Enhance Efficiency and Improve Team’s

Create a high-performing team by integrating KPO time tracking software. Get insightful reports on your team’s activity for a more accurate and precise proof-of-work.

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Data-driven Resource Allocation

Generate detailed reports on project status, resource allocation and outcomes that help you map resource ROI.

Client Satisfaction

Real-time tracking and performance enhancement empowers KPOs to achieve outstanding business outcomes, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Productivity

Ensure high performance from every agent with an effective KPO time tracking system that tracks all their activities.

Integrate Flowace To Empower Your Agents


Businesses have increased spending on time tracking tools.


Drop in productivity when employees try to multitask

700+ hours

Go unbilled in every company annually


Businesses believe that time theft is a challenge

Trusted by 35,000+ users

  • Task and Project Tracking
  • Improved quality of service

Granular visibility of every project status

Flowace KPO time tracking software enables you to categorize every activity and classify it based on a project that accurately measures project status.

  • Resource utilization

Track resource allocation and ensure its optimal usage by highlighting underutilized members and redistributing workloads that ensure profitable outcomes.

  • Project profitability analysis

Accurately analyze the cost associated with a project, identify profits and time consumption to make strategic decisions. 

Task and Project Tracking

Ensure better service to your client

The all-in-one KPO time tracking system provides a detailed overview of the project that helps in streamlining the task that eventually boosts productivity. 

  • Boosts client’s trust

Keep your clients posted with the project status by easily sharing detailed reports that enable them to track the progress which enhances trust in the system. 

  • Timely deliverables

Identify employee burnout, idle time and distractions, and improve accountability by making them responsible for the allocated task.

Improved quality of service
  • Monitoring and feedback
  • Holistic Performance Monitoring

Effective performance monitoring and feedback

Create a seamless and transparent workflow

Overcome the biggest challenge of ineffective performance monitoring with KPO time tracking app. 

  • Productivity mapping

Track the productivity of every agent of your team irrespective of their work zones.

  • Optimize operations

Streamline workflow and optimize resource allocation to eliminate time and resource wastage that eventually leads to quicker project turnaround time.

Monitoring and feedback

Get a detailed overview of every agent’s contribution towards the team’s objectives while easily identifying the underperforming areas.


  • Employee Engagement

Overcome the key challenge of attrition, by implementing user-friendly KPO time tracking app that fosters more flexible working options and enhanced employee experience.  

  • Complete flexibility 

Ensure a worry-free workforce management by accessing unobtrusive, privacy-conscious screen captures and tailor-made productivity reports. 

  • Ensure work-life balance 

Focus on employee wellness without compromising on productivity and outcomes. Assess the burnouts and celebrate the performance of achievers with detailed reports. 

Holistic Performance Monitoring

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Satisfied Customers

More than 500+ companies worldwide trust Flowace with their business.

Flowace has transformed how we manage productivity. The user-friendly interface and real-time tracking provide invaluable insights into tasks and efficiency. Automated reports highlight top performers and maintain accountability while respecting privacy. Kudos to Flowace for fostering a balanced work culture. Highly recommended!

~ Ergode CEO Video Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

Is Flowace KPO time tracking software safe to use?

Yes, Flowace has focussed on creating an infallible tool that maintains complete confidentiality of information. Besides, the in-built and customized screenshot options lets you keep a check on agent’s activity, thus ensuring complete safety of data.

Is the KPO time tracking app compatible with iOS?

Yes, the time tracking app is compatible with iOS. You can download it from the App Store and start using the same.

How long does it take to integrate this tool in our current system?

The KPO time tracking tool is lightweight and takes less than a minute to install. It takes a few minutes to onboard the entire team and then you can start using it.

Is training support provided by Flowace?

The KPO time tracking system is easy to use, its user-friendly interface makes this tool perfect for all work environments. Besides, Flowace tech support team is always available to provide any kind of assistance and support in case the need arises.