Flowace Mac Time Tracking App To Scale-up Your Team’s Productivity

Get actionable insights into your team’s workflow and productivity with an effective MacOS Time Tracking app by Flowace. Use it to track your in-office, remote and hybrid team.

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How to Integrate Flowace Mac Time Tracking App?

Download the Flowace app for MacOs

  1. Visit Flowace website 
  2. Download the Flowace app for the Mac version
  3. Click on the link to start the download process

Open the Installer

  • Locate the download file. 
  • It should have extensions with .dmg or .pkg
  • Click on it to initiate the installation

Move Flowace to Applications

  • You will be able to find Flowace icon with an arrow pointing to the Application folder
  • Drag Flowace app to the Application folder
  • Click on the Flowace icon in the application folder to complete the installation 

Launch The Flowace App

  • Go to the application folder
  • Double click the Flowace icon to launch the application
  • Log in by creating the account on Flowace

Start Organizing and Tracking

 Once the app is installed, your team can add projects and tasks and can start tracking time. 

  • Get real-time updates on projects, time spent on projects, resources used, raise bills and invoices, and more.

Considering the Positive Aspects of Employee Monitoring?

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An Effective and Comprehensive Mac desktop TimeEnsuring Higher Productivity

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Get a detailed overview on time spent on activities, progress in each project, resources used and outcomes. The data can be generated in different visual formats like charts and graphs for better interpretation.

Attendance Management on Your Fingertips

No manual intervention, Flowace works at the backend and timestamps employee activities. Overcome the issue of buddy punching and streamline payroll management.

Ensure Work-life-balance

Let your team work at full potential without compromising on their work-life balance. Identify the work patterns of your employees and assess the burnout to improve their productivity.

Screen monitoring

Generate a report on how your employee/team is spending their time at work. The automated screenshots take snapshots in a few minutes thus helping you analyze the work pattern of every employee.

Real-time Dashboard

Flowace MacOS time tracker is a completely automated tool, it works with minimal manual intervention and gives you real-time updates on the status of work.

Complete Time-tracking Solution

Working in-house or out of office, remote or hybrid , on contract or as a freelancer, with Flowace you can track every activity and time spent for enhanced efficiency.

Flowace is The Ultimate Mac Desktop Companion That Simplifies Workforce Management

Detailed Productivity Insights

Identify the non-profitable time-consuming tasks, highlight the distraction and improve efficiency.

Accurate and Timely Invoicing and Billing

Easily generate timely invoice based on tracked time, use customized invoice template for a simplified billing process.

Merge With Calendar

Keep a track of your meeting time, email communication and scheduled events by simply syncing your calendar with Flowace.

Identify Inactive Time

Monitor your office and remote/hybrid team with real-time dashboard and automated time sheets.

Tailored Solution

Customize project categories, labels and tags for better timeline tracking and overtime calculations.

Complete Data Backup

Export time data in different formats like CSV, automated data backup to prevent any loss of information.

Work/Privacy Mode

Easily switch between work and privacy mode, and enjoy a worry-free surfing experience.

Effortless Project Management

Multitask effortlessly by managing multiple projects through the Flowace MacOS Time Tracking App.

Live Screenshots

Analyze your team’s activities with automated screenshots scheduled every few minutes( can be customized).

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

How Long Will It Take to Integrate Flowace App in My MacOS?
Flowace Mac Time Tracker is easy to integrate. It takes less than a minute to install and synchronzie your data with Flowace.
Is Flowace MacOS Time Tracking desktop app compatible with all the versions of Mac?
Yes, Flowace is compatible with all the versions, however, if you find any lag or glitch in it, you can connect with our tech support team and they will assist you in the same.
Is My Data Secure with Flowace?
Flowace provides you an easy switch between work and privacy mode. Once you toggle to privacy mode, you can surf worry-free. Flowace doesn't tracks your data in the privacy mode.

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