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Streamline attendance tracking with automated start and end times, idle time, breaks, and missing time alerts through Flowace.

Automated Time Tracking:

Flowace automatically detects computer start and end times, and records actual usage, idle time, and breaks, optimizing work-life balance.

Monitoring & Alerts:

Stay informed with missing time alerts, ensuring employees meet minimum work hour requirements and facilitating efficient time management.

Start & End Time

Flowace automatically detects the start and end time of your computer

Total Time

Total time on a working day is the sum of actual time, idle time, and break times.

Actual Time

Flowace records active usage time on your computer as actual time.

Idle Time

Time away from the system is automatically recorded as idle time by Flowace

Break Time

Start or finish breaks instantly with a click, optimizing work-life balance with Flowace.

Missing Time Alerts

Receive alerts when employees fail to complete minimum work hours.

Websites & Apps

Enhance productivity by monitoring and categorizing website and app usage, providing ratings and detailed reports with Flowace.

Productivity Tracking:

Flowace enhances productivity by tracking website and app usage, providing ratings, categorizing work groups, and offering detailed reports.

Alert System:

Stay informed with alerts for potential threats, including unproductive time and access to blocked websites and apps, ensuring effective monitoring and management of workflow.

Websites & Apps

Flowace tracks app and website usage to enhance productivity.

Productivity Ratings

Rate your apps and websites as productive, unproductive and neutral

Productivity Scope

Rate apps & websites as productive or unproductive across organization, team, or individual levels

Work Categories

Organize your apps and websites into work-related groups like communication, design, support, etc

Reports & Visuals

Access detailed productivity reports highlighting web and app usage, productive and unproductive time


Receive alerts for potential threats, including unproductive time and access to blocked websites and apps

Projects & Tasks

Optimize project management and task tracking with customizable templates, fields, and narration features

Task Time Tracking:

Automate task time capture while allowing manual tracking, and generate insightful reports for project management.

Financial Monitoring:

Track work progress to manage employee costs and client pricing effectively, and generate customizable timesheet reports.

Time on Tasks

Capture time on tasks automatically, while also offering the flexibility to employ manual time-tracking methods

Expected vs Actual Time

Generate reports comparing estimated, completed, and remaining time for faster project delivery insights

Price & Cost

Monitor work in progress to track employee costs and client-charged prices.

Timesheet Report

Easily generate daily, weekly, monthly, or custom timesheet reports to effectively manage projects and tasks.

Custom Fields & Templates

Create reusable templates for projects and tasks, and add custom fields for capturing specific details as needed

Narrations & Comments

Share task details with managers and clients by adding comments, narrations or notes.

Tracking & Monitoring

Efficiently monitor and manage computer usage with automated time tracking, productivity ratings, alerts, and detailed reports

Silent Tracking:

Monitor employee activities covertly with time tracking, screenshots, and productivity evaluation, including offline syncing.

Advanced Features:

Track internet usage, meetings, calls, and GPS-based check-ins for comprehensive employee monitoring and enhanced productivity.

Silent Tracking

Track time, capture screenshots, and evaluate productivity levels without user awareness.


Record screenshots optionally, adjust capture frequency, and select your data retention rules.

Internet Usage

Ensure smooth client interactions by monitoring upload/download speeds, bandwidth, and latency

Offline Tracking

Keep track of attendance and activities offline, syncing seamlessly upon internet reconnection.

Meetings & Calls

Track Google or Microsoft meetings, WhatsApp, and SIM calls seamlessly with Flowace.


Enable on-demand GPS-based check-in/out, OR continuous tracking for transit time and site visits.


Access professional-grade employee monitoring without the hefty price tag. With Flowace Activity Monitoring, you get essential tools for tracking time and tasks at a remarkably affordable rate, all while ensuring inclusivity. We guarantee your satisfaction, giving you full access to all features without restrictions.

  • Time Tracking with Screenshots
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Apps and Websites Monitoring
  • Activity Monitoring
  • 24/7 Expert Support

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

Want to boost your team's productivity? Flowace has you covered.

With Flowace’s premium analytic reports and powerful features, you can easily keep tabs on how your team spends their time. From tracking project progress and activity levels to monitoring attendance and website usage, Flowace provides invaluable insights to help maximize productivity.

Curious about how to keep tabs on your employees' activities using Flowace?

Flowace provides comprehensive insights into your team’s workday through detailed reports and features. You’ll gain visibility into various aspects of their activity, including levels of engagement, attendance, website and application usage (both productive and unproductive), as well as tracking of daily or weekly hours spent and progress on projects and tasks.

Stay informed and up-to-date in real-time with team and user-level dashboards, alongside features like Screenshots, screen recording, and customizable Daily and Real-Time Email Notifications. These tools are designed to alert you to the most critical productivity issues within your team, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

What sets Flowace apart from other time-tracking apps?

Flowace stands out by prioritizing empowerment through data and analytics, aiming to enhance team and individual performance. Unlike mere time trackers, we offer actionable insights that drive real change. Our solution is non-intrusive, flexible, and fully customizable, offering businesses the visibility and accountability necessary to foster trust and flexibility within their teams.

Does Flowace cater to more than just remote teams?

Absolutely! Flowace is ideal for remote, hybrid, and in-office teams alike. The visibility and metrics essential for remote work are equally valuable for in-office teams, aiding in identifying top performers and setting benchmarks.

With Flowace’s Insights, businesses gain unprecedented visibility into their team’s activities in real-time, a level of insight only achievable through a productivity and time-tracking tool like Flowace. This actionable data empowers managers to ensure work completion while granting employees greater control over their time and productivity.

How do I convince my organization to adopt this software?

At Flowace, we prioritize transparency and clear communication about how the software will be utilized and its intended purposes. With over 5 years of experience working closely with our clients, we’ve accumulated valuable insights and expertise in change management.

Our Client Success and Support teams are equipped with best practices in change management, and we offer a range of resources to support you throughout the implementation process.

What kind of reports does Flowace offer?

Flowace delivers more than 7 customizable analytic reports, offering precise workday metrics to enhance performance.

Web App Usage Report: These reports help you evaluate your team’s and member’s productivity. You can analyze the time invested in different applications and websites, and understand whether it was productive or not. 

Attendance Report:

Get a comprehensive Attendance Report encompassing Start/End Time, Actual Time in Hours, Break Time, Idle Time, Productive Time, and other metrics. Multiple data points such as QR codes, location, and selfies, can also be included in reports.

Projects and Tasks: These reports serve as a valuable tool for monitoring and managing your L1, L2, and L3 activities. They allow you to track the time dedicated to each level and calculate the costs associated with them. 

What integrations does Flowace support?

Flowace provides seamless integration with over 10 third-party applications through our Chrome and Firefox Extensions. With the Flowace extension, you can easily access the start/stop button within your favourite project management, CRM, communication, and help desk tools. This allows you to track and analyze all workday activities conveniently from a single, centralized platform. For a complete list of our integrations, Learn more about the Flowace Integration.

How long does it take to set up Flowace for my team?

Setting up Flowace is a breeze! It typically takes about 10 minutes for the admin and just 3-5 minutes for the users. Plus, we offer a variety of training resources, including videos, chat support, emails, and knowledge centre articles, to guide teams on how to use Flowace reports and features effectively and turn work insights into actionable strategies for performance improvement.

How does Flowace enhance the experience for individual users and employees?

Individual users are empowered with their personalized Dashboard and access to a range of insightful reports. These reports shed light on their productive and unproductive time usage, pinpoint distractions, and suggest areas for improvement. At Flowace, we’re firm believers that by measuring and analyzing your productive time, individuals can gain invaluable insights to become even better at managing their time effectively.

How can I schedule a Flowace demo?

Get a firsthand look at Flowace tailored to your specific needs and workflow by signing up for a Free Trial on our website. During the demo, you’ll have dedicated 1:1 time with a product expert who will walk you through how Flowace operates and demonstrate how it can elevate your team’s performance.

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