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Automate attendance, monitor employee activities, analyze app and web usage, and track project timesheets with Flowace.

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    Time Tracking

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    Data Visuals

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    Silent Mode

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    Employee Monitoring

Flowace Data Visuals
Flowace Silent Mode
Flowace Attendance tracking software

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Your Team Productivity is at Risk if Teams have:

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Elevate Your Team's Productivity

Attendance Tracker

Automatic Attendance

Automatically track ‘In’ and ‘Out’ times, shift start and end, and monitor active and idle time effortlessly. Easily manage break times, leaves, holidays, full days, half days, and extra working days. With check-in and check-out features, stay organized with the Employee Attendance Tracker.

  • Employee Attendance
  • Absence Tracker
  • PTO Tracker
  • Holidays & Leaves
  • Alerts
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Proof of Work

Employee Monitoring

Discover silent app tracking, screenshot capture, live screen monitoring, screen recording and more with Employee Monitoring systems. Track website and app activities, idle time, and internet usage efficiently for enhanced productivity.

  • SIlent Tracking
  • Screencasts
  • Screen Monitoring
  • Suspicious Alerts
  • Active Time
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AI Powered Productivity

Employee Productivity

Easily track app and website usage, set work categories, and monitor productive, unproductive, and neutral time. Label productivity levels, manage idle time, break time, manual entries, and meeting hours, and switch between work and privacy mode seamlessly.

  • Productivity Tracking
  • Web and App Usage
  • Missing Hour Alerts
  • Activity Tracking
  • Idle Time
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Time Tracking

Projects & Timesheets

Effortlessly track project and task time, manage billable hours and generate timesheet reports with our Time Tracking Software. Stay organized with chat features and narration options, and easily track task completion. Simplify project management with easy archival and deletion, and manage manual entries seamlessly.

  • Project Time Tracking
  • Projects and Tasks
  • Custom Fields
  • Expected vs Completed vs Remaining
  • Timesheet Summary Reports
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Data Insights

Reports & Dashboards

Get personalized value added insights with our customizable Dashboards & Reports. Track Attendance, Timesheets across Projects and Tasks, and Productivity effortlessly. Add or remove Dashboard gadgets and apply filters for team, organization, or individual views.

  • Custom Dashboards
  • Attendance Report
  • Websites & Apps
  • Projects & Tasks
  • Expected vs Actual
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Badges & Reviews

Join the millions of satisfied customers who rely on Flowace for enhanced productivity.

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Other Key Features

Discover the full range of Flowace's features on our 'All Features' page for a comprehensive overview.

Missing Hour Alert

Receive notifications when users do not meet the minimum required working hours.

Reporting and Data Visualization

Use reports and visual data to find out what's slowing your team down. See which projects take up a lot of time but don't pay off much, and guide your team to focus on more profitable tasks.

Silent Mode

Silent mode is a discrete feature that lets employers use the tracking app without employees knowing. It's easy to set up and ensures your team doesn't notice it's there. With this feature, you can boost your team's productivity by 20% without slowing down the device.


The screenshot feature will help you track productivity easily. But don't worry—it also has a work/privacy mode. The tracker only starts when employees are in the work zone, so they can still enjoy their privacy.

Expected vs Actual

Set clear expectations for productive time, time on tasks, start and end times, billable hours, and more. Easily compare expected versus actual insights through a user-friendly interface, reports, and alerts.

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