Billing and invoice management

Invoicing, logging receivables, and creating bills are all made easier with Flowace. Organize your invoices according to your payment structure, business requirements, and working hours. Our app further customizes invoice templates by adding the company logo and signature footer for an added edge.

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Net profit/loss calculation

Identify the net revenue and net loss for your organization collectively and in detail with our analytic report. Utilize Flowace time tracker to better plan, budget, and make business decisions.

Type of Data Visuals in Flowace

User-based profitability data

Analyze profitability reports based on user feedback to improve efficiency standards. We also help keeping track of employee costs, resources spent, and return on investment will help you motivate and motivate your employees.

Timesheet Summary

Invoicing lifecycle

Track and monitor invoices from the moment they are raised to the moment they are paid. Streamline future invoice lifecycles by analyzing previous invoice reports.

Worktime Efficiency

Considering the Positive Aspects of Employee Monitoring?

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

How can your time tracker help in expense management?

Employers can generate accurate invoices for clients by calculating hours worked and productivity reports. This provides an in-depth view of how much work an employee or team has accomplished in the given time, which in turn maintains transparency when it comes to generating payrolls.

Is the expense autogenerate?

As per the time tracked per project along with employee work duration and productivity reports, our software can auto generate  expense estimates.

How does this tool work?

Flowace time tracker is an automated software that tracks each and every aspect of productivity including employee time theft and other factors. This way, employers and leaders have a clear idea about which person worked on what and how much. This helps maintain transparency on each side and generates accurate expenses as per productivity outputs.

Can I track yearly/monthly expenses?

Yes, by categorizing expenses and project estimates, the time tracker generates accurate reports. These can be checked monthly and on yearly basis to develop a keen understanding on company expenses.

How can we plan future expenses using the time tracker?

As expenses are categorized, employees can use previously generates reports to predict and estimate the future expenses of a company.

However, this is subject to change as per the evolving business economy.

Biggest benefit of using this feature for businesses?

By using the Flowace time tracker one can bill accurately, maintain transparency among clients and employees, predict and plan future company expenses and so on.