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65% percent of Fortune 500 companies conduct critical billable business through phone calls. Unfortunately, 55% of these go to waste due to improper or manual call tracking. Manual tracking often leads to billing errors and revenue leakages which account for 30% revenue loss for professional services firms. Boost your revenue with Flowace’s AI-powered automated call tracking and billing software. It’s accurate, convenient, automated, reliable and just works like magic.

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The problem with manual call tracking

Revenue leakages

42% of revenue leakages occur in modern companies owing to inaccurate or manual call tracking. For a 100$ million dollar company, this translates into losses from $1 million to $5 million annually.

Inaccurate call tracking

65% of shared service companies or firms operate their business via phone calls and million-dollar companies receive 1000+ calls per day. Manual updation of calls often lead to inaccurate billing and excess financial losses.

Manual billing process

68% of consumers and global clients like healthcare, law firms, or other shared professional services measure bills by the call duration. If these are not tracked accurately, services can be mismanaged, and accurate bills are NEVER generated.

Most powerful call analytics software for automated billing

Even a second is billable when it comes to work calls and Flowace ensures you get what you signed up for in business. Our call analytics software for Android is completely hands-free and automatically tracks, syncs, and generates accurate invoices as per duration, purpose, and problems solved. We also provide AI voice-to-text transcription for added clarity and 0 chance of miscommunication.

Flowace features

Flowace automated call tracker for Android ensures 96% profitability margins through detailed call analytics that show 'time spent on call’, most/least called, etc. Align your work calls with our call tracker and ensure every minute of work is paid for. Enjoy complete billing transparency, optimal data capture and maximized business revenue.

Automated call tracking

Download the Flowace app on your Android device, set up your credentials, and add your work calls to our dashboard. Our AI- tracker automatically syncs and monitors work calls.

Complete privacy ensured

When we say we track work calls, that’s it. Only classified work calls are monitored, while your personal business stays completely private.

VoIP call tracking

Calls over social media or even communication tools like Slack and WhatsApp? Don’t sweat it and you can easily add work calls for your VoIP tools for stress-free call monitoring.

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Instant bill/invoice generation

For every second of call tracked, our AI-powered automated call monitoring tool instantly generates invoices, bills and shares it with respected parties post call.

Error-free accounting

Accounting and billing is an extra chore that our automated call tracking system takes off your hands. With AI-powered instant invoice generation, there is no room for errors.

Complete accountability

As every second is tracked accurately, and no manual updates are required, our call tracker ensures clear business goals for parties with 0 room for miscommunication.

Accurate, instant billing with flowace call analytics software

Stop your company’s revenue loss by $5 billion by using our automated call-tracking software.

Small to medium-sized companies and MNCs lose billions of dollars every year due to inaccurate call data, leaks in the pipeline, poor customer engagement, and manual call tracking. In turn, discrepancies in agreements during billing cycles cause unfortunate bad blood between consulting firms and their clients. Flowace’s call analytics software eliminates these obstacles in one go. Boost up to 10x revenue growth with 0 billable hours wasted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

What is automated call-time tracking?

Automated call time tracking, in the context of Flowace call tracking, involves the use of technology to automatically monitor the duration of phone calls. This system eliminates the need for manual timekeeping, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in tracking call durations for various purposes, such as performance analysis, billing, and overall call management.

What is called monitoring in BPO?

Call monitoring is a business strategy in which a supervisor or call center manager participates in a support or sales call, either with or without prior notification to the involved parties. This is done to assess performance and provide assistance as needed.

What is an electronic call monitoring system?

Flowace’s Call Tracking is an electronic call monitoring system that helps businesses track, analyze, and manage phone calls. It enhances performance, ensures quality interactions, and enables data-driven decision-making based on call analytics.

Will my calls be tracked?

No, our software only tracks the calls you classify. Simply be careful not to add your calls to the classified list. This way, none of your private calls are tracked.

Can the Flowace call tracker eliminate revenue leakages?

Flowace’s Android call-tracking software is designed to eradicate revenue leakages from your business operations.

Can I add more than 10 work calls for tracking?

Certainly, you have the flexibility to add and categorize multiple work calls effortlessly, facilitating seamless call monitoring and streamlined invoice generation.

Are you sure your call analytics are foolproof?

Without a doubt, our AI-powered call analytics software ensures precise tracking with no room for error and accurate measurement down to the last second.

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