Sim and whatsapp call tracking

Work-related phone calls are billable too, right? Hence, track your call timings and conveniently assign them under their respective client/project. Never miss a single minute of your time spent on work phone calls. Whether you’re answering a cellular call or a Whatsapp call, Flowace takes care of everything. Best part, we respect privacy so configure work contacts one-time and only get these tracked.

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Whatsapp and SIM Tracking

Sync every business call

Are you using a phone in the office? Stay on top of all your work calls and contacts with Flowace call tracker and never miss out on minutes again.

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Rule-based call tracking

Your work contacts can be tracked by setting call tracking rules and linking them to projects. As soon as Flowace time tracker receives a call, it automatically assigns it to the appropriate project. You don’t need to remember any call history to track every billable minute anymore.

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End-to-end call privacy

Tracking your work calls should never compromise your privacy. By filtering out your work contacts, Flowace will track only work-related phone calls instead of any private ones.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

How can you track call time without breaking privacy?

Flowace makes sure the data of each employee is kept private. It records only those calls which have been configured by the user as “work”. It respects the personal space of every employee. Hence, if a personal contact calls an employee in the middle of the work, not only will Flowace track the duration of the phone call, but it won’t even be considered as a call recorded in the activity dashboard.

How do I sync business calls into my activity dashboard?

Flowace tracks business calls automatically through its mobile application after it’s installed on every employee’s phone. Unlike manual call logging, Flowace tracks the duration of business work calls and automatically assigns them to the respective project you have been assigned for. This further gets reflected on both the employee and the team leader’s activity dashboard. 

How does call tracking work?
  • After installing Flowace into your mobile device, categorize your contacts into Classified, Unclassified, personal, and WhatsApp calls. 
  • Set call tracking rules accordingly, and Flowace will link them to projects.
  • On receiving a call, the Flowace time tracker automatically assigns it to the appropriate project. 
  • The employers get notified accordingly, while employee timesheet data gets updated on their work calls.
Will Flowace track my phone calls?

Flowace values employee privacy more than anything. It does not track calls and simply records the duration of those calls only which the employee has categorized as work calls.

Is it legal to track the calls of employees?

For the business side, The most common legalities attached to time tracking are varying according to set requirements for every organization and purpose.


Traditional requirements for legal time tracking are- taking the consent of employees before monitoring time, issuing a notice of their intent for tracking phone calls, and additionally implementing safeguards to protect personal space for the employees. Flowace believes in all of these as pertinent measures that business leaders can take to ensure the safety, trust, and overall privacy of their employees, thereby promoting a safe space.