What Does a Threat Detection Employee Monitoring Software Do?

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Threat Detection Employee Monitoring Software

We live in a world surrounded by computer security. Hence, it’s important to remember that firewalls and intrusion detection systems can’t be responsible for what goes on inside an organization. When it comes to accountability, it’s the people who matter most. 

But to help keep everyone on the right track, we rely on something called threat detection employee monitoring software.

In this blog post, we’re going to dive deeper into this software and uncover exactly what it does to ensure that your company stays safe and your employees stay on the right path.

The importance of employee monitoring in modern workplaces

Employee monitoring is a way to use technology to collect information about how employees, whether they work remotely, freelance, or in-house, are doing their jobs. This helps keep an eye on how well they are performing and how efficient they are. 

The main purpose of employee monitoring is to keep track of how productive employees are. It’s a vital part of any business because, without it, it’s hard to be sure that your company is making high-quality products or services.

According to IT officials, taking into account insights about your workforce has been a big help in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their teams. 

But what does monitoring employees involve? It might sound like getting daily updates or having daily team meetings. However, manual monitoring can be quite vague and mostly depends on the manager’s preferences and the type of workforce they have.

On the other hand, monitoring tools are more precise and offer valuable insights where you need them. These tools help you get a better understanding of each employee and the overall productivity trends of your team.

If you’re on the lookout for a great monitoring tool, we’ve got something you might be interested in – it’s called Flowace

Flowace is a top-notch employee monitoring software designed to assist businesses in managing their workforce effectively. It comes with a range of features that offer real-time insights into employee performance, productivity, user activity, time tracking, attendance management, and user engagement. More on that below!

What is threat detection employee monitoring software?

Companies use a particular kind of computer program known as threat detection employee monitoring software to monitor the online activities of their employees. It helps in two main ways:

Monitoring internet usage

This software watches what employees do on the internet. It looks at things like when they upload files, which websites they visit, and how much time they spend on social media. It does this to spot any actions that might suggest someone is trying to misuse company data or not following the rules.

For example, let’s say an employee suddenly starts uploading a lot of sensitive company documents to a personal email account. The threat detection software would flag this as suspicious behaviour, helping the company catch potential data breaches.

Protecting against scams

Another important role of this software is to guard against scams like phishing attacks. It pays attention to how employees use their email. If someone gets a suspicious email and clicks on a harmful link, the software can alert the company to the danger.

For instance, if an employee receives an email that looks like it’s from the company’s bank asking for login details, the threat detection software can recognize this as a phishing attempt and warn the employee not to interact with it.

Features and Capabilities 

Real-time activity monitoring 

Real-time activity monitoring, also known as user activity monitoring, keeps a close watch on what your employees are doing on the company’s network and devices as they do it. 

This kind of monitoring is crucial because, in today’s world, with more open internet access and flexible work arrangements, there’s a possibility that some employees might misuse company resources.

You might have some burning questions about your organization’s productivity. 

  • Who on your team is the most productive? 
  • What software is getting the most use in your organization? 
  • When during the day is your team at its peak productivity?

Well, UAM has the answers to all of these questions. It provides a comprehensive view of how your employees go about their work in your organization. It’s like having a special pair of glasses that allows you to see exactly what’s happening in real time.

And if you’re looking to boost productivity, Flowace’s hands-free Employee time tracking is your go-to solution. It can help improve employee productivity by up to 31%. How? Well, our software uses smart algorithms powered by artificial intelligence to automatically keep track of how many hours employees are working. 

No more manual input – just real-time insights into productivity. With this data, you can make decisions to enhance your employees’ efficiency, even when they’re on the move.

Anomaly detection 

Anomaly detection in employee monitoring is similar to having a radar for unusual things happening in a company’s data. It works by carefully looking at the information a company collects and finding data points that don’t match the usual patterns the company expects to see.

For example, let’s say a company has a normal pattern of employees accessing certain files and systems at specific times. Anomaly detection helps the company define this normal pattern, almost like setting a standard. Then, it continuously checks the incoming data to see if anything deviates from this standard. If it does, it raises a flag, saying, “Hey, something unusual is happening here!”

Why is this important? Well, companies have a ton of data flowing through their computer systems every day, and humans can’t watch all of it closely. 

Anomaly detection uses data mining techniques to find trends and spot anything that doesn’t fit those trends.

User behaviour analytics

User behaviour analytics for employee monitoring watch how employees use computers and software. It collects data on what they do and how they usually do it, and then it uses smart algorithms to figure out if anything seems strange or out of the ordinary. This can help spot problems like a sneaky employee up to no good or even malicious software trying to cause trouble.

Now, when you have all this data about how your employees work, it’s like having a treasure map for boosting their productivity. You can keep track of how they’re doing on a weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis. It’s like checking in on their progress regularly, just like a coach would during a sports season.

When they do well, don’t forget to give them a pat on the back and celebrate their successes. And if they have a rough patch, use the data to give them better guidance and support, helping them get back on track.

Benefits of Using Threat Detection and Employee Monitoring Software

Enhanced cybersecurity 

Employee monitoring is closely connected to data security. When you monitor what employees are doing on their computers, you can detect and prevent any activities that might put your data at risk. 

For example, if an employee is trying to access sensitive company information or downloading suspicious files, monitoring can help catch and stop these actions before they cause harm.

Improved employee productivity 

“Improved employee productivity” means finding ways to make employees work better and get more done. Employee monitoring is one of those ways, and it can be thought of as a tool to help employees do their best work.

Here’s how it works:

  • Motivation: Employee monitoring is like keeping an eye on employees to make sure they are doing their job. This can motivate employees to stay on task and do their work well because they know someone is paying attention. It encourages them to give their best effort.
  • Performance tracking: When you watch how employees are doing their work, you can figure out what they are good at and where they might need some help. 
  • Future decisions: When you know how your employees are performing, it can help you plan for the future. You can figure out if there are any problems or areas that might cause trouble down the road. 

Compliance with regulations 

Employee monitoring can assist with compliance with regulations in several ways:

Data security and privacy regulations

Many industries and regions have strict regulations regarding data security and privacy, such as GDPR in Europe or HIPAA in healthcare. Employee monitoring will ensure that your employees are following the set protocols and not mishandling sensitive data.

Record keeping

Some regulations require you to maintain records of certain activities and communications, especially in highly regulated industries like finance or healthcare. Employee monitoring tools can help capture and store this data systematically, making it easier to comply with record-keeping requirements during any audit.

Audit trails

Employee monitoring systems often create detailed audit trails that document user activities, including who accessed what data and when. These audit trails can be useful when regulators investigate compliance issues or potential breaches. They provide evidence of adherence to regulations and can help in demonstrating compliance.

Training and Awareness

Employee monitoring can identify areas where employees might need additional training or education about compliance requirements. It can highlight areas where employees may be unaware of specific regulations, helping companies take corrective action to enhance compliance awareness.

Remote Work and Bring Your Device (BYOD) Policies

With the rise of remote work and the use of personal devices for work, compliance becomes more challenging. Employee monitoring can help ensure that remote employees are complying with security and privacy regulations, even when working from different locations or using their devices.

Identifying insider threats 

Basically, at this point, you should know that having employee monitoring software is equal to a secret detective in place. 

Here’s how it works:

  • It watches how employees use company systems and resources. It can monitor computer activity, like checking their emails, files, and which programs they use.
  • The monitoring system is trained to notice unusual behaviour. If an employee starts doing things they don’t usually do, like accessing sensitive information they shouldn’t, it raises a red flag.
  • When something strange is detected, it sends an alert to the company. It’s like the detective saying, “Hey, something doesn’t seem right here!”
  • Once alerted, the company can investigate further to see if there’s a real threat. If there is, they can take action to prevent any harm, like stopping unauthorized access or talking to the employee.

What Next?

Threat Detection Employee monitoring software serves as a crucial guardian for your organization’s digital security and operational efficiency. It’s a versatile tool that identifies insider risks and ensures compliance with regulations. 

However, the best software to turn to is Flowace. It is a remarkable AI software solution that stands out in its ability to enhance productivity while maintaining a user-friendly experience.

With a proven track record of boosting the efficiency of 36,763 users by an impressive 31% in just 89 days, Flowace.ai takes a proactive and empathetic approach to empowering both employees and managers.

This software not only encourages users to achieve more within their working hours but also emphasizes the importance of a balanced work-life relationship.

Set up a call with us to learn more!

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