Free Employee Productivity Tracking Software

Are you looking for an effective way to boost your team’s productivity? Look no further than Flowace, a fantastic piece of free software designed for employee productivity tracking. With Flowace, you can easily monitor the output of your team, gaining valuable insights into where their time is spent.

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What is productivity-tracking software?

With its comprehensive time-tracking feature and ability to organize daily tasks into projects, Flowace is a flexible productivity software that can help you streamline your work. With the help of tracking employee productivity, you can monitor project timelines and increase overall productivity by managing your workload efficiently.

How do I track employee productivity with Flowace?

  • Your team downloads the app

    Using its Mac, Windows, and Linux apps, Flowace offers a variety of productivity features. Additionally, the Google Chrome extension and web timer further enhance the suite of capabilities available to users.

  • Employee productivity is measured

    Flowace automatically records information about activities, projects, and tasks as team members log their time. Each team member enjoys easy access to their data.

  • Gain insights to increase productivity

    With the help of the Flowace dashboard and insightful reports, examine the details of your performance to find areas of success and areas that could use improvement.

Evaluate staff performance

  • Focus on Key Metrics

    To identify employee hours that are not productive, use simple time trackers and remote work timesheets. This will enable business owners to set priorities for key performance indicators.

  • Gain Insights into Employee Performance

    Access to up-to-date employee data in real-time, offering a thorough visual representation of each worker's performance. This data includes activity, earnings, PTO, hours worked, and usage of apps and URLs.

  • Inspire and Recognize Employees

    Your remote team should have activity goals and productivity benchmarks. You can motivate them by sending out workday summaries and key performance indicators (KPIs). This proactive approach encourages a positive and engaged remote work environment.

Time tracking with productivity improvement

  • Observe trends in employee productivity

    Over time, acknowledge areas for growth and celebrate accomplishments. Get real-time information about activity levels, work hours, payroll, app usage, URL tracking, and more.

  • Boost employee productivity

    Boost team productivity by determining which tasks require much work but yield little benefit. Establish project budgets so that you can be notified when limits are approached.

  • Make everything automatic

    Streamline communication for maximum efficiency with Flowace project management, an Agile tool that we have seamlessly integrated to automate everything.

Considering the Positive Aspects of Employee Monitoring?

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Where morality and metrics collide

With our employee monitoring privacy settings, you can give your leadership individualized control. By giving each team member specific permissions, you can customize the metrics that are most important to you. You control the team and the rules, so act confidently.


To customize your visual data, you can hide, blur, or remove screenshots. Take charge of the information you share, guaranteeing confidentiality and adaptability to your requirements.

Applications & URLs

Manage your tracking choices: You can choose to completely turn off the feature, monitor apps and URLs, or concentrate only on apps.


You can select the level of visibility based on keyboard and mouse activity to suit your needs.


You can choose to keep it local by disabling it for both in-office and remote teams, or you can opt for accuracy with location-enabled route tracking.

Automated attendance

Use the powerful Flowace software to manage time and attendance efficiently. Acquire insightful knowledge about the work your team is doing, streamlining the payroll procedure for smooth operations.

Mental wellness is important

Flowace empowers in the field of remote leadership with tools meant to promote an open and transparent culture. Stand-ups, achievement badges, and app/URL usage are examples of features that prioritize employee well-being and offer insights into striking a balance between productivity and mental health.

Ensure that every day at work is the most productive by personalizing Flowace’s workforce management metrics to support your team’s objectives and protect their work-life balance.

Flowace Features

Productivity monitoring software for remote teams

Remote Productivity Insights for Freelancers

Access detailed reports, including time and activity, apps and URLs, weekly limits, and more.

Over 10+ integrations

Slack and Asana are two examples of seamless integrations that can improve automation.

Increase productivity with insights

categorize apps, balance meetings, and more.

Idle time alert

Receive notifications when it's time to stop recording or reassign

Time tracking

easy, accurate apps for desktop, web, and mobile.

Project and time management

were developed to fit the needs of most agile project managers in all business areas.

Real-time data

Check in on employees right from your dashboard to balance workloads, improve employee experience, and become more productive and profitable.

Expense Management

Use our tool to easily keep an eye on project expenses, employee expenses, travel, meal reimbursements, and more.

Reasonably priced

Customized Plans for Your Productivity Tools, Made to Meet Your Requirements

Considering the Positive Aspects of Employee Monitoring?

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

What do the desktop applications watch?

Tailor features for each user and explore the productivity tools offered by Flowace’s desktop apps (available for Mac, Linux, and Windows):

  • Track used apps
  • Monitor visited URLs
  • Capture desktop screenshots (1-3 times every five minutes)
  • Log work hours
  • Record projects and tasks.
What do rates of activity mean?

Activity rates use the amount of time spent using the mouse and keyboard during time tracking to assign a numerical value to each action. Make use of these measurements to spot trends and patterns over time.

Do you have to take screenshots?

No, the screenshot feature can be turned off on a per-user basis. Screenshots can also be set to be captured once, twice, or three times per ten minutes.

How do I know when screenshots are taken?

You will receive a notification whenever a screenshot is taken because we value transparency. Time and its associated data are always expungable.

Does the app take webcam photos?

Flowace would never do this, so no. All that matters to us is documenting work progress and optimizing output.

Does the app track activity, apps, and URLs when I'm not working?

No, Flowace is limited to tracking desktop work only when you have time tracking open. Your data is under your control.