Salesforce time tracking integration

Measure time invested in leads or calls, and seamlessly track lead conversion, optimize productivity, and refine processes directly within Salesforce via Flowace's automated one-click time tracker. Simply create a task and our integrated tracker duplicates it on Flowace eliminating tab shifts, resulting in a tenfold enhancement of productivity dynamics.

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Salesforce Time Tracking Integration

Add timer button to salesforce tasks

Follow these three easy steps to activate the Flowace time tracker within Salesforce. The setup process takes no more than two minutes


How to sign up for Flowace + Salesforce time tracking

An advanced time tracking app for Salesforce offering automated time tracking, project tracking, lead generation, and reporting functionalities


Download and install browser extension

Download the Flowace plugin, a convenient browser/desktop add-on enabling effortless one-click time tracking for commonly used web applications.


Start tracking

Proceed to log in to your Salesforce time tracking app account and initiate the tracking process (Switch on the timer, create tasks and our tracker does the rest)

Benefits of Salesforce time tracking with Flowace

Measure productive hours

Delivering precise time monitoring of employee work durations and breaks to understand individual proactive efforts.

Accurate resource utilization

Facilitating smoother adoption of variable work hours by allowing employees to distribute their work time across the day

Measuring payroll calculation

Integrating seamlessly with payroll systems, automating the calculation and inclusion of employee hours and overtime into the payroll

Streamlined task completion

Aiding in project management and ensuring timely project completion, presenting a detailed breakdown of project expenses and the specific time allocated to each task

Accurate analysis of workforce KPIs

Supplying comprehensive statistics on customer service team performance through automated time entries

Identifying productivity bottlenecks

Facilitating the identification of communication bottlenecks and streamlining tiresome administrative duties for optimization

Automated time tracking

  • Easy synchronized time tracking

    Flowace seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, extracting deals, leads, and tasks. It then clearly mirrors the time allocation for each activity on the Flowace dashboard. Once the time tracker initiates, metrics promptly populate the timesheet for managerial review. This empowers leaders and employees to assess progress, identify areas for improvement, and optimize workflows to minimize time inefficiencies.

  • Seamless Task Creation

    Once a task is generated on Salesforce, Flowace’s time tracker seamlessly retrieves it without necessitating tab switches for timer updates. Task creation and classification automatically ensure accurate replication of tracked minutes, enabling employees to maintain a smooth workflow without interruptions.

Project time management

  • AI bubble project tracking

    The AI bubble function enables smooth project management no matter where employees work. By categorizing projects, employees can effortlessly switch tabs or multitask, without having to worry about shifting tabs to manually update their timers. This cultivates an environment fostering unhindered communication and collaboration, sustaining optimal workflow, and enhancing productivity during workdays.

  • Triple Task Duplication Feature

    A major benefit of the Flowace Salesforce time tracking tool is its seamless duplication of tasks across Salesforce, Flowace, and Dropbox. When a user has accounts on all three platforms, Flowace syncs and organizes work time automatically, bypassing the need to classify the Ai bubble feature. This exceptional convenience ensures heightened productivity by 31% and precisely captures employee work minutes.

Measure workforce performance

  • Actual time vs predicted time

    Admins or users can predict the time taken to complete a task by manually setting an expected time to complete the task. However, the Salesforce Flowace time tracker calculates the actual time taken to finish a task. This gives leaders insight into possible unproductive activities conducted by employees and helps eliminate them to maximize time spent on things that really matter.

  • Smarter workflow

    Flowace not only measures time but also adapts to your team’s workflow. The Salesforce integration with Flowace helps in effortlessly importing projects and creates accurate task structures into the Flowace dashboard. By aligning timesheets and scrutinizing work reports, leaders can identify inefficiencies and excessive workloads, enabling resource allocation adjustments for optimal productivity outcomes within the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

How to track time on Salesforce?

Utilize diverse methods for Salesforce time tracking:

Salesforce appexchange: Discover integrated time-tracking apps. Salesforce projects and tasks: Manage tasks and projects for accurate tracking. Salesforce Time Sheets: Record and manage work hours efficiently. External Tools: Employ specialized options like Jibble for seamless integration and comprehensive time tracking.

Does Salesforce have a time tracking tool?

Yes, Salesforce offers a time tracking tool. It provides various options, including apps from the Salesforce AppExchange, project and task management features, time sheets for work hour management, and integration with external tools like Flowace for comprehensive time tracking capabilities.

Does the Salesforce time tracking tool have any shortcomings?

Considering Salesforce’s features, including time tracking, there are potential downsides:

Limited Features: Salesforce’s time tracking may lack advanced options found in dedicated tools.
Complexity: Setup may need expertise or admin help due to Salesforce’s complexity.
User Adaptation: If unfamiliar, teams might struggle to integrate time tracking.
Mobile Limitations: The mobile app offers basic time tracking.
Costs: Some features may incur extra expenses beyond Salesforce pricing.

Is it possible to track time on Salesforce for free?

Freely track time in Salesforce with Flowace’s integration:

  1. Sign up on Flowace.
  2. Set up activities, projects, and clients if needed.
  3. Invite employees.
  4. Integrate Flowace-Salesforce.
  5. Configure sync preferences.
  6. Use Chrome Extension to time tasks/meetings.
  7. Stop the timer, and get your auto-updated timesheets.
  8. Analyze productivity, improve, and export reports with Flowace’s time reports.