, the software calculates your employees’ activity rates based on keyboard and mouse usage, along with movement, so that you can establish a baseline for how productive each member of your team is.

How does the time tracker calculate idle time?

In order to reduce inaccurate timesheets, Flowace will notify you if a user hasn’t used the mouse or keyboard for 15 minutes. A notification interval of five, ten, twenty minutes, or never can also be set for idle intervals.

Does the Flowace app work 24/7?

No, our app has a privacy mode that can be switched on when work is done. Once switched on, nothing gets tracked anymore. However, if you are working with the privacy mode off, your work hours get tracked.

Is Flowace Time Tracker Legal?

As long as both the time tracking and privacy guidelines and regulations are followed correctly, the Flowace time tracker is legal. The protection of your data is one of our top priorities, and we won’t track your activity without your consent.

Does your time tracking software work offline?

Yes, the Flowace time tracker does work offline. For example, if your system has a poor internet connection and faulters, it still tracks the time you have worked. Once you come back online, it auto-syncs the data.

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