Attendance and leave management

Do you find it tedious to manually track attendance and manage the leaves of your team members? By switching to Flowace time tracking software, you can completely automate these processes. Identify specific users and give them permission to accept and reject leave requests.

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Completely automate attendance and leave management

Say no to sheets, separate attendance software or punching cards. Every time an employee logs into Flowace, their attendance is automatically recorded. The same can be said about leaves. Our time tracker helps keep track of casual leaves, holidays, sick leaves, and overtime on a single platform.

Worktime Efficiency

Automated clock-in/clock-out

Do you work from the office? Get rid of buddy punching and ensure touchless check-in and check-out with QR scanning, Geo-Location, and live selfies. Upon entering the office, our software captures employee availability.

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Organize flexible shift timings

Flowace can help establish and schedule work shifts following company standards and requirements. Assign shifts to employees based on their contract, needs, location, and project demands, etc.

Measure Team Capacity

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

What is attendance management software?

Attendance management software is a tool that keeps a track of your employee hours. It basically documents and records the working hours of an employee on a daily basis, making it easy for higher management and HR to keep a check during payroll. It can be done using a paper, spreadsheets, punching machines or simply by using an online attendance management software.

What is leave management software?

Leave management software is a tool that helps organisations to streamline their employees leave approval workflow efficiently. This makes it easy for employees to put in their leave request and makes it easy for higher management to approve or decline the same. 

What are the advantages of leaves and attendance management systems?

As we are all moving towards the digital world, keeping a track of leaves and attendance of employees on papers have become tedious and time taking. Here comes the leave and attendance management systems. They help in ;-

  • Improved efficiency- Automated leave and attendance management systems helps in efficiently handling the administrative tasks. It reduces both the time and effort on the process and maintains the data accuracy. It helps in overall efficiency.
  • Minimises error- Automated attendance management system ensures that the time records are accurate and prevent omissions that may lead to penalties and losses.
  • Reporting and analytics- The attendance and leave management systems helps in generating reports on hours worked, overtime, absences etc. This helps in analysing the performance and productivity.
  • Integration with other systems- The leave and attendance management systems gives you access to integrate it with the third party systems and allows customised entry for attendance shifts, attendance cycle, leave deduction and holidays of all the employees.
What should I consider while choosing an effective leave and attendance management system?

There can be hundreds of things to keep in mind while selecting a leave and attendance management system, but some of the important features to check are ;- 

  • Powerful automation that gives you insight of leave management, absence report,leave type, leave approval etc.
  • Cloud-based web application that allows you to access it anywhere and anytime.
  • Configurable fields (holiday list, leave type and policy) and the fields can be customizable as per the business needs and requirements.
  • Easy report generation, allowing the business to take important decisions.
  • All in one dashboard that helps employees to keep a track of their attendance and leave balance.
  • Seamless integration for payroll and timesheets etc.
What makes Flowace different from other leave and attendance management software?

Flowace is a completely automated tool that helps team members, higher management and HR to keep a track of leave and attendance and manage workflow. The features of Flowace are ;-

  1. Automated attendance- Flowace automatically registers employee attendance whenever they login to their systems.
  2. Walk In and Walk Out- Flowace ensures touchless check-in and check-out with QR scanning and live selfie. Also with geo-tagging features, by simply defining your office location on maps, flowace will automatically capture the employee availability when they enter into office premises.
  3. Leave applications- Flowace provides you with a single platform (dashboard) wherein you can easily track all your leaves and attendance. Also, employees can apply for leave and check the status. 
  4. Configure flexible shift times- Configure and schedule work shifts according to your company needs and requirements. Flowace helps you in assigning these shifts to employees based on their location, project demands, requirements etc
How to deal with attendance problems at the workplace?

Attendance problems at the workplace become difficult to address when neglected by higher management or HR. To improve or overcome with this issue, follow these steps ;-

  • Create an employee attendance policy.
  • Enforce these employee attendance policies.
  • Keep a track of employee attendance and leaves.
  • Address unscheduled absences or no-shows.
  • Reward good behaviour or employees who maintain good attendance and performance.
Why should companies invest in attendance management systems?

In a hybrid/remote workplace, every organisation needs to keep a track of how their employees spend their time. This is not only necessary for payroll but also to reduce the time spent on administrative work

Few of the signs that indicates the need to invest on leave and attendance management softwares are ;- 

  • There is no transparency in the attendance process.
  • Employees or anyone can easily modify confidential data.
  • There is no way to prevent compliance risks like buddy punching.
  • There isn’t enough information to make informed business decisions.
  • Lack of some important functionalities like multi-level approvals, biometric integration etc.
What are the elements of an excellent attendance management software?

The elements of an excellent attendance management are ;-

  • Clock-in and clock-out tracker
  • Leave management
  • Payroll roll-out
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Calendar integration
What is the need for a leave management system?

A leave management system provides a dashboard that handles all employees leave requests while ensuring smooth functioning of workplace operations.

  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Removes manual interventions
  • Improves communication
  • Offers real-time visibility of data
  • Ensures legal compliance
Does Flowace as “leave and attendance management” software work for individuals?

Yes, Flowace for this feature work for individuals. You can easily keep a track of each individual attendance and their leaves.