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One Productivity Tool For Multiple Work Environments.

With the right software tools, employees can be productive across work environments:

  1. Office Setup
  2. Work From Home or Remote Work
  3. Hybrid Environment
  4. Client Sites
  5. Work from Anywhere

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Essential Features to Enhance Employee Productivity.

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    Apps & Websites

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    Productivity Ratings

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    Productivity Reports

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    Inefficiency Alerts

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    Work Categories

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    Category Analysis

Analyze the most and least used applications and websites across employees, teams, and the organization.

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Label your apps and websites as productive, unproductive, or neutral, whether it's for individuals, teams, or the whole company.

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Dashboards, analysis, and data visuals from Flowace help track productivity metrics, activities, and breakdowns.

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Individuals, team leaders, and managers can set custom alerts to improve focus and reduce time spent on unproductive apps and websites.

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Organise your apps and websites by work type for better management. For example, group Figma and Photoshop under "Design," and Skype, Slack, and Teams under "Communication."

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Achieve full transparency, breakdowns, and deep insights into the software applications and websites your employees access.

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Why Work-Life Balance Is Critical for Team Productivity?

Promoting work-life balance and providing productivity tools can make employees more productive, happier, and healthier, leading to greater success for the company. This is also because 72% believe a healthy work-life balance is crucial for success.

Encouraging a healthy work-life balance isn’t just good for your employees—it’s great for business. This leads to higher retention rates, increased productivity, and greater profits. Happy employees are more engaged, motivated, and ready to contribute their best to the company’s success.

Ready to contribute more to the productivity of your employees?

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Additional Features to Increase Employee Productivity.

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    Privacy Mode

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    Missing Hours

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    Burnout Hours

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    Inactivity or Idle Alerts

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    Take a Break Notification

Enable work and privacy mode for employees. They can focus on productivity during work mode and relax with unproductive apps during privacy sessions. Custom settings and notifications encourage a healthy work-life balance.

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Set a minimum working hour benchmark and receive notifications for missed hours.

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Prevent overworking! Set maximum working hour benchmarks and receive notifications for burnout hours.

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Receive notifications when the system detects periods of inactivity or idle activities.

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Encourage balance! Receive notifications when employees work for extended periods and need a break.

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Frequently asked questions

01 What is productivity tracking software?

Productivity tracking software is a tool used by individuals and organizations to monitor productivity. It tracks metrics such as the number of tasks completed, time spent on each task, and overall employee productivity.

02 What are common challenges in tracking employee productivity?

Tracking employee productivity presents several challenges:

  • Remote work: Monitoring productivity is difficult when employees work remotely due to the lack of physical interaction and the dispersed nature of the team. This complicates project tracking and timely completion. Remote workers may also struggle with time management, leading to inefficiencies.
  • Communication: Poor communication within a team or across departments can hinder productivity and engagement, causing frustration and confusion.
  • Employee engagement: Low motivation and commitment among employees can result in decreased productivity and increased absenteeism.
03 Why should companies track employee productivity?

Employee productivity tracking helps companies achieve measurable outcomes and boost workplace efficiency. Other benefits include:

  • Employee satisfaction: Monitoring employee satisfaction improves communication, reduces turnover, and creates a good workplace culture.
  • Accountability: Tracking performance and holding employees accountable drives improvement and success.
  • Legal compliance: Conducting legal compliance audits helps employee safety and well-being, prevents legal fines, and improves productivity.


04 How does Silent Mode in Flowace work?

Flowace offers a silent mode feature, allowing employers to integrate the tracking app discreetly. This functionality can be deployed easily, ensuring that employees remain unaware of its presence on their devices. Note that Flowace supports productivity tracking in both Silent + Interactive modes.

05 How does Flowace employee productivity app work?

Flowace, a software to track employee productivity, monitors employees’ computer use. It tracks which apps and websites they use and categorizes them as productive or not. Flowace then creates reports to show how productive everyone is.

06 How does productivity affect employee engagement?

Employee engagement and tracking employee productivity go hand in hand, boosting overall business success. Studies show that engaged employees are significantly more productive. According to Gallup, teams with high engagement levels are 21% more productive and experience 28% less internal theft than those with low engagement. This highlights the crucial link between engagement and productivity in driving business outcomes.

07 Do employee tracking devices improve employee work productivity?

Yes, employee tracking does improve work productivity by 31% in no time. You get detailed reports of everything your employee does.

Flowace Ultimate: Complete Guide to Employee Productivity

What is Employee productivity tracking software?

Employee productivity tracker, also known as employee monitoring software, employs automated data collection to record and assess employee activities and performance.

This software provides insights into various aspects of work efficiency, such as time spent on tasks, attendance, and overall productivity. It can distinguish between productive and non-productive hours, clearly showing how time is utilized.

Also, 30% of surveyed employees admit to watching sports online, while 25% do online shopping during work hours.

These behaviours contribute to significant productivity losses, with American businesses facing up to a 40% decline annually due to non-work-related internet usage. Many companies invest in productivity monitoring software to address these challenges and better understand employee behavior.

Improve employee productivity with real-time monitoring tools

Employee productivity tracking software can significantly boost employee productivity by automating redundant tasks and pinpointing areas for improvement. Let’s see some more of the benefits below:

  • Frees up employees: These tools automate tasks that would otherwise occupy employees, allowing them to concentrate on more important work.
  • Identifying areas for improvement: When you track employee performance, equipment, and processes, these tools help you spot areas where additional training or support is needed.
  • Prevents security breaches: Real-time monitoring tools can detect unauthorized data transfers and resource usage and send alerts to prevent security breaches or other risky practices.
  • Improves safety and security: Monitoring how employees handle sensitive data is crucial for protecting confidential information, especially against insider threats in virtual environments.

The Difference Between Productivity Tracking and Surveillance


Productivity Tracking


Purpose Aimed at enhancing employee performance. It gives you insights into work patterns, highlights areas for improvement, and takes repetitive tasks off your employees’ plates so they can focus on what matters. The main goal is to monitor behavior to prevent misconduct, ensure compliance, and enhance security. It’s more about control and less about empowerment.
Transparency Everyone is in the loop. Employees know what’s being tracked, how the data is collected, and how it will help them grow and become more efficient. This can be a bit cloak-and-dagger. Monitoring activities might be hidden, leading to feelings of mistrust and privacy invasion.
Data Usage Data is your friend here. It’s used to streamline workflows, manage tasks better, and provide constructive feedback to help employees develop their skills. Data is more of a watchdog, used to enforce policies, detect rule-breaking, and take corrective actions. It’s often about catching the bad rather than improving the good.
Employee Perception When done right, it can be a positive experience for employees. It shows that the company cares about their development and well-being and can boost morale. This can create a tense atmosphere. Employees might feel stressed and mistrusted, knowing they’re constantly being watched.
Implementation Involves using tools and software that track work-related activities, such as project management tools, time trackers, and performance analytics, to boost productivity. Employs more invasive methods, such as keystroke logging, screen recording, and location tracking, which can be seen as overreaching and potentially unethical.

Advantages of Productivity Tracking

Reduces time wasting

Cut down on time-wasting with a Productivity Tracker App. When you monitor live activity and block websites, you can keep employees focused without constant supervision. This frees administrators to be more productive and creates trust between employers and employees, benefiting everyone involved.


Employee accountability

Knowing their activities are monitored keeps employees on task and focused, reducing distractions and boosting productivity. This creates a culture of accountability within the organization, encouraging everyone to stay committed to their work.

Identifies struggles and internal problems

Tracking individual and team productivity gives managers insight into the challenges employees face. It helps pinpoint where time and resources are lost, which is crucial for businesses relying on precise project timelines and costs.

Productivity tracking highlights employees who need more time to complete tasks, indicating potential areas for training or support. It also offers a clear view of work quality, as extended project hours can signal a lack of confidence or expertise. This information allows managers to create tailored solutions to address specific team member needs.

Keep track of remote employees

The Productivity Tracker App ensures employees are just as productive at home as in the office. Administrators can monitor for distracting websites and keep employees focused, even remotely. When employees use company devices, the tracker signals any misuse, maintaining productivity and accountability.

Track attendance and effort

Without a solid system to track employee productivity, companies can’t be sure if employees are truly working or just claiming hours. Time fraud, where employees clock in without actually working, is widespread.

Implementing a productivity tracker allows managers to monitor how much time employees spend on their computers and identify those misusing their time. Automated reports highlight common distractions like social media, online shopping, and video streaming, ensuring a more productive workforce.

Potential Productivity Tracking Issues

While employee monitoring can boost productivity, its misuse can lead to negative consequences. Here are some potential risks and challenges of integrating this software into a company’s workflow:

Undermines employee morale

Overly intrusive monitoring can decrease job satisfaction instead of enhancing productivity. Constant scrutiny creates anxiety and discomfort among staff, potentially leading to high turnover.

Causes privacy and legal concerns

Privacy and legality issues are significant when implementing productivity monitoring tools. Employees must know what data is collected, how it’s used, and who can access it. Prioritizing open communication and transparency can ease team members’ worries and build trust in the workplace.

What are the benefits of productivity-tracking software?

Improves team collaboration

In any project, when team members tackle various tasks, staying connected and up-to-date is crucial. Our system refines the workflow so everyone is synchronized and informed about the latest developments.

Consider a scenario where a manager notices one team member is swamped with too many tasks. With this system, the manager can swiftly reassign some of those tasks to other team members. This lightens the load on the overburdened employee and promotes a culture of teamwork and mutual support.

Greater control

A productivity monitoring tool grants unparalleled visibility into your team’s activities and time allocation. It empowers you to precisely oversee your team’s performance so that every member remains focused and productive. This tool identifies areas where time might be wasted and highlights each employee’s contributions and overall productivity.

With this system in place, you can manage your team more effectively. It provides real-time insights into individual performance, allowing you to address inefficiencies promptly and ensure that tasks are completed on time. This level of oversight helps maintain high standards of productivity across the board.

Efficient billing

Accurate tracking of time spent on tasks and projects ensures efficient billing and timely client payments. Managers must ensure that their employees diligently fill out their daily timesheets.

Also, detailed records of previous work hours allow managers to estimate future projects more precisely. This historical data provides valuable insights, enabling managers to forecast project timelines and budgets more accurately.

Suitable for work-from-home

Employee Monitoring and Performance Insight Software is essential if your organization supports remote work. This software allows employers to monitor employees from anywhere in the world. It helps you understand employees’ productivity by tracking their working hours, time spent on unproductive activities, and the websites they visit. You can also see their login and logout times.

Get the status of jobs

Tracking the progress of tasks and projects across different teams can be challenging. Manually checking paper reports is time-consuming and often inaccurate.

However, with timesheet software, managers can quickly view all tasks, their details, and their time spent. This provides an accurate and efficient way to monitor job status.

How to get started with productivity monitoring software

Identify your needs

Start by assessing your organization’s specific goals. Are you aiming for better time management, enhanced project tracking, or improved reporting? Clearly outline what you need, and you’ll have your map.

Research and select the right software

You need productivity monitoring software that fits like a glove. Dive into reviews, compare features, and evaluate factors like user-friendliness, scalability, and customer support. Flowace is on top of the list among names like Toggl, Hubstaff, and Time Doctor and it pops up for good reason.

Plan your implementation

You’ve chosen your tool; now it’s time to plan. Develop a clear implementation strategy. Set your timeline, allocate resources wisely, and designate responsibilities. Ensure your infrastructure is ready to support this new addition.

Involve your team

Communicate the purpose and benefits of the new software. Address any concerns they might have and provide thorough training. When the crew is on board, your journey becomes smoother.

Set up the software

Install it, create user accounts, define projects, and customize settings to fit your needs. Leverage guides and customer support to ensure every string is perfectly in tune.

Pilot testing

Conduct a pilot test with a small group. Observe the system’s performance, gather feedback, and tweak the setup as needed. This stage helps prevent any surprises during the full launch.

Full deployment

With successful pilot testing behind you, it’s time for the full deployment. Deploy the software across your organization. Ensure continuous support and training for all users. Everyone should feel confident in their roles as the system rolls out.

Monitor and optimize

Your journey doesn’t end with deployment; it’s just the beginning. Review the software’s insights regularly. Look for patterns, address any issues promptly, and make data-driven decisions. Continuously fine-tune the system to better serve your organizational needs.

Flowace productivity monitoring Software

flowace.ai stands out as an empathetic AI software that combines powerful features with a deep understanding of its users. The results speak for themselves—a remarkable 31% increase in productivity was observed among 36,763 users within just 89 days. This isn’t just a claim; it’s a measurable outcome reported by our users.

Ideal for project management, Flowace excels by merging idealism and productivity, striving for excellence in every task. This AI tool goes beyond merely boosting productivity; it prepares your team for the future and simplifies the complexities of a dynamic workplace.

Key Features of Flowace:

  • Recognition and rewards: Flowace recognizes and rewards those tackling critical tasks.
  • Fair evaluations: No more issues with office politics—performance data ensures fair evaluations and eliminates favoritism.
  • Deep insights: Gain profound insights into employee behavior, time allocation, and project costs with data analysis and reports.
  • Efficient billing: Generate billable and non-billable hours effortlessly.
  • Overtime management: Manage overtime rules compensation and prevent unauthorized side jobs.
  • Workflow optimization: Flowace offers valuable insights into streamlining workflows.
  • Timesheet Data Analysis: Get detailed reports that unravel insights into employee behavior, time allocation, and project costs.
  • Hands-Free Time Tracking: Enjoy the ease of hands-free time tracking. Identify peak productivity periods and accurately record work hours and locations.
  • Project Communication: Flowace excels at facilitating clear communication. It helps you set expectations, prioritize tasks, and execute projects successfully.

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