Time Tracking Tools for BPO

BPO companies deal with several specialized services that require effective team management and coordination. Flowace time tracking app can help boost team productivity, maximize billable hours and double up profits for your BPO organization. Accurately track costs, activities and efficiency of your teams remote or otherwise, in real-time

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Save 35% on employee wages per year

BPO & KPO Employee Time Tracking Tools

Flowace’s time tracker is agile, and automated and provides a clear insight into employee productivity at specific points in the day. Team leaders can assign urgent tasks at the most convenient times with our app, as it tracks productivity every minute and shows accurate statistics of where an employee spends his maximum time during work hours. Having accurate data helps maximize productivity and can save your enterprise 35% of employee wages per year. 

Simple, effective time tracking for BPOs

Our time tracking software is simple, automated and eliminates the need to manually track timesheets. Get automated timesheet reports to ensure optimal productivity and make the payroll process easy and stress-free. By logging in to your dashboard, you can track the amount of time each developer has spent on each project. Employees and projects are shown in timesheet reports. Let your employees actively work for designated hours and monitor the amount of time taken by teams to complete specific projects.

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Stop employee turnover

Our survey revealed that only 23% of BPOs use time tracking software to monitor their employees’ work-life balance. Since burnout is a leading cause of attrition, more companies need employee monitoring software to protect their staff members from overworking and reduce attrition rates.

Enhanced employee efficiency

Plan accurate incentives and payrolls with our employee monitoring tool. Our app facilitates teams to categorize their work and allows managers to keep track of productivity with accurate timesheet tracking features. This aids both parties with absolute transparency, which facilitates employees and employers to work systematically each day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.

How much money % can a time tracking software save me in terms of productivity?

BPOs can save approximately 35% of wages per year using our time tracking software.

Can time tracking software ensure work-life-balance?

Our time tracker can assure work-life balance, as it tracks workable hours while fames accurate payrolls for the same. This way there can be no blame-game involved and everyone stays on the same page, which assures work-life balance.

Is the time tracker suitable for remote teams?

Our time tracking software provides entrepreneurs with a digitized bird’s eye view into employee productivity, which is much needed for remote teams. This way owners can ensure that employees are giving their best and not moonlighting on the way.

Can the time tracker be used for time blocking?

Yes, you can use the time-tracking app to block time for specific projects. This will help you track productivity and boost team efficiency.

Can your time tracking software integrate with project management tools?

Yes, our time tracking system can integrate with other project management tools. Check out the integration page to know more.

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