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The dawn of the fifth industry revolution in today's workplace has enhanced company investment in time-tracking software. The age of contingent working and hybrid workplace climate requires efficient employee time tracking to lead to the free flow generation of income.

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Illinois is buzzing with business success stories and multiple companies are relying on technology like our time-tracking tool, which is designed to boost productivity. Let’s review some benefits. 

Automated time tracking ability

We answer the digital age’s demand to strive for automated company workflow until it becomes hands-free. Going one step beyond switching a start/Stop timer to track time, Flowace discarded any user input and seamlessly automates the process once the employee clocked in.

  • Employee time theft
  • Better time management
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Automated productivity tracker

We understand that even Chicago's top-notch employee workforce needs the motivation to work and vary in their productive days. Hence, our software doesn't stop at employee time tracking, but calculates productivity by utilizing every second from time of clock in.

  • Activity dashboard
  • Auto screenshots
  • Work mode and privacy mode
  • App usage on mobile
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Project management tracker

Chicago's large income projects come with a big workforce, a multitude of websites, apps, and an unending count of tools. Flowace's time-tracking software in Chicago lowers the burden by bringing everything into one place. Its features include:

  • Flawless App/UrL integration 
  • Seamless integration with project management software
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Whatsapp work call tracking

With the rise in technology and communication tools, employees can now make the most of significant meetings via calls to streamline communication with clients, customers, and business officials with our time tracking software in Chicago.
We also give full privacy assurance to users with the option to filter out contacts of work and personal just once, and distinguish the work-life balance hassle-free for the rest of your workflow.

  • Rule based call tracking
  • Work call tracking
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Leave and attendance management

Flowace's employee monitoring software systemizes records of employee attendance and leave tracking for the widescale business workforce of Chicago. Starting from automated attendance to effortless walk-ins and walkouts, Flowace doesn't bother the team leader to additionally waste time behind recording this data.

  • Automated walk in/walk out
  • Easily track, apply, manage leaves 
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Expense management

Flowace handles expense management for large scale projects with streamlined data time tracking tool integration and analytics seamlessly.

  • Measure Organizational expenses
  • Mitigate expense manipulation
  • Get accurate records anytime,anywhere 
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GPS tracking with GEO-fencing

The AI-powered employee monitoring software integrates the respective job site in its own map. Further, Flowace's app automatically logs the walk-ins and walkouts conveniently.
Track your employee's transit time and get notified whenever your employee is going out on a job site, without bothering both their workflow and your own.

  • Configurable routes
  • Track outdoor meetings
  • Track transit time
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Automatic Billing and Invoice

Our employee monitoring tool generates precise invoice receipts based on automated focus, productivity, and efficiency tracking of employees and calculates net profit and loss for your company based on income, both cumulative and specific.

This helps formulate accurate invoice and payrolls as per productivity. 


  • User profitability reports
  • Net profit/loss assessment
  • Invoicing lifecycle
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Satisfied Customers

More than 500+ companies worldwide trust Flowace with their business.

Flowace has transformed how we manage productivity. The user-friendly interface and real-time tracking provide invaluable insights into tasks and efficiency. Automated reports highlight top performers and maintain accountability while respecting privacy. Kudos to Flowace for fostering a balanced work culture. Highly recommended!

~ Ergode CEO Video Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

How does Flowace time tracking software boost team productivity in Chicago?

With easy time tracking and seamless auto-filling of timesheets, Flowace’s time tracking tool integrations will run silently in the background and not consume your resources. You can effortlessly switch from one task to another and have your time recorded accurately. This ensures accuracy as well as saves precious billable hours of administration, promising you an average increase of 21% in productivity.

How does an idle timer work in employee time tracking in Flowace?

To ensure complete accuracy on automated timesheets, Flowace sends a quick notification to the employee when they go idle. They can either choose to switch to privacy mode or delete the idle time. 

Does Flowace track my location?

Flowace’s unique geofencing and GPS tracking feature creates a job site in an employer’s map for tracking employees’ on-site meetings. Employers have no problem tracking time duration for on-site meetings, location, transit time, and purchase of transit, and later save all the data to later evaluate how expenses are met in offline meetings. 

How does Flowace handle privacy concerns?

Flowace employee monitoring software ensures employees have complete control of their time from start to finish. Their privacy/work mode caters to employees filtering their private and work time as they deem fit. Moreover, for Flowace’s exclusive features like Document or Folder Based Time Tracking, SIM, and WhatsApp Call Time Tracking, every corner of Flowace makes it a point to never record the content of a task, and only input the title/ contact name allocated under tasks.