Hive Time Tracking Alternative in 2024

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Hive Time Tracking Alternative in 2024

Hive Alternative

In the race against the clock, where every moment counts, using time efficiently is the key to getting more productivity and profits.

Enter the dynamic duo: Hive and Flowace for time tracking.

It’s because we live in a world where the timeless adage “time is money” still reigns supreme, and these two titans promise to revolutionize your workflow.

While the traditional pen-and-paper approach has charm, it needs to be revised with potential pitfalls that can drain your resources. That’s why let’s explore how Hive Time Tracking compares with Flowace and see what contrasts.

About Hive Time Tracking Software

Hive, a leading project management software tailored for teams of all sizes, is now available to users in India. With its intuitive interface, affordable pricing, and dedicated support team, Hive simplifies project and task management while offering a plethora of collaboration tools like team chat and integrations with Zoom.

About Hive Time Tracking Software

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Consolidate your team’s resourcing, time tracking, timesheets, and planning into a single, seamless app with Hive. 

Experience dynamic project management at the core of the hive, empowering you to efficiently plan, execute, and track progress whether you’re managing a small team or a large-scale initiative. Discover why Hive stands out as the only project management platform designed by its users.

Although Hive boasts impressive project management capabilities, its time-tracking functionality may require improvement. As of 2024, the leading Hive alternative. With its advanced features and comprehensive approach, Flowace emerges as the top choice for organizations aiming to optimize their workflow and maximize efficiency.

Hives key features include:

  • Flexible project views (Gantt charts, Kanban boards, Calendar view, Table view & more)
  • Time-tracking and resourcing
  • Proofreading and approvals
  • Native email
  • Task and workflow automation
  • AI content generation with HiveMind
  • Goal-tracking capabilities

Cons of hives:

  • Navigation Difficulty: UI/UX issues hamper smooth navigation.
  • Limited Customization: Time-tracking customization options are restricted.
  • Missing Features: Essential time-tracking features are absent.
  • Higher Cost Consideration: The cost may be comparatively high.
  • Sole Focus: The tool exclusively offers time-tracking functionality.

Pros of Flowace:

  • User-friendly navigation for easy usability.
  • Extensive customization options are tailored to individual needs.
  • Comprehensive feature set covering all time tracking requirements.
  • Cost-effective pricing plans.
  • Versatility with additional productivity-enhancing features.
Revolutionize productivity:

Boost by 31% using the innovative solution by Flowace!

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Hive time tracking pricing:

Looking for easy-to-use employee productivity and time tracking? Hive Pricing Time Tracking offers a solution starting at $3. It lets you effortlessly monitor billable hours and generate detailed invoices, making it perfect for freelancers and businesses alike. If you’re interested in going beyond basic time tracking, consider Flowace Time Tracking, which starts at just $1.99. With Flowace, you not only track time but also enhance employee productivity.

Hive time tracking pricing


Hive Customer Review

What do you dislike about Hive?

It’s pretty slow. The app is somehow worse than the web version. This makes it feel like a downgrade when compared to solutions like Asana. I don’t know that I would say other solutions are better in terms of features, but they feel a lot snappier. The steps required to get from an assigned task to the project overview are a bit unintuitive. Time tracking is very confusing and requires several steps that really don’t make any sense to me. Failing to complete one of these steps can cause issues for the finance department, which will compound if not resolved.


Hive Customer Review

What do you dislike about Hive?

Training, information on capabilities and ensuring that we are maximizing the value of the platform is below expectations. Dashboard and analytic development is lacking and we do not have the support to create more that will be beneficial for our company. We do not have a Customer Success Manager that is invested in our success and rentention of us as a partner.


Hive Customer Review

Flowace: The Best Hive Time Tracking Alternative

Flowace is a revolutionary AI software that is redefining workplace productivity. With an impressive 31% boost in efficiency observed among 36,763 users in just 89 days, Flowace proves its prowess without burdening users with extra costs. 

Best Hive Time Tracking Alternative

Unlike traditional tools, it fosters a harmonious blend of idealism and productivity, believing in excellence through balance. 

What truly distinguishes Flowace is its active engagement with users and managers, acting as a supportive coach in the workplace journey. 

Seamlessly navigating complexities, it equips teams with future-ready tools while prioritizing work-life balance. Embrace the future of productivity with Flowace, where achieving more in less time becomes a reality.

Key features for nurturing remote teams:

Nurturing remote teams requires a combination of effective communication, strong leadership, and supportive infrastructure. Here are some key features to consider:
Time Doctor Productivity Features

Flowace timesheet data analysis and reports: 

  • Organize employee tasks and activities into streamlined categories for enhanced productivity.
  • Simplify billing processes by effortlessly generating invoices for both billable and non-billable hours, fostering team and individual benefits.
  • Strategically align resource allocation with project budgetary constraints, ensuring efficient project management.
  • Pinpoint and resolve workflow bottlenecks to streamline operations and maximize productivity.

Flowace time tracking: 

  • Identify peak productivity periods effortlessly
  • Accurately record work hours and locations
  • Seamlessly integrate precise employee monitoring tools
  • Gain insights into both individual and team productivity levels

Flowace becomes your reliable work companion, guiding you toward improved performance and ensuring seamless operations.

Revolutionize productivity:

Boost by 31% using the innovative solution by Flowace!

Free Trial

Flowace Pricing 

Flowace pricing

Boost productivity with Flowace and upgrade your time-tracking system today! Cut costs and gain essential features for growth. Experience a 31% efficiency boost at an unbeatable 40% lower price. Contact us now!

Flowace Customer Review: 

What do you like best about Flowace?

  1. Flowace offers a fully automated solution that can increase a firm’s productivity.
  2. The unique time tracking tools provided by Flowace contribute to greater transparency in the workplace.
  3. The elimination of manual time tracking processes, such as pressing start-stop timers or entering data manually, saves a significant amount of time.
  4. It not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of timesheets.

What do you like best about Flowace?

With FlowAce, I can generate detailed reports on how I spend my time. This feature has been invaluable for analyzing productivity patterns and identifying areas for improvement. Whether I need a daily breakdown or a monthly overview, FlowAce delivers accurate insights that help me stay on track. Easy to implement and use.

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Time Tracker - A smarter way to work

With Flowace, you'll revolutionize how you track and manage your team's time, ensuring every minute is optimized for maximum efficiency.

Here's what you'll get with Flowace:

  • Easy-to-use time-tracking tools
  • Comprehensive employee monitoring features
  • Seamless project management integration
  • Detailed productivity analytics
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