Simplify clocking in and out for employees with Flowace

Discover the whereabouts and activities of your employees effortlessly throughout the workday with our GPS Time Clock App for Employee Tracking feature. Now, you will gain insights into your staff’s workday with a clear breadcrumb trail and stay informed about their tasks and movements.

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Monitor Employee Locations: Clock in Insights from Timesheets

Flowace’s GPS time clock goes the extra mile by tagging every clock in and out event with a specific location marker. This feature allows you to view your employees’ exact locations on a straightforward map, providing the assurance you need to verify their presence at the job site when recording work times.

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Clock In/Out Anywhere with GPS Geofenced Solution

Designed for roaming or field staff, this feature allows employees to mark their attendance at one or more approved locations easily. Each clock-in or out is precisely traceable and will give you detailed time and location stamps.

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Automated GPS timesheets

Simplify your time tracking with our automated GPS timesheets. Flowace can capture and record your employee’s work hours and eliminate the need for manual entries. Our system will integrate with your GPS technology to accurately document your locations.

Automated timesheets 

Don't let internet issues disrupt your attendance tracking!

With our system, GPS tracking still operates seamlessly even in areas with no or poor connectivity. Staff can clock in and out using their GPS location. This ensures accurate attendance records even without an internet connection.

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Manage your workforce policies with an automated system

Set parameters for late marks, half-days, overtime, shift timings, and more directly within the platform. Keep a vigilant eye on your workforce through real-time reports that provide insights into employee activities.

Manage your workforce policies with an automated system

Considering the Positive Aspects of Employee Monitoring?

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

When will the app track location?

The GPS location is recorded when the timer is actively running, initiated by a user pressing start or entering a job site. Alternatively, if you prefer continuous tracking, you can enable passive location tracking as well.

Can e-commerce services benefit from GPS tracking and GEOfencing?

Yes For e-commerce services, our GPS tracking and GEOfencing features offer seamless automation of attendance, making time tracking a breeze for courier teams. Customize routes to track shipments efficiently and stay in control of your operations.

How many teams can be tracked with GPS time tracking?

You can track multiple teams effortlessly using our GPS time-tracking feature. Simply configure the routes and ensure your teams have the app downloaded for optimal results. It’s a user-friendly solution to manage and monitor diverse teams with ease.

Do managers get alerts for GPS trackers?

Yes, they do. With Flowace‘s configured map, managers receive automated notifications when an employee enters a specific job site. Stay informed and in control with timely alerts, enhancing managerial oversight for a smoother workflow.

Does the GPS Time Clock app monitor employee locations when they're not on duty?

The GPS Time Clock app strictly focuses on tracking employee locations exclusively during their clocked-in hours. There’s no tracking beyond work hours, and it will never monitor employees once they’ve clocked out.