Flowace Vs. Hubstaff: Which tool meets your requirements?

Flowace is a leading alternative to Hubstaff, which increases productivity by 31%. Curious? Get detailed insights on the employee monitoring software's features, benefits, genuine customer reviews, and cost factors to see which fits your needs.

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Flowace is the one-stop shop for productivity and time tracking. It is one of the popular Hubstaff alternatives that boosts the operational efficiency of your teams by 31%. Beyond just enhancing your employee's productivity, our special time tracking tools contribute to increased transparency, better work-life balance, and reduced burnout periods. Flowace is one of the best and most cost effective hubstaff alternatives.

Platform Supported
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iPhone app
  • Android app
  • Windows Phone app
Ideal Customers
  • Freelancers
  • Small businesses
  • Mid-size businesses
  • Large Enterprise

Hubstaff is an efficient time-tracking solution that enables you to oversee your team’s activities during work hours. With features such as employee monitoring, task management, and seamless payroll integration, it helps enhance your team’s productivity. Hubstaff also simplifies task delegation and tracking progress, making it a valuable tool for optimizing workflow. You’ll see the Hubstaff features in detail below.

Platform Supported
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iPhone app
  • Android app
  • Windows Phone app
Ideal Customers
  • Freelancers
  • Small businesses
  • Mid-size businesses
  • Large Enterprise
Platform Supported
  • tick-circleWindowstick-circle
  • tick-circleiPhone apptick-circle
  • tick-circleAnroid apptick-circle
  • close-circleWindows Phone appclose-circle
Ideal Customers
  • tick-circleFreelancersclose-circle
  • tick-circleSmall businessestick-circle
  • tick-circleMid size businessestick-circle
  • tick-circleLarge Enterprisetick-circle

Pros and Cons

  • Time Tracking Issues

  • Tracking Issues

  • Intrusive Screenshots

  • Software Bugs

  • Slow Loading


Learn More
  • User management
  • Users, managers and admins

  • Client login access

  • Multiple access levels

  • Teams

  • Dashboard
  • Team dashboard

  • Individual user dashboard

  • Executive dashboard

  • Productivity
  • Productivity ratings

  • Apps and websites

  • Work categories

  • Work schedules

  • Break tracking

  • Inactivity alerts

  • Work life balance metrics

  • Tracking
  • Online & offline tracking

  • Silent tracking / Stealth mode

  • User-controlled desktop app / Interactive mode

  • Custom silent tracking times

  • Screenshots

  • Video screen recording

  • GPS tracking

  • Reports
  • Activity summary report

  • Attendance report

  • Hours tracked report

  • Projects & tasks report

  • Timeline report

  • Web & app usage report

  • Narration report

  • Internet connectivity report

  • Groups & projects
  • Custom projects

  • Custom tasks

  • Groups / teams

  • Task benchmarking

  • Project management

  • Task, subtasks or multiple-level flexibility

  • Chat feature for the individually assigned Tasks

  • Task benchmarking

  • Notifications
  • Daily hours tracked email report

  • Daily email notifications

  • Real-time email notifications

  • Missing hour alerts

  • Data management
  • Custom Web & app tracking

  • Custom Data exports

  • Tracked time editing

  • Approvals for tracked time edits

  • Historical tracking data

  • Calendar management

  • Attendance Management (In-Out Time, QR Code, Selfie, GPS)

  • Integrations
  • API access

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

  • Payroll

  • Billing, Invoice & Expenses
  • Billable Hours

  • Invoice

  • Leave Management, Schedules & Holidays
  • Leave and Holiday Management

  • Work Schedules

  • Mobile
  • App Usage Tracking

  • Whats App & SIM Calls

  • Calendar Sync

  • Chat Feature for the individually assigned Tasks


  • Onboarding Support

  • Email Support

  • WhatsApp Support

  • In-App Chat Support

  • Video Tutorials

  • Slack Support

  • Customized Training Materials

  • Change Management


  • In - Person

  • Webinars

  • Documentation

  • Live Online

  • Videos


  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Subscription-based model starting at the base price of $6 /user/month

  • Grow
  • $6 /user/monSave 14.29%
  • Pro
  • $8 /user/monSave 20.00%
  • Max
  • $11 /user/monSave 45.00%

Subscription-based model starting at the base price of $7 /user/month

  • Basic
  • $7 /user/mon
  • Standard
  • $10 /user/mon
  • Premium
  • $20 /user/mon

Subscription-based model starting at the base price of $3.99 /user/month

  • Grow
  • $3.99 /user/monSave 32.37%
  • Pro
  • $6.49 /user/monSave 16.79%
  • Max
  • $8.99/user/monSave 46.14%

Subscription-based model starting at the base price of $5.9 /user/month

  • Basic
  • $5.9 /user/mon
  • Standard
  • $8.4 /user/mon
  • Premium
  • $16.7 /user/mon
  • Others
  • Auto-renewal on consent

  • No credit card details required

  • Affordable Enterprise plan

Badges and Ratings

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Badges Badges

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  • Very innovative productivity tool for teams
    Flowace is the best tool for remote teams. It makes people want to become more productive. Their "work categories" is a really handy feature. We have set up categories like Developement, Productivity, Break, and few others. Within each category, we have a predefined set of applications and websites! These categories are helping us understand how our employees are spending their time and what all apps they're using. The timesheets generated by Flowace also help us manage the payroll.

    ~ Prashant P. Managing Director & CEO

    Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)


  • it is a good service but with some glitches
    i think it needs a better synchnonization with internet and other apps because many times it fails to track time because it shows no internet connection & it needs to be refreshed many times in a day.

    ~Akash D.

    Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)


  • "Essential Tool for Boosting Productivity – Highly Recommend!"
    What I like best about Hubstaff is its precise time tracking. It's incredibly helpful to have an accurate record of my work hours without any extra effort. The activity levels feature is also a standout, as it gives me insights into my productivity patterns, helping me stay on top of my game.

    Enzo K.

    Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)


  • "Rapid Changes"
    Every time I turn around a different billing model and plan is being implemented and I'm REQUIRED to change which means my pricing is constantly changing and increasing. Hubstaff bills you for the administration account as if the administration account is a user. Integration to QuickBooks was a bit clunky and would not allow time that was over written to be updated so there ended up being manual calculations for payroll. We turned off the integration.

    Micheala R.

    Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)


Learn More
  • Asana

  • Google Calendar

  • Microsoft Calendar

  • GitLab

  • Jira

  • Hubspot

Flowace vs Hubstaff

We prioritize your smooth transition to Flowace

Data Import

Our user-friendly import process lets you easily export your data from Time Doctor and seamlessly import it into Flowace. Our dedicated implementation team can assist you if you need backend support.

Seamless Migration Experience

We provide access to detailed documentation, helpful articles, video tutorials, and instant WhatsApp assistance. Our goal is to make your transition worry-free and straightforward.

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Why should you choose Flowace as a Hubstaff alternative?

  • Better ROI
  • Pay Less for More
  • Affordability
  • Ease of Use
  • User Satisfaction Ratings
  • Flexibility
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Top-Notch Customer Service
  • Scalability
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

What are the main differences between Hubstaff and Flowace?
Hubstaff stands as a well-known time-tracking solution in the market. On the other hand, Flowace, while being a more recent entrant, brings a fresh perspective with added features and advantageous pricing. This positions Flowace as a strong contender in the competition, challenging Hubstaff.
How does the screenshot feature work in Flowace?
Flowace has the feature of taking screenshots, which many employees find convenient to track productivity. However, it comes with a work/privacy mode. The tracker only kicks in when they’re in the work zone. Need a break? No worries—just switch it off. The frequency of screenshot capture can also be configured, depending on your requirements, for every 5 or 40 minutes. However, it can be configured to 1-minute intervals as per your requirements.
How does Flowace’s payment policy work?
Flowace’s payment policy is centred on transparency, simplicity, and a personal touch. We prioritise your satisfaction with a robust payment policy, and you'll only be charged for what you use, cutting out any extra costs. Plus, there's no need to worry about sharing your credit card details—we never ask for them.
What are the features that will help your employees focus?
Flowace is the top alternative to Hubstaff, designed to boost productivity and enhance employee performance.
  • Make informed decisions with insights from app usage reports
  • For transparency and accountability, monitor computer activities in real time through automatic screenshots
How do project and task management work in Flowace?
Identifying time-consuming tasks, roadblocks, and redundancies in the process can help managers systemize the free flow of operations and enhance team productivity. With our project management software, you can plan better resource usage, track estimated project time, and formulate a clear blueprint of tasks.