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Insightful data is all you need to boost employee productivity. Follow up on their weekly, monthly, and annual productivity reports by checking, reviewing, and keeping a systematic record. Don’t forget to celebrate their successes and give them better guidance when they falter.

Clear activity tracking dashboard

Create countless custom work categories, such as research, documentation, communication, etc., and bookmark different URLs, and apps in them. We will automatically show you a bifurcation of employee time based on their activities. Using this data as a catalyst, our productivity tool will help you restructure work and boost efficiency.

Work/ privacy mode

We understand the need for space! Our time tracker is transparent and comes with a work/privacy mode. Any employee needing a break can switch to privacy and he/she won’t be tracked. Once they are back to work, simply switch to work mode and let every minute be accurately captured.

Category Analysis by Productivity

Auto screenshots for extra clarity

Do not worry about employee moonlighting or other unethical job practices, as our time tracker takes screenshots of employees’ computer screens. Since employees are obligated to work to their minimum designated hours, this is not a breach of privacy. Besides helping the company, it also improves the image and work ethics of employees

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Frequently asked questions

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.

What does the Flowace productivity tracker do?

The Flowace productivity tracker uses detailed analytics to check what employee or team is up to what along with time tracking. This helps bosses understand employee working patterns and determine who is being productive or unproductive.

Does Flowace track idle time?

Yes, Flowace productivity tracker monitors the idle time that accumulates as missing hours. If an employee has a substantially large amount of idle time, he/she stays accountable to the organization.

Can Flowace productivity tracker work on iOS and android?

Yes, Flowace works on mobile devices like Android and iOS, and it has an additional GPS tracker that can help track the productivity of teams that are working outdoors or in transit.

Does the Flowace tracker breach employee privacy?

Flowace has the feature of taking screenshots but it comes with a work/privacy mode. The tracker is only active when one is working and employees or teams can switch it off when they are on a break or leave. This way, no one’s privacy is compromised and only work hours are tracked.

How is productivity tracked in Flowace dashboard?

Various URLs and apps are bookmarkable in our dashboard, such as research, documentation, communication, and so on, and we create thousands of custom work categories. Using the program, you will be able to see a bifurcation of employee time according to their activities. Through the use of this data, our productivity tool will assist you in reorganizing work and improving efficiency.

Why is productivity tracking important for enterprises?

Enterprises especially ones working a remote team need a productivity tracker to ensure that goals are met on time and no one is slacking off. This way a manager can plan his projects in a smarter way and charge clients for accurate billable hours too.

Boost productivity for modern teams by minimum 31%.

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