Windows Time Tracking App to Boost Employee Productivity

Measure Productive time with Flowace's easy-to-use Windows time tracking app for Desktop. Automate work hour tracking, gain comprehensive insights into workforce analytics, and simplify project management effortlessly.

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How to Track Time with Flowace’s Desktop App?

Get Started

  • Begin by creating a Flowace account, a straightforward process.
  • During registration, use a strong email and password.
  • Next, install the required bundles, and you’ll be ready to start.
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Download Desktop Time Tracking App

To kick off, download the Windows Time Tracking App.

  • Depending on your desktop setup, choose the appropriate version of the app for Windows from the app store.
  • Alternatively, you can streamline the process by installing the web browser and directly downloading the app from your dashboard.
  • After downloading, execute the bundle and complete the app installation to prepare for effective time tracking.
Download Desktop Time Tracking App (1)

Start the Timer

  • Initiate time tracking effortlessly with just a click
  • Simply activate work mode for automated tracking 
Start the Timer (1)

Project Categorization and Tracking

  • Organize your projects by categorizing them effectively.
  • Add tasks and assign them to your teams.
  • Keep a close eye on project progress and activity levels.
  • Extract comprehensive details about employee activities from your timesheet.
Project Categorization and Tracking (1)

Install Web Browser

Enhance accuracy by installing the web browser version.


This version enables you to review timesheets and analyze productivity reports tailored to your organization’s needs.

Install Web Browser

Considering the Positive Aspects of Employee Monitoring?

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Effortless Time Tracking App Tailored for Your Workfow

Gain Insights into Workforce Activities

Get real-time visibility into remote workforce activites with Flowace’s motion-based time tracker built on mouse and keyboard usage. Optional screenshots and real-time data provide managers with a comprehensive overview of the organization.

Gain Insights into Workforce Activities (1)

Comprehensive Desktop Timer

Simplify time tracking across various projects and apps without manual timers. Flowace records activities behind the scens, offering managers an accurate view of employee time usage for daily tasks.

Comprehensive Desktop Timer (2)

Work/Privacy Mode

Switching between work and privacy mode is a breeze with a single click. Whether shifting tasks, taking breaks, or logging in & out, one tap restores control. No privacy compromised.

Work privacy mode

Real-Time Timesheet Updates

Flowace’s Windows app for Desktop captures employee activity seamlessly. Automatic logging ensures accurate timesheets, aiding fair appraisals and reporting without workflow disruption.

Real-Time Timesheet Updates (2)

Detailed Productivity Reports

Access detailed workforce analytics, tracking weekly, monthly, and daily activities by the second. Monitor productivity vs. idle hours, identify bottlenecks, and develop solutions for enhanced efficiency.

Detailed Productivity Reports

Seamless Integration

Flowace’s desktop app for Windows effortlessly connects with 35+ project tools like Jira, Asana, Salesforce, Azure, and ClickUp for seamless data capture and time tracking.

Project Categorization and Tracking (1)

Features of Flowace Time Tracker for Windows

Attendance tracking

Attendance Tracking

Employee attendance is automatically recorded upon system startup, eliminating the need for manual inputs.


Productivity Monitoring

Easily differentiate between productive and unproductive tasks to boost efficiency.


Payroll Management

With all data automatically logged into timesheets, billing and invoicing become a breeze.

Project Management

Create and manage multiple projects within the Flowace app for detailed timesheet tracking.


Real-time Activity Monitoring

Track employee activity in real-time through keyboard and mouse usage.

Live Screenshots (1)

Live Screenshots

Receive real-time screenshot updates to monitor work progress and prevent unauthorized activities

Idle hour dedector (1)

Idle Hour Detector

Find out how much idle time is used and plan your productive hours accordingly


Pomodoro Timer

Set up the Pomodoro timer and get alerted when it's time to take a break after a preset time period. Stretch, meditate, or even drink water


Offline Time Tracking

Lost your internet connection midwork? It's all good. Flowace desktop time tracker app saves your time entries and auto-syncs them once you’re online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

How much space does the Flowace Windows time tracker takes up?
The Flowace windows time tracker is lightweight and does not require more than 10 GB
What about Privacy? Does Flowace track after work hours?
We have a work and privacy mode. Only activate work mode to track your daily hours. Once you are done working, switch to privacy mode and nothing is captured post that.
What operating system does Flowace Linux time tracker support?
Flowace is compatible with all operating systems for Windows
How long will it take to activate the Flowace time tracker app for Windows
With Flowace app for Windows, you can get started in 2-3 minutes, depending on the speed of your OS.