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Flowace Badges

Rupesh Sanghavi

Founder & CEO at ErgodE

Video Interview Excerpts

  • Varun: What are the challenges you faced with productivity?

  • Rupesh: We were facing issues with business decision-making, and identifying team shortcomings. However, Flowace solved our worries with its accurate in-depth people analytics, which helped us make the right decisions for boosting productivity.

  • Varun: Would you recommend Flowace to other companies?

  • Rupesh: Yes, I would recommend Flowace to anyone as this tool balances employee productivity and well-being.

  • Varun: In how many months did you realize that Flowace gave positive ROI?

  • Rupesh: This tool lets you see positive ROI from day one. It enhances efficiency by showcasing critical data which can be used for positive and fruitful decision-making.

  • Varun: How much would you rate Flowace on a scale of 1-10?

  • Rupesh: I would rate Flowace 9/10. It is the best AI-powered people analytics tool that can change the dynamics of employee productivity.

  • Varun: What are your recommendations for Flowace?

  • Rupesh : The time tracking software is doing a fantastic job. To make it next-level, you can try to integrate other tools like the one you did with Asana. Further, incorporating AI-based reports will be an added boon for this software.

Businesses like Ergode manage their teams with Flowace

Online retailers

Track the time you spend on product listings, order processing, and customer service inquiries.

FBA businesses

Real-time productivity insights from account creation to the customer’s doorstep.


Manage logistics teams by tracking progress, creating invoices, and sending payments on a single platform.

How companies like Ergode are growing with Flowace

  • e-commerce time tracking

    Geo-fencing and GPS trackers are integrated into our e-commerce time tracking software. Add projects for every type of project, customize routes, and designate members to them. Our time tracker will do the rest in real time and help you gain optimal transparency into daily activities.

  • Productivity tracking

    With Flowace, you can view and track the timeline of employee productivity from clock-in to clock-out. This enables e-commerce leaders to maximize profit and boost employee efficiency no matter where they are stationed.

  • Accurate people analytics

    Flowace’s productivity monitoring app drives data-focused results that help businesses identify shortcomings and loopholes with countless reports and people analytics. This helps optimize resource utilization and boost logistics team performance.

  • Automated invoices and billing

    From account creation to doorstep deliveries, our automated timesheets with GPS feature facilitate seamless outdoor employee tracking. Track efficiency, pay logistic teams and enjoy auto-generated invoices from a single dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.

Why is Flowace ideal for e-commerce tracking?

Anyone using the Flowace e-commerce tracker can create a job site on Flowace’s map and integrate it with custom routes. This will help in automatically tracking employee check-in and check-out times. Therefore, it is a feasible choice to use Flowace e-commerce tracking for managing logistics teams in real time.

How does Flowace productivity tracker work for e-commerce?

Flowace calculates activity rates based on keyboard use and time tracking. Additionally, our GPS feature allows tracking time in transit from the time of log-in to the time of doorstep delivery, which can all be viewed via our activity dashboard. We track discrepancies like missing or idle hours to determine productivity. Consequently, e-commerce tracking is transparent, so there is no conflict of interest.

How many teams can I track with Flowace e-commerce tracking?

You can track countless teams with Flowace time tracking software. Simply link the routes, and teams to projects, and our app will do the rest. Manage your teams in real time via our integrated activity dashboard.

Which platform does the Flowace employee tracking software support?

Flowace works on all platforms, but for e-commerce, it supports mobile time tracking. Track your teams in transit from anytime, anywhere. Simply, make sure they have downloaded the Flowace app on their respective Android or iOS smartphones, and our software will do the rest automatically.

How to buy e-commerce tracking software?

Depending on the number of users, usage timeline, and features needed, our e-commerce tracker will vary in price. If you would like to learn more, please contact our sales team.