Productivity Tracking

10 Ways To Overcome The BPO Tech Challenges And Transformation In 2024

Technology is evolving, and it is transforming many industries around us.  The BPO industry is no exception. As this sector…

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Everything You Need To Know

The word outsourcing originated in the 1970s when manufacturing corporations looking to improve efficiency began employing outside firms to manage…


7 Call Center Innovative Ideas to Boost Your Competitive Edge

Are you searching for ways to attract clients to your virtual call center? You're certainly not alone. Many businesses are…

Insurance BPO Services

Employee Monitoring Software’s Role in Insurance BPO Services

Insurance BPO Services: These days, insurance company staff do most of their work online. They use computers to find potential…

Prashant Kumar

SEO Executive
Time Tracking Solutions for Freelancers

Best 9 Time Tracking Solutions for Freelancers in 2024

There are just 24 hours in a day. What use are you making of them? Are you utilizing your time…

Varun Kodnani


Understanding Idle Time in the Workplace: An Essential Guide for Employers

Have you ever given "idle time" in the workplace any serious thought?  Although this phrase is sometimes overlooked, it greatly…

Varun Kodnani

Threat Detection Employee Monitoring Software

What Does a Threat Detection Employee Monitoring Software Do?

We live in a world surrounded by computer security. Hence, it's important to remember that firewalls and intrusion detection systems…

Varun Kodnani

screen monitoring

What is a Screen Monitoring Tool: What, How, & Why

Are you trying to keep track of what your hybrid or remote team is up to without being too intrusive?…

Varun Kodnani

ActivTrack vs Flowace

ActivTrak vs Flowace: Which is Right For You?

Looking for a better option than ActivTrak? It's a tool to watch over your team's work, but it's not flawless.…

Varun Kodnani

Physical Attendance or Mental Presence

What’s More Important? Physical Attendance or Mental Presence?

Physical Attendance or Mental Presence? Have you ever thought about what's more important: showing up or truly being there? You…

Varun Kodnani


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