Features of Flowace employee monitoring software

Flowace’s time tracking software is more than just a tool to count your hours. From understanding business operations from a granular level to comprehending team performance with optimal real-time project visibility, our employee tracking software in Los Angeles does it all.

Automated Time Tracking

Manually tracking time can be a cumbersome procedure. Our employee monitoring software in Los Angeles automates time management for big/small teams, which helps entrepreneurs focus on core business areas. Excel and let your team excel at work without having to adjust the timer at every need.

  1. Autofills Timesheet
  2. Folder Wise Time Tracking
  3. Document Title Tracking
  4. Offline Tracking

Whatsapp Call and Sim Time Tracking

Work calls should be calculated in working hours as well. Flowace’s employee monitoring software automatically tracks work calls and assigns these under clients/projects.
This way, not a minute is wasted and the best part is, none of the personal calls is involved either.

  • Sync All Calls
  • Rule-Based Call Tracking 

Attendance and Leave Management

Flowace lets you get away from the horrors of manually tracking attendance and leave of employees. Our employee monitoring software automates it all.

  • Automated Attendance
  • Walk in-Walk Out
  • Leave Applications

Productivity Tracker

Get employees to perform to their optimal best by looking at insightful analytics. Check, observe and monitor their weekly/monthly/yearly productivity reports. Recognize their accomplishments and provide them with better guidance when they need it!

  • Activity Dashboards
  • Privacy/Work Mode
  • Activity Screenshot
Worktime Efficiency

Project Management Software

Our employee monitoring software eliminates the need of juggling multiple tools to organize projects. It helps in creating templates for specific types of tasks, calculates project budgets, and analyses profit/loss over a project. As per the analytics, it generates the bills that can benefit the organziation multifold.

  • Auto-create & import Project Files
  • Seamlessly Assign Project/Task/Subtask
  • Collaborate with Teams
  • Asses Revenue at the End

Expense Management

Seamlessly manage all your expenses in Los Angeles with our intuitive employee monitoring software.

  • Avoid Expense Manipulation
  • Track Organizational Expenses
  • Download Expense Reports
Category Analysis by Productivity

Billing and Invoice Management

Invoicing, billing and logging receivables won’t ever be a problem for you with Flowace employee monitoring software in LA. Ensure your invoices are neat and crisp and reflect your project payment structure, business suitability, along with concrete working hours. Furthermore, you can add an invoice template that reflects your company's brand voice and includes the logo and signature footer as well.

  • Invoice Lifecycle
  • Net Profit/Loss Assessment
  • Individual Profitability Reports
Flowace Employee Monitoring

GEO Fencing and GPS Tracking

Regardless of where employees work, we help them keep track of their fieldwork. Your members will be logged in and out automatically when they enter or exit a job site on the map with Flowace's app.

  • Transit Time Tracking
  • Configurable Work Sites
  • Outdoor Meetings
Worktime Efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.

What are the perks employees can enjoy with Flowace employee monitoring software in La?

Employees can enjoy enhanced productivity, recognition, self-growth and self-discipline with Flowace employee monitoring software. This tool further captures overtime, and daily work time, ensuring that there is an optimal work-life balance.

Can this tool also perform offline tracking?

You can use Flowace tracks without Internet connectivity when logged in. A reconnected Internet connection will upload the data to the Internet.

Is the Flowace employee tracking tool difficult to use?

No, the Flowace employee tracking tool is not difficult to use. In the initial setup, an admin will spend approximately 10 minutes and users will spend 3-5 minutes to understand the operations of this tool.

Is privacy protected with Flowace software?

Very secure. The server’s communication is encrypted with SSL. Encryption protects company data on the server.

What is the pricing of the Flowace time tracking software?

Visit our page to learn more about the pricing structure for the Flowace time tracker.

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