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Power up your productivity with Flowace, the cutting-edge time-tracking system that syncs seamlessly across all your devices. Whether you're working at your desk with our desktop application, on the move with our mobile app, or browsing the web with our browser extension, Flowace has got you covered. Stay laser-focused and super-efficient with Flowace by your side.

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Desktop App

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Conquer your tasks with ultimate precision with Flowace desktop app. Designed to let you take control of your workday, enhance efficiency and effortlessly achieve your goal, Flowace desktop app lets you track time, set reminders and analyze workflow right from your desktop.

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Take charge of your tasks with absolute precision using Flowace, the ultimate productivity software for MacOS desktops. Tailored to help you navigate through your workday with ease, enhance productivity, and seamlessly achieve your goals, the Flowace MacOS time tracking app allows you to effortlessly track time, set reminders, and analyze workflow—all conveniently from your desktop.

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Flowace stands out as a web-based time tracker that seamlessly integrates with Linux systems. What sets it apart is its unique offering of being the only truly free time tracking software, regardless of the number of projects or team size. Empower yourself to conquer tasks with utmost precision through Flowace, the exceptional time-tracking software for Ubuntu.

Signup and Download  V Ubuntu - 1.4.5 - Compatible with Ubuntu Xorg

Browser Extensions

Optimize your time management with Flowace’s time-tracking browser extension. Designed to integrate into your web browser seamlessly, Flowace will ensure that you always stay ahead of your schedule and accomplish more than expected.

Mobile App

Use our intuitive mobile app to effortlessly track your tasks and manage your team no matter where you are. Take charge of your day by downloading Flowace for mobile, and watch your efficiency skyrocket.


Access professional-grade employee monitoring without the hefty price tag. With Flowace Activity Monitoring, you get essential tools for tracking time and tasks at a remarkably affordable rate, all while ensuring inclusivity. We guarantee your satisfaction, giving you full access to all features without restrictions.

  • Time Tracking with Screenshots
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Apps and Websites Monitoring
  • Activity Monitoring
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

What software prerequisites are needed?

Flowace Desktop App: The Flowace desktop application operates seamlessly on macOS Mojave or later, UbuntuOS 20.04 LTS or later, Windows 10 or later, and we also offer a version compatible with the latest Chromium OS.

Our web extension is compatible with Firefox and Chrome web browsers, enabling time tracking for tasks from Jira, Azure, Asana, and over 10 other applications. To utilize the extension, ensure you’re using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox and have the Flowace app installed.

For our Mobile Android app, Android version 5 and above is required.

Is it possible to track time on the phone?

Flowace offers both Android and iOS apps, ensuring that all tracked hours on mobile are accurately reflected in our reports. While the desktop version of the app provides numerous benefits, the mobile app proves invaluable for individuals needing to track time outside of their computers or for those who prefer to edit and review task lists on their phones.

How much space does the Windows time tracker take up?

Although releases may fluctuate, you can generally anticipate them to be approximately 10 MB in size.

How do I use the Flowace time tracking app on Windows?

Flowace operates solely when your team is actively tracking time. This functionality applies to all Flowace desktop features. Screenshots are only captured during active timer sessions, and applications and URLs are logged accordingly.

Why use Flowace time-tracking tools?

Embracing top-notch time-tracking software can truly transform your team’s productivity flow, particularly when integrated with project management tools. These apps streamline the process of monitoring time and project progress, fostering seamless collaboration among team members.

Is it possible to use the privacy mode feature in the Flowace tool?

Yes, Flowace indeed provides a privacy mode specifically designed for tracking purposes. This feature ensures that your data remains secure and confidential while still allowing you to effectively track your activities