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Handle your BPO team's work with ease, no matter where you are. Explore our productivity monitoring tool's intuitive and powerful features to boost your productivity by over 90%.

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Quick Activation

Activate effortlessly and enjoy easy attendance reports and fuss-free onboarding with Flowace.

Simple & easy

One-Click Time Tracking, Silent or Interactive App, all aligned with your company policies and employee's privacy.

100% customizable

Personalize tracking capabilities for apps & websites, screenshots, or processes, ensuring optimal utility for managers.


AI usage in BPO is predicted to rise by 47% by 2025, bringing notable enhancements in operational efficiency.


62% of the BPO employees expect their companies and future employers to allow remote work.


85% of major companies are currently utilizing employee monitoring solutions


Only about 60% of work time is spent being productive, meaning more than 40% of time is wasted.


With Flowace, BPOs can improve their


Your BPO client expects results. Meet their expectations by maximizing your team’s time and resources with precise time tracking, improved process efficiency, optimized workflows, and additional features.

  • Fair attendance tracking for employees

    Get 31% more accurate clock-ins and increase daily active work time using automated, activity-based time tracking. See who’s on time, running late, or not there at all.

  • Custom emails for performance alerts

    Receive emails and reports about how your team is doing and if they’re meeting expectations. Send these to managers so they know who needs assistance.

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Return on investment

Improve your team’s workflows and serve clients better with detailed productivity insights.

  • Cost-effective tool management

    Measure and keep track of time spent on each project to understand business outcomes, allocate resources, and estimate future project expenses. Also, learn about your team’s work habits and preferred tools.

  • Learn from top performers

    Boost sales by over 30% by making sure everyone on your team is accountable and meeting their goals. Improve by seeing what your best workers do, setting goals, and sharing tips for success.

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Attrition rate

Struggling with staff leaving? Use simple time tracking to provide flexible work and improve employee satisfaction.

  • Flexible support for hybrid work environments

    Support flexible and hybrid work with customizable productivity reports and a tracker that respects your employees’ privacy.

  • Maintain work-life balance

    Promote work-life balance by spotting burnout risks to enhance employee happiness and retention.

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Data can help everyone boost their performance regardless of where your teams work. Showcase transparency in your work processes and how tasks are accomplished to expand your client base.

  • Instant progress updates

    Keep everyone in the loop with data reports and dashboards. Show progress instantly to leaders and clients for better accountability.

  • Client engagement

    Cultivate client relationships by offering them access to ROI insights. Clients can stay updated on progress reports and updates.

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  • Track time
  • Measure Efforts

Choose time tracking that’s simple for everyone  

Take control of your office’s, remote, and hybrid teams’ activities with our remote desktop monitoring software, which is 100% user-friendly and easy to set up.

  • Live dashboards for productivity insights
    Access real-time insights into productivity, attendance, check-ins, and task progress through intuitive analytics dashboards and data visuals.
  • Alerts, reports, and support for your teams
    Get productivity alerts, reports, and team support – all in an easy, automated package.
  • The Flowace advantage
    Flowace automatically tracks web and app usage, attendance, tasks, screencasts, and meetings—while respecting employees’ privacy and company policies.
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Keep clients happy: prove your work and punctuality 

Use screenshots or screencasts in the Flowace web app to prove you’re keeping to schedules, finishing tasks, and following security rules.

  • Capture your efforts with a screenshot timer
    Set a timer to snap pictures or screenshots (privacy-protected) as evidence of your work. You determine the duration, limitations, and permissions of auto screenshots.
  • Redefine flexibility for remote, hybrid, and office teams
    Enable your team to work from home or in a mix of home and the office. Encourage accountability for time, attendance, and task completion.
  • Acknowledge hard work for happy team members
    Let your team know they’ll be appreciated for their hard work. Recognizing efforts boosts happiness and keeps employees dedicated.
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  • Maximize BPO ROI
  • Reduce Costs

Boost productivity, and maximize ROI: A 26% minimum gain guaranteed

Efficient time tracking will empower you to spot and resolve any productivity issues.

  • Quick ROI benchmarks
    A few days of tracking data allow you to establish productivity benchmarks, identify training needs, and ensure a swift return on investment.
  • Spot and fix inefficiencies
    Effortlessly enhance efficiency for your company, teams, or yourself by identifying and fixing inefficiencies with the right tools, apps, and websites.
  • Maximize performance with dynamic dashboards
    Equip your team with live dashboards and custom reports, providing instant insights for performance enhancement.
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Maximize ROI

Strategic resource management: at least 21% cost reduction

Collaborating with clients to use resources efficiently. Analyze how your staff use their time and find smarter ways to work, saving both time and money.

  • Collaborative resource optimization
    Partner with clients to maximize the efficiency of all resources, ensuring a clear understanding of their impact on overall results.
  • Streamlined financial operations
    Enhance the speed and accuracy of reporting, timesheets, billing, payroll, and QA/compliance monitoring for clients.
  • Detailed work hour analysis
    Provide a detailed breakdown of hours worked by operators, team leaders, and managers by projects, clients, or tasks.
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Reduce Costs
  • Boost productivity
  • Cultivate ownership

Empower performance with time-tracking intelligence

Better performance comes from using data to make decisions, whether your team is on-site, remote, or offshore. Keep track of your employees’ work activities using our Flowace app to get a full picture of their performance.

  • Open access to performance metrics
    It enables everyone to easily explore their performance data and that of their peers, fostering self-help and collaborative improvement.
  • Cultivating team synergy
    Cultivate a culture of collective growth, where individuals learn from their metrics and gain insights through their coworkers’ performance data.
  • Customized growth strategies
    Design personalized training and development plans for each team member to understand their strengths and areas for improvement.
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Enable employees to take control of their own performance

Retain your top talent by creating a culture of ownership, responsibility, and accountability. Enable the Flowace dashboard to review their performance, identifying successes and improvement areas.

  • Work/life balance
    Manage burnout effortlessly with our Work/Life Widget. Keep your balance in check, ensuring you have time for career success and personal fulfilment.
  • Tailored management for every team member
    Tailor your management approach to each team member’s unique work style. Unleash their best work by understanding how, where, and when they perform at their peak.
  • Proactive support to prevent attrition
    Receive instant alerts when a team member’s behaviour changes. This proactive support system helps prevent burnout, ensures job satisfaction, and minimizes the risk of attrition.
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Access professional-grade employee monitoring without the hefty price tag. With Flowace Activity Monitoring, you get essential tools for tracking time and tasks at a remarkably affordable rate, all while ensuring inclusivity. We guarantee your satisfaction, giving you full access to all features without restrictions.

  • Time Tracking with Screenshots
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Apps and Websites Monitoring
  • Activity Monitoring
  • 24/7 Expert Support

Satisfied customers

More than 276+ companies worldwide trust Flowace with their business.

Flowace has transformed how we manage productivity. The user-friendly interface and real-time tracking provide invaluable insights into tasks and efficiency. Automated reports highlight top performers and maintain accountability while respecting privacy. Kudos to Flowace for fostering a balanced work culture. Highly recommended!

~ Ergode CEO Video Testimonial

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

How does Flowace benefit the BPO industry?

Flowace offers numerous advantages to the BPO sector. They are: 

  • It boosts operational efficiency by giving managers real-time insights into employee activities, helping them spot bottlenecks and streamline workflows. 
  • It promotes transparency by providing accurate time logs for employees and clients, building trust and accountability. 
  • It assists in precise billing and invoicing, ensuring clients are charged correctly for project time and effort.
How does Flowace handle remote work scenarios in the BPO industry?

Flowace is specifically designed to address remote work needs in the BPO sector. With features like web and app usage tracking, screenshots, and activity monitoring, you get the best of everything with effective management and accurate tracking of your employees across various locations. This creates a flexible work environment while upholding productivity and accountability.

Can Flowace be customized to fit the unique needs of our BPO company?

Yes, Flowace is flexible and can be customized to suit the unique requirements of your BPO company. Whether it’s tracking time for various projects, clients, or specific tasks, the solution can be adjusted to match your workflow. You can create custom reports and notifications to ensure the system aligns with your business processes.

How does Flowace ensure data security and compliance in the BPO industry?

Security is our utmost concern. Flowace implements strong measures to safeguard your sensitive information. With dual data encryption, multi-certificate compliance, and frequent backups, your BPO and client data remain safe and secure. Additionally, Flowace adheres to industry regulations, enforcing access controls and permissions to prevent unauthorized access. Regular audits are conducted to uphold data integrity within the BPO industry’s regulatory guidelines.