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Stop time theft the smart way

Time theft is a crime many employees often end up committing, even unconsciously. Social media, moonlighting and other circumstances are the prime cause of time theft in work culture. Stop it by tracking time and activity each minute with Flowace’s automated employee monitoring software.

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Monitor employees in real-time with Flowace desk

Flowace desk provides all the analytics you need for your workforce. The system makes it easy to track and improve the productivity of employees in real time. Use minute-by-minute productivity reports to make smarter proactive decisions.

Activity dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard helps bosses streamline the process of employee monitoring and increases productivity and employee efficiency by providing employers with a breakdown of where employees spend their time (Apps & URLs used).

Work/privacy mode

By switching between work and privacy modes, Flowace maintains a healthy work-life balance. Work mode can be plugged into when you are working, and privacy mode can be turned off when you are finished working.

Task management & collaboration

Manage and track tasks in an organized manner with the Flowace dashboard. You can further collaborate with teams easily to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Maximize project ROI

Our employee monitoring app can help businesses achieve an ROI of 40 % on projects with the help of Flowace workforce analytics. Assign projects to the right resources and get insights into time management on the move. With seamless data availability, you can take the right decisions and pay employees accurately.

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Effective team management

If you are heading a remote team or two, Flowace employee monitoring is the best tool in your arsenal. From time tracking to overseeing employee activity, tracking apps, URLs and other features, anyone can measure employee output which helps bosses get a clear overview of teams and project progress.

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Manage burnouts

Our employee monitoring dashboard also tracks productive hours and burnout hours. If any employee crosses the burnout hours, managers can reassign projects to uphold maximum employee welfare. This way everyone is involved equally without one person taking the brunt of it all.

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Learn how Flowace employee monitoring works

Flowace employee monitoring dashboard gives a bird’s eye view of employee activities like productivity, missed hours, idle time and much more. Take a look at what it brings to the table.

Enhance employee output

Eliminate distractions by keeping track of who is doing what and how everything is going.

Improve employee wellness

Ensure your team does not overwork by reminding them to take breaks.

Reduce business loss

To allocate resources and determine profitability, you need precise insight into projects.

Automated team management

A single dashboard to track or monitor shifts, leaves, and payroll-related questions.

Uphold privacy

Track time and productivity only when you are working and switch to privacy once done.

Stop time theft

Flowace dashboard leaves no room to hide, so everyone stays accountable for possible time theft, which is auto-recorded.

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