Flowsafe Insider Threat Prevention

Did you know? 93% of data breaches occur in less than a minute but companies take weeks to realize that. Your business loses 20% of its revenue because of tricky data breaches, so preventing them is crucial. Flowsafe’s insider threat prevention software is the ultimate watchdog to secure your company against malicious security breaches from day 1.

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- Varun Kodnani , Founder and CEO | Flowace

Flowsafe’s Inside Threat Detection at a Glance

Flowsafe Stage 1

  • Built on Flowsafe’s DLP and UAM platform
  • Stage 1 segment monitors entry-level employee monitoring activities
  • Track via auto screenshots, automated timesheets, hourly data analytics, etc

Flowsafe UAM

  • An end-to-end user behavior analytics software
  • Monitors user activity robustly and in detail and auto-detects real-time insider threats
  • Optimizes productivity, and tracking employees.

Flowsafe DLP

  • User activity monitoring software, powered by artificial intelligence
  • 100% protection for sensitive confidential information
  • Actively strengthens data defense posture by 35%.

Flowsafe Firm

  • Analyze enterprise-level activities like field parsing, business analytics tracking, custom-use cases, etc
  • Manage suspicious activities in real-time
  • 100% seamless insider threat protection for businesses