Get 360% view of employee productivity with Flowace time tracker

Flowace makes time tracking and billing for software and engineering firms a walk in the park. Get everything you need to manage your workforce in one place. Our workforce management software allows you to track idle time, employee productivity hours, and projects automatically with real-time timesheet updates in a simple dashboard.

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Engineering analytics to boost developer productivity

Time and expense management is centralized across engineering firms with Flowace’s automated time-tracking software that allows real-time visibility into project status, WIP and costs. Improved billable utilization, accurate and on-time invoicing, minimized administrative costs and increased efficiency for every team member are some of the benefits available to our customers.

Streamlined timesheet tracking

With Flowace, engineering teams can easily collect and process timesheets. Stay on top of your projects by managing employee time with complete visibility into projects and business metrics. That’s not all; completely automate expense tracking by linking your projects to our system and enjoy valuable insights to make better, more informed decisions.

Seamless integration features

Flowace software is purpose-built for time tracking, so to maximize its value to you, we have created smooth two-way integrations with Jira and other commonly used enterprise software systems, including ERPs (accounting software), project management tools, and HRM systems.

Analyze KPIs

Our time tracking system, tracks minutes, projects, and takes activity screenshots to ensure that work is done to perfection. Use our app to create and report critical Engineering KPIs (key performance indicators) of your teams to upper management.

Minimize distractions & reduce time theft

Our customers benefit from improved billable utilization, more accurate and timely invoicing, and increased profitability, as our people analytics tool ensures that teams are putting their best foot forward while working with minimal distractions. When everything is tracked, employees stay accountable for their working hours and avoid unethical acts like moonlighting and time theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.

Why do engineering teams require time tracking software?

Engineering teams, especially ones working remotely tend to get easily distracted and disengaged from work when too much arrives on their plate. Using our time tracker, they can plan and schedule important tasks for boosting maximum productivity.

What are the ways Flowace time tracker maps daily employee productivity?

Our app comes with four core features:

1)     Activity screenshot

2)     App time spend on mobile

3)     Work/privacy mode

4)     Activity dashboard

Such features help understand where a team or member is spending their most time.

What is the expense management option for in your app?

Our employee tracking tool helps with managing organizational expenses, minimizes expense manipulation and keeps everyone on the same page with accurate analytical reports.

Can your software manage leaves, idle time and attendance?

Yes, the Flowace time tracker automatically manages leaves and attendance requests and managers do not have to manually work on these.

How accurate is your time tracker?

Our time tracker is completely automated so there is no room for errors as employees do not require to manually fill up any details. Each and every movement gets captured with our employee monitoring tool.

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