Handsfree employee time tracking for modern teams

Flowace hands-free Employee time tracking is your best shot at improving employee productivity by 31%. Our software leverages the power of artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically track and analyze work hours. Eliminate manual inputs, enjoy real-time productivity insights and enhance the efficiency of your employees on the move by making data-driven decisions.

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Time Tracking

Cross-platform time tracking solution

Flowace hands-free time tracker for Employee is a software that is compatible with all cross platforms. Now, work from home, office, or outside, our tracker has all your seconds covered.

  • Desktop tracker

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of your employee's performance by tracking their work activities through our Desktop App.

  • Web tracker

    Stay updated on your employees' daily progress by tracking their time directly on the web browser, eliminating the need for software downloads.

  • Mobile tracker

    Measure your team's work calls or outdoor meeting hours seamlessly with Flowace Mobile Tracker, allowing them the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime.

Cross-platform Time Tracking solution

Automated timesheets

Measure and analyze productivity outcomes effortlessly using our automated timesheets and narration reports with color codes. Get minute details of time spent on employee activities that capture the overall performance of your members daily or in the long run.

  • Website/app usage

    Measure the performance of your employees like DevOP teams seamlessly by witnessing how much time they spend doing each activity on a website, app, software, etc.

  • Idle/Break time capture

    Get a crystal clear picture of which employees are spending time idling and which are the ones working hard, with accurate metrics on idle time, break time, or missing hours.

  • Track document titles

    No need for manual document updates! Flowace tracks document working time with clear timestamps on each page. (Ps- only the document titles are captured for maintaining privacy)

Automated Timesheets

AI bubble

Dig into a completely revolutionary time measuring feature, unlike the traditional ones. Flowace AI bubble helps block time and captures accurate project analysis data to the T, helping employees maintain their natural workflow.

  • Project overview

    Boost productivity by adding your projects and tasks within segmented time blocks, fostering an environment of efficient, focused, and intelligent work.

  • Better time management

    Working 2-3 projects a day? Worry not, simply block your time using our AI bubble and multitask with ease, as each detail is captured no matter which files you’re working on.

  • Smarter, faster and bias-free

    Flowace provides employees and managers with an overview of activity within specific timeframes, promoting fairness and eliminating billing conflicts. Track each second and optimize project management time with Flowace's AI bubble feature.

AI Bubble

Folder based classification

Assign projects, categorize work, and employ members on priority projects directly from our AI time tracking dashboard, and viola, you can measure time spend on multiple projects without breaking a sweat. It’s that simple.

  • Project overview

    Align the entire team towards a common goal. Create projects and tasks, assign employees, and promote efficient and focused work to drive productivity and collaboration.

  • Concrete proof of work

    Whenever employees or teams work on a classified project, Flowace automatically measures that time. From time spent on tools used to the final outcome, measure the entire work timeline with clarity and determine productivity levels with our automated timesheet analytics and productivity insights.

  • Project budgeting

    Prevent revenue leakages and ensure optimal resource utilization by eliminating inefficiencies. Our AI time tracker provides accurate productivity analytics in real-time, enabling precise client billing based on project effort and time invested.

Folder Based Classification


Everything you need to know about the Flowace.


Seamless integration

Using billing accounting, communication, or DevOps software? Flowace seamlessly integrates with innumerable integration tools.



Break down your daily productive/unproductive activities with Narration with color codes.



Employee, client, freelancer, or admins, get their timesheet reports instantly by simply typing the name/code



Want to make appraisal smoother? Check the productivity analytics reports of your teams with one click.


Data visualization

Get a bird’s eye view of resource usage, activity, and effort analysis instantly, and make better decisions every day.


Auto screenshots

You determine the duration, limitations, and permissions of auto screenshots. Tag these are productive or unproductive for primal clarity.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

What are the benefits of the AI bubble in Flowace?
The AI bubble offers a seamless integration that enhances the organic workflow of team members while effortlessly synchronizing and monitoring project timelines. This automated system eliminates the requirement for manual data entry, as all project details are readily accessible on the timesheet. As a result, managers can easily oversee project progress, status, and completion pace, facilitating efficient project management.
How much cost can I save using the Flowace time tracker?
You can approximately save 40% of costs with Flowace The rest of it depends on your yearly finance planning, investments, and acquisition.
How long does the onboarding process take?
Our onboarding process is very swift. In a matter of 2 days, we can onboard around 500 members.

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