Time tracking for shared and professional services

Managers of shared and professional services face serious challenges while handling multiple sectors at once in a standalone office. Flowace becomes their perfect AI-powered assistant to optimize tracking time, employee monitoring, and expense management with complete precision and data analytics.

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Boost employee productive time by 25%

Flowace’s automated time tracking makes employee monitoring hands-free and seamless for shared service team leaders. Its automated timesheets ensure a complete reduction of data inaccuracy and generate a comprehensive analysis of each diverse employee workflow. Use it to track productive hours, logged hours, missing hours and more to determine producitivty and boost workforce efficiency by 25%. 

Manage projects and teams with dashboard reports

Flowace's Project Management Software revamps your shared and professional service business model with a specialized integration into Flowace's auto-filled timesheets and project management tools. While maintaining the multi-hierarchical structure of your "all in one" workforce, our proficient dashboard showcases breaks, meetings, and even activities employees engage in with auto screenshots. Track project teams, activities, and timeline by easily incorporating important tasks into classified folders.

Timesheet Summary

Manage costs with current activity reports

Flowace's expense tracking holds the third eye over every minute expense made by your respective teams on their project allocation. Say goodbye to employee fraud and save time by tracking, and analyzing employee expenditure with auto generated reports for boosting profitability.

Worktime Efficiency

Improve team productivity in tandem

Employers and employees using the Flowace software have visibility into where and how they are actively using their work hours. From automated logins, timesheet generation, to monitoring real-time activity with accurate reports, we ensure that not a single minute of work is going to waste. Keep everyone working hard in tandem and ensure optimal productivity of your teams with Flowace workforce management solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.

How does employee monitoring software work, and what data does it collect?

Flowace’s Employee monitoring software is programmed to implement its intuitive ai-driven tools into its automated platform to carry out efficient features like automated time tracking, timesheet auto-filling, project management, expense tracking, payroll and budget accommodation, invoice billing, and an overall productivity manager.


Flowace collects its data strictly on the basis of our operation and provision of our services to your device. Some features are: 

  • Screenshots:
  • Activity tracking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Call Log
How does time-tracking software help with resource planning and allocation?

Flowace’s time-tracking software offers useful information through detailed reports and analyses regarding how much work is utilized on particular jobs or projects for every department under the shared service team. This information can streamline work for shared-services teams and result in more effective resource allocation, job prioritization, and area identification for improvement and growth.

What types of reports can be generated using time-tracking software?

Flowace generates a variety of reports, digitally generated evaluations, and data analysis. Some of the primary ones include timesheets, project timelines, resource usage reports, and performance reports.  These reports offer insightful information on project progress, resource, and budget allocation, as well as a team and individual performance.

What are the benefits of using time-tracking software in shared and professional services?

 Flowace’s automated software can assist shared services teams in more effectively managing their workload, setting priorities, and allocating resources. Monitoring team performance, spotting bottlenecks and making data-driven decisions are also beneficial.

How do I implement employee monitoring software without violating employee privacy or trust?

Our privacy policy is carefully structured to let our users know that our policies strictly object to withdrawal of information that employees are tracked under our employee monitoring software. We recommend maintaining full transparency with your employees about what you’re monitoring and why. Additionally, to sustain employee trust and satisfaction, implement employee boost activities and motivational breaks to keep the work/life balance at ease. 

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