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No physical logins, no biometrics, or any pricey solution. Flowace employee attendance management software provides modern-day attendance features, such as automatic clock-in and clock-out times, to track time in a productive way.

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Flowace Employee Attendance Tracking

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Understanding Flowace Employee Absence Tracker

An employee absence tracker enables employers to streamline team management by documenting employee work hours, eliminating tedious paperwork, and boosting team productivity.

An efficient employee attendance tracker provides users with the following:

  • Timesheet autofill
  • Billable hours tracking
  • PTO management system
  • Clock-in and clock-out system
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Features of Employee Attendance Tracker

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    Automated Timesheets

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    Automated Reports

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    Attendance Alerts

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    In & Out Time

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    Sync with Leave management

Manually marking attendance is painstakingly long and tedious. Automatic timelines or timestamps capture the required data, such as clock-in and clock-out times, productive and non-productive time intervals, idle periods, privacy breaks, and more.

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With better data analytics, you can spot attendance patterns and trends to improve employee productivity. Compare expected vs actuals, and you can fine-tune strategies to make work more efficient.

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Manage your workload better by analyzing both missing hours and burnout hours through an intelligent, alert system. This helps you stay on top of your tasks and avoid exhaustion.

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Once you install the Flowace employee attendance tracker, it automatically records your clock-in and clock-out times. This ensures accurate data for assessing punctuality, whether someone is late, early, or on time.

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Automatically compare your scheduled and actual start and end times to track productivity between shifts and outside of your shift.

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Easily sync your attendance with Leave Management to check your leave status, whether it's a full working day, half-day, holiday, or extra working day.

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Employee How to track employee attendance in Flowace

Flowace is a FREE time tracking and attendance app designed for advanced work time recording.

1. Create a Flowace account
2. Invite your team
3. Track Attendance
4. Monitor who is working on what
5. Review employee hours in reports
6. Export detailed reports

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Flowace Additional Features

Additional Features to attendance system

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    Work Schedules

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    Manual Check-Ins

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    QR, Selfies or GPS-based Attendance

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    Import and Export

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    Unproductive Time

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    Live Online or Offline Status

Effortlessly create work schedules for groups, teams, or departments and establish leave and shift policies to automate attendance management.

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Besides automated attendance, the Flowace app also allows manual check-ins and check-outs for added flexibility

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Encourage mobile app users to submit their attendance using QR codes, selfies, or GPS-based check-ins. You can customize and activate these options according to your company's policy.

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Easily import configurations for attendance reports or export reports to share with HR, managers, and others.

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Attendance isn't just about tracking hours; it's also about ensuring your employees spend their time productively. Set up a process to automatically record and track this data for your employees.

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Attendance isn't just about tracking hours; it's also about ensuring your employees spend their time productively. Set up a process to automatically record and track this data for your employees.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

01 How does automated attendance save time?

Traditionally, employees input attendance data manually in a physical register or enterprise application, requiring managers to verify and approve it. HR teams then check this data against employee leave records, often from separate systems. After verification and corrections, the data is uploaded to payroll processing and other HR systems. This manual process consumes significant effort and can delay payroll processing.

Attendance tracking software streamlines this process, saving time for employees, managers, and HR teams. This efficiency allows all departments to focus more on their essential tasks and reduces the chances of errors and delays.

02 How accurate is Flowace attendance?

An online attendance tracker significantly reduces errors and enhances accuracy. A survey by Axsium Group found that companies lose about $1,600 per employee annually due to human error in attendance management. Manual systems often contribute to these financial losses.

Flowace, a cloud-based automated attendance system, collects employee data accurately in real-time. It also offers scheduling and overtime management services, further reducing errors.

03 How accurate is the employee absence tracker?

The employee attendance monitoring system is highly accurate due to its automation capabilities. Automated systems minimize human error, a common issue in manual tracking methods. With the Flowace employee attendance system, you can track employees’ productive hours and reward them for their hard work in the best possible way.

04 How does the Flowace Attendance Tracker app enhance security compared to manual systems?

Automated time and attendance systems, like the Flowace Attendance Tracker app, offer superior security compared to manual systems. These systems integrate seamlessly with existing HRMS solutions, significantly reducing the risk of errors and fraud. Tracking employees in real time helps identify and prevent time theft and other forms of employee fraud.

Guide : Flowace Employee Attendance Tracking

What are online attendance tracking systems?

Attendance tracking systems, or attendance recording software, are indispensable tools for businesses to streamline employee attendance management. These systems are ideal for optimizing the workforce and help companies monitor work hours, track absenteeism, and cut to the chase in terms of boosting productivity.

Attendance tracking systems also play a crucial role in helping businesses plan and allocate employee time off without a hitch.

These systems offer employees the flexibility to mark their attendance through user-friendly web or mobile applications. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, many of these systems seamlessly integrate with biometric attendance systems, automating attendance entries for ultimate convenience.

Some attendance management systems take things up a notch with facial recognition technology, adding an extra layer of security and efficiency to the attendance tracking process.

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The best part? All attendance data is centralized in one easy-to-access system, allowing HR teams to manage attendance records no matter where they are. It’s like having a virtual attendance management HQ at your fingertips.

The Importance of Using an Attendance Management Software

Identifying trends

Attendance Management Software helps you uncover hidden patterns in employee attendance. Think of it as Sherlock Holmes combing through clues to crack a case. When you analyze data on absenteeism, tardiness, and breaks, you can spot trends impacting productivity. 

For example, if you notice a surge in late arrivals, it could be due to morning traffic snarls. With this insight, you can adjust schedules to dodge the traffic bullet and keep things running smoothly.

Distributing workload

Have you ever played a game of tug-of-war? You want to make sure everyone’s pulling their weight, right? Attendance tracking tools ensure a fair distribution of tasks among your team. 

This will ensure that no one sits on the bench while others run marathons. When you monitor attendance records, you can ensure that workloads are balanced and everyone contributes their fair share.

Prevents time theft

Time theft steals precious minutes from your workday. But fear not, attendance tracking tools are here to thwart its cunning schemes. 

It ensures employees aren’t taking extra-long lunch breaks or clocking in for absent friends. With accurate records of clock-in and clock-out times, you can end time theft once and for all.

Ensures accurate payroll

Payroll can be a headache at the best of times, but attendance tracking tools make it a breeze. It crunches numbers with lightning speed and precision. 

With automated tracking of work hours, you can say adios to manual data entry errors and ensure everyone gets their fair share of the paycheck.

Complying with regulations

Labor laws and regulations can be a minefield to explore, but attendance tracking tools will act as your compliance officers and keep you on the right side of the law. It guides you through the maze of regulations and ensures that your attendance policies are up-to-date. 

Managing resources

Effective resource management is key to keeping your business running smoothly. Attendance tracking tools like Flowace help you allocate human resources where they’re needed most. 

With the tool, you can adjust staffing levels to match fluctuating demand, maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Saving time

Last but not least, attendance tracking tools swoop in to rescue you from the clutches of inefficiency. It saves you from tedious paperwork and manual processes, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters. 

With online tracking tools, you can say goodbye to time-consuming tasks like manual attendance taking and data entry, freeing up valuable time for more important things—like growing your business or enjoying a coffee break.

Effective Methods for Tracking Employee Attendance

Employee time and attendance system

Employee time and attendance systems have become indispensable tools for organizations. These robust systems offer a holistic approach, encompassing attendance tracking, leave management, and timesheet functionalities. 

With these systems in place, employees can check in and out seamlessly, all through a user-friendly interface. No more punching time cards or manual clock-ins—just a few clicks, and their work hours are automatically logged. 

And when it comes to managing leave, it’s as easy as pie. Employees can view their leave balances, submit leave requests, and track the status of their applications in real-time. Meanwhile, managers can approve or reject leave requests directly within the system.

Manual recording

For ages, the manual recording method has been a go-to for tracking employee attendance—a tried-and-true approach that’s been around the block. While it’s straightforward and fuss-free, it’s not without its shortcomings. 

There’s certainly room for improvement in this classic technique. The potential for tweaks and adjustments is there, waiting to be harnessed for a more efficient tracking process.

Spreadsheets in Excel 

When it comes to manual records, Excel spreadsheets can certainly increase efficiency. Yet, they’re not without their caveats. Security concerns loom large, with the risk of data tampering or duplication lurking in the shadows. 

Plus, let’s not overlook that crafting and curating spreadsheets is no walk in the park—it’s a time-consuming endeavor that can strain resources. For larger enterprises, the task of keeping attendance spreadsheets current can pose a formidable challenge indeed.

Biometric devices

Some organizations are turning to biometric devices as a high-tech solution for attendance tracking. These devices utilize cutting-edge technology like facial recognition, iris scanning, or fingerprint identification to verify employee identities and record their attendance. 

Positioned at building entrances, these devices serve as gatekeepers, deterring unauthorized access and preventing buddy-punching incidents. They ensure that employees don’t slip through the cracks by requiring them to check in and out, creating a foolproof attendance system.

Face identification

Face identification, a technology-driven approach widely utilized across industries, scrutinizes individuals’ facial features, particularly their eyes and overall facial structure. When your face aligns with the stored data within the system, consider yourself successfully logged in or out, seamlessly navigating the attendance process with modern precision.

PIN system

The PIN system, a tried-and-true method, assigns each employee a unique password consisting of letters or numerals. Simply enter your password into the system, and voila—your attendance is recorded. While seemingly straightforward, this system offers adaptability and ease of use, ensuring efficient attendance tracking for all.

Magnetized cards 

Magnetized cards represent a convenient solution for attendance tracking. Employees can swipe their cards through the machine, instantly recording their attendance information. This process ensures accurate attendance management, streamlines administrative tasks, and enhances organizational productivity.

Revolutionize productivity:

Boost by 31% using the innovative solution by Flowace!

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6 Reasons Every Business Needs Time and Attendance Software

Less time spent on payroll (coming soon)

Upgrading to a time and attendance system is a no-brainer, primarily because it’s a time-saver. Without it, your HR department and employees waste valuable time crunching numbers to manually calculate work hours.

With a reliable system in place, some organizations have slashed their payroll management time by a whopping 70%. When employees no longer need to painstakingly record, track, and process their work hours daily, weekly, or monthly, they can devote more time and energy to their core tasks, boosting overall productivity.

Protect sensitive data (coming soon)

It’s common knowledge that the HR and payroll departments’ offices are kept under lock and key when not in use. They safeguard sensitive data like employee contact details, contracts, and, perhaps most crucially, individual salaries. The integrity and confidentiality of this trove of information rest squarely on the shoulders of the HR team.

Access to sensitive data can be restricted for users of advanced time and attendance solutions like Flowace. This means individuals can only see or modify data relevant to their role or authorization level. When considering a time and attendance solution, it’s vital to prioritize user permissions to ensure data security and compliance.

Calculating absenteeism (coming soon)

Absenteeism is a costly issue for businesses, both in terms of direct financial impact and indirect consequences. Managing absenteeism effectively and fairly is a challenge for many companies. A good time and attendance system can be configured to align with your company’s policies and regulations, providing alerts for patterns of absence that warrant further investigation or intervention.

Research indicates that absenteeism costs businesses in the United States $225.8 billion annually. Given this substantial financial impact, organizations must monitor employee attendance and absences closely. However, HR managers already juggle numerous responsibilities, making constant oversight impractical.

Avoid time theft

Avoiding time theft and buddy punching is crucial for keeping things fair and efficient around the workplace. Think about it: when someone sneaks in a longer lunch break or covers for a late buddy by punching in for them, you’re throwing money down the drain! 

But don’t worry, there’s a simple solution: automated time and attendance systems like Flowace. These tools use unique identifiers like fingerprints to make sure each person’s hours are spot on. So no more sneaky business – just accurate records and fair play all around.

Reports are right at your fingertips

You’ll love this feature: reports right at your fingertips! With just a tap, you can generate all sorts of reports instantly. Whether it’s tracking attendance trends or monitoring productivity, a good time and attendance system has got you covered. Plus, you can access these reports on the go with a handy mobile app.

Improve performance 

You’re a manager trying to juggle schedules and ensure your department runs smoothly. It’s a lot to handle, right? But with a top-notch time and attendance system, you don’t have to fret. You can effortlessly fine-tune work schedules to ensure optimal coverage, keep labor costs down, and, most importantly, keep those employees happy and satisfied. 

With instant updates and insights from the time and attendance system, managers can stay on top of things and keep their departments running like well-oiled machines. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Managing Time and Attendance for Remote Employees

Managing time and attendance for remote employees can be a breeze with the right strategies in place. Here are some tips to help you manage remote employee attendance:

Set clear expectations

Clearly communicate your expectations regarding work hours, breaks, and availability to your remote team. Establishing clear guidelines upfront can help remote employees understand what is expected of them regarding attendance.

Use time-tracking tools

Implement time-tracking tools or software that allow remote employees to log their hours worked accurately. These tools can help monitor attendance, track billable hours, and ensure accountability among remote team members.

Flexible schedules

Offer flexible work schedules to accommodate different time zones and personal preferences. Allowing remote employees to work during their most productive hours can improve attendance and overall performance.

Regular check-ins

Schedule regular check-ins with remote employees to discuss their work progress, address any concerns they may have, and ensure they are meeting attendance expectations. These check-ins can be conducted via video calls, phone calls, or instant messaging platforms.

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Boost by 31% using the innovative solution by Flowace!

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Ethical and Secure Practices for Employee Attendance Tracking

Here are some tips to help you keep things ethical and respectful:

Respect privacy

Your employees’ privacy is super important. Ensure any attendance tracking system you use respects their privacy and keeps their information safe.

Example: Instead of using invasive methods, like tracking their every move with GPS, opt for more low-key options like time clock apps that simply record when they clock in and out.

Get consent

Always ask for your employees’ permission before using any attendance tracking system. Explain how their information will be used and allow them to say no if they’re uncomfortable.

For example, hold a meeting or email explaining the new system and let your team ask questions or raise any concerns they might have.

Keep it accurate

Choose reliable tracking methods and check in regularly to ensure everything runs smoothly.

For example, use biometric systems that can identify employees based on fingerprints or facial features. This helps prevent sneaky business like buddy punching or time theft.

Be transparent

Keep your team in the loop about how the attendance system works and how their data is being used. Transparency builds trust and makes for a happier workplace.

For example, create a section on your company website where employees can find information about attendance policies and data usage.

Revolutionize productivity:

Boost by 31% using the innovative solution by Flowace!

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