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Our smart time tracker allows HR executives and managers to gather real-time data about each project, assignment, and purchase made through the tracking feature. Curate accurate bills, reduce expense manipulation and maintain transparency in business with us.

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Clear view of organizational expenses

Get insights & maintain records on the day-to-day expenses of your organization like travel expenses, employee costs, meal reimbursement, project cost, etc., seamlessly with our employee monitoring tool.

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One-click download save/expense report

With just a click, download/export the expense reports in.csv or PDF format, and save them for future reference. Use these for a better understanding of your company’s finances.

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Stop expense manipulation

Make sure expenses are transparent by allowing screenshots to be attached when punching any purchase. We help document your company’s expenses accurately to prevent anyone from manipulating them.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

How Does a Time Tracking Software Help in Expense Management?

By calculating the hours worked along with productivity reports at hand, companies can decide the right wages for employees or generate accurate invoices for clients as well.

What is the Average Expense Flowace Can Save an organization?

Depending on the size of the enterprise, a time tracker can save a company 1-7% of payroll costs.

Can your Software Stop Expense Manipulation

Yes, as each hour is tracked along with the generation of automated employee productivity reports, you can track missing hours, low productivity hours and actual time worked. Hence, accordingly, you can decide on payrolls with absolute transparency.

What are the Type of Expenses Flowace Can Track?

From employee reimbursements, travel costs, food expenses, project costs as per previous timelines, etc., all can be tracked using our Flowace employee productivity tool.

Can We Track Individual Employee Expenses as well as Team expenses?

Yes, Flowace lets you track an individual as well as team expenses as well.

What are the Core Perks of Using Your Expense Management Feature?

The core perk of using Flowace for expense management is:

  •       Expense saver
  •       0 expense manipulation
  •       Accurate payroll generation
  •       Transparency