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With focus on teamwork, well-being and employee experience

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Collaborate with global workforces

Leading a remote team globally? Our time tracker helps everyone stay on the same page and ensures no hours are wasted. Employees and employers can both be held responsible with optimal accountability, and everyone puts his or her best foot forward in the workplace.

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Flowace app: the ultimate employee wellness dashboard

With Flowace, companies can keep their employees' work-life balance and work better in the new normal while maintaining employee wellness. Our workforce management software provides time-based views of work habits, daily efforts, and proactive engagement among employees.

Prevent burnouts

56% of global employees apply for leaves due to burnout. The primary cause of burnout is tight deadlines and overworked hours. Track burnout hours of employees and immediately shift tasks to a new person if one worker has reached his peak point.

Improve employee engagement

Track time, productivity and work patterns of employees to assign tasks, or new projects to them. This way, everyone will know where they stand in terms of productivity and efficiency in the workspace.

Boost employee experience

Our time tracker showcases accurate productivity reports that help promote growth and identifies shortcomings. Use it to praise the hardworking bees in the bonnet and guide the ones that stay a little behind.

Celebrate work ethics

Flowace time tracker ensures that no employee or team compromises on work ethics but chooses to moonlight. As it monitors apps, projects, and URLs, it ensures that no one is taking up unethical practices that can compromise a company’s productivity.

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Make mental health a priority

Workplace stress can contribute to 40% of an employee’s daily stress. Flowace app aids workers and employees to stay transparent with each other minimizing the chance of time and productivity theft. This way, there is no room for accusation, which promotes optimal mental well-being.

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Contactless solutions for teams

Remote employees can track their focus and effort using Flowace Health’s contactless and automated solution that maintains employee privacy. This way employees have an insight into their subjective growth as well.

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Learn how Flowace enhances employee welfare

Flowace is an AI-powered people analytics tool that is more than any simple time tracker. It can give insights and analytics that boost employee welfare to the maximum level.

Auto alerts

Get automated alerts when you’re away from the screen to ensure that no productive hours are paid.

Time tracker

Our intuitive time tracker automatically clocks employees in and out when they log or come in.

Accurate insights

Get accurate insight into employee productivity and witness each action with clarity via our intuitive dashboard.


Stay accountable for missing minutes or ensure burnout hours are tracked with precision using our time tracker.

Strategic business planning

Plan concrete business strategies with an accurate employee productivity tracker.

Seamless payroll generation

Make sure to charge or generate invoices depending on the work hours employees or teams have put in.