Stealth Employee Monitoring Software: Why Do You Need it?

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Stealth Employee Monitoring Software

Stealth Employee Monitoring Software

As managers, we know you cannot accuse your employees of not using social media during work hours.

But they are one of the worst productivity killers out there.

Social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and others will ping with their notifications regularly and can distract your employees from completing the tasks on time.

So, is there any way to monitor this without breathing down their necks?

What sides do they visit frequently, or whom do they communicate the most? And what do they share on social media?

This is where the stealth mode feature in employee monitoring software comes into play.

In this article, we’ll break down what this is about and how you can use it effectively to increase productivity.

Let’s dive in…

What is stealth mode in employee monitoring software?

Stealth mode in employee monitoring software is gaining popularity in the business world for its knack for keeping tabs on employees and tracking their computer activities. Sometimes called hidden or spy employee monitoring software.

In this mode, the monitoring software is installed and operates incognito. It’s hidden and quietly does its job without making a fuss. Also dubbed hidden employee monitoring software, it’s the silent observer in the background.

What’s cool about employee monitoring software with a stealth mode feature? It lets you keep an eye on activities and track time seamlessly. Flowace kicks into action when your employees fire up their systems and gracefully bows out when they shut them down. No need for manual toggling—it’s a time and hassle-saver for everyone involved.

The Need for Stealth Monitoring Software

Companies pay salaries for work, not for online video marathons or social media chats (unless that’s part of the job). Every company sets working hours, expecting employees to focus during those times and unwind during official breaks.

Standard labor contracts often highlight the need to follow the company’s schedule, keep commercial info confidential, refrain from personal use of company equipment, and agree to regular monitoring by the administration.

Stealth monitoring software is a tool in the arsenal to safeguard property, work time, and attendance, much like turnstiles, cameras, or electronic sensors. It’s a legal and ethical means of control. But there are rules to play by:

  • Spyware is a fair game only during work hours.
  • The software finds its home solely on company equipment.
  • It follows the rules, focusing on quality and work time control, protecting company property, and ensuring corporate data security.

Benefits of Using Stealth Monitoring Software

We know you are hesitating to go ahead and choose this software outright; that’s why we have given a list of benefits you can get with the software.

First things first, it keeps your team productive

A well-organized and productive team is a powerhouse for any company. How do you achieve this? By getting a clear picture of how your team spends their time.

That’s where stealth employee monitoring software steps in. It helps your employees channel their focus into tasks that truly matter for your company’s growth.

What’s the bonus? Managers get a crystal-clear view of the time spent and tasks completed by remote employees. This visibility makes them more accountable for their work. With this feature in play, workflow and efficiency get a significant upgrade.

Why? Because supervisors can adapt their level of supervision based on an employee’s progress. It’s a win-win for productivity and efficiency.

Shield your business from data theft and cybercrime

A data breach doesn’t just dent your business’s credibility; it can shatter its reputation and erode customers’ trust. Enter stealth monitoring software like Flowace to be your protector against data theft, whether it’s malicious or unintentional.

What’s in the arsenal?

  • Keep tabs on application usage.
  • Track URLs to know where your team is surfing.
  • Capture active screenshots for a real-time peek.


With these features, you can put a leash on any shifty online activities, report them promptly, and take the necessary action. It’s like having a digital security guard for your company!

But that’s not all—Stealth Monitoring Software steps in to tackle data theft and cybercrime head-on.

Watch who’s logging into your network and what they’re up to with this savvy software. You gain the power to monitor employees’ online activities, control access to company resources, and spot intruders in the network.

Minimizes cyberloafing

Cyber loafing is a term for when employees go beyond their computer duties. The tricky part? It’s not always easy to catch because it doesn’t necessarily involve any work-related tasks. Instead, employees might be engrossed in non-work activities like endless Facebook scrolling or gaming marathons.

Here’s the scoop from a study: 69% of employees waste productive time daily, with 64% venturing into non-work-related websites.

Now, crunch the numbers. Imagine the work hours and revenue slipping away each day.

Now, with stealth monitoring, you can block non-work-related websites and get real-time screenshots of your employees’ systems.

Is Stealth Employee Computer Monitoring Software Legal?

When fostering good performance accountability, the key is positive conversations between managers and employees. A manager’s role is more of a coach and communicator, steering away from being a strict commander and controller.

Now, on the legal front, regulations vary across countries, but the trend tends to favor employers. Yes, employers are legally responsible for deploying spyware to monitor how employees utilize work time and company equipment.

Why? Because the computers in play belong to the company, the corporation can ensure they’re used for their intended purpose. So yes, it is legal for you to use this software.

Why Flowace?

Hence, if you are looking for stealth monitoring software that is empathetic too, then Flowace is here for you.

We are proven to improve the employee productivity by 31%!

Get on a demo call to know more!


Which is the best stealth monitoring software?

Flowace is the best stealth monitoring software out in the market now. It has all the features to help you monitor your employee’s productivity and automate workflow.

What is stealth employee monitoring software?

Stealth employee monitoring software is an employee monitoring tool equipped with a stealth mode feature. This feature allows users, typically employers or managers, to monitor the activities and track their employees’ time discreetly without causing interruptions.

In stealth mode, the monitoring software operates quietly in the background without alerting or disrupting the normal workflow of employees. This means that the software begins its monitoring when employees start their computer systems and stops when they shut down, seamlessly tracking their activities during work hours.

What is stealth tracking?

Stealth tracking refers to the discreet and unobtrusive monitoring of activities or behaviors, often without the individual knowing they are being tracked. In employee monitoring software, stealth tracking involves monitoring employees’ activities, such as computer usage and time tracking, without causing disruptions or interruptions.

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