Employee Monitoring Software: How it Works and Why it Matters

Varun Kodnani

Employee Monitoring Software

Ever wondered about employee monitoring software and how it works? Remember, your people come first. As Ian Hutchinson said, “Your number one customers are your people. Look after employees first and then customers last.” 

Employee monitoring can boost productivity if your team works remotely, in a mix, or at the office. It shows not just when they work but how they work.

This article breaks down what is employee monitoring software and shares practical advice to use the collected data for a more open and effective workplace.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee Monitoring Software is a tool that keeps tabs on what employees are doing at work. It helps prevent important information from being stolen, makes employees more interested in their jobs, and makes work more efficient.

For instance, let’s say your company uses Employee Monitoring Software from Flowace. It tracks which programs employees use on their computers and how much time they spend on tasks that don’t help the company. It even figures out when each employee is most active during the day. 

This helps your company see the bigger picture of how work is happening, whether employees are in the office or working from home. With this, you will get the full story of what’s happening, so managers and workers can improve their jobs and make the company do well.

Why do Employers Monitor Employees in the Workplace?

Understanding employee productivity

Employee monitoring software offers detailed reports about how employees are working. These reports clearly show how they use computers to get things done. The software calculates their productivity based on various measurements it keeps track of.

Keeping an eye on computer activities

This monitoring software pays close attention to what employees do on their computers. It notes down which software they use, how much time they spend on the internet and the documents they work on. 

For example, it can tell if someone’s busy creating spreadsheets or indulging in the latest cat memes online.

Monitoring across different work situations

This software is versatile and can keep watch over employees whether they’re in the office, working from home, or in a remote location. It doesn’t matter if they’re using a company desktop, a laptop, or a remote desktop connection – the software can track their computer activities simultaneously.

Tracking active and idle times, logins, and logouts

Reports generated by the employee monitoring software show when employees are actively using their computers and when they are not. It also keeps tabs on when they log in and out of the computer system and other important system events. 

For instance, it can show if someone frequently logs in and out without getting much work done.

Spotting less productive and overloaded employees

The software automatically records logins, logouts, active times, and even overtime. This information is useful for identifying employees who might need to perform at their best or take on less work. It helps managers discover the overstretched and those needing a little push.

Recognizing the best performers

The employee monitoring software isn’t just about pointing out underperformers. It also helps identify the top performers who are doing exceptionally well. It highlights the employees who are consistently going above and beyond.

Employee attendance tracking

Employee monitoring tool is an excellent tool for tracking when employees come to work and when they leave. It also watches over when they’re actively using their computers and when they’re not. This helps ensure that everyone is sticking to their work hours and staying productive.

Software and website usage monitoring

The software also monitors the software and websites employees use on the company’s computers. It can tell if they’re using software that’s helpful for work or spending time on websites that aren’t related to their tasks. This way, it helps distinguish between activities that contribute to productivity and those that don’t.

Does My Company Really Need Employee Tracking Software?

When you first hear about employee monitoring, it might trigger some scepticism. After all, who wants their every move watched? You’re a diligent worker, and surveillance can feel invasive. But employee monitoring isn’t about mistrust.

The reality is the digital world is a battleground. Cyber threats are always changing and pose a significant risk to businesses of all sizes. It is a constant tug-of-war where hackers and cybercriminals try to snatch valuable data through malware.

Even though your employees are like model employees, cyber villains set their sights on companies like yours. They want to pilfer sensitive data and need help to achieve it. 

That’s why smart businesses don’t take chances. They fortify their defences using powerful employee surveillance software.

What are the benefits of employee monitoring software?

Employee Monitoring Software

Time tracking for productivity insights

Employee monitoring software like Flowace is like a time detective. It keeps an eye on how your employees use their work hours. This way, you can spot the super-productive folks who are maximizing every minute and identify those who might be causing bottlenecks. 

For example, you notice that some team members consistently complete tasks faster than others. With the data from the software, you can figure out what strategies they’re using and share them with the rest of the team.

Uncover problematic habits

Ever have rules in the employee handbook that need to be addressed? Employee monitoring software acts like a policy enforcer. It lets you know if your team members wander into the prohibited territory, helping maintain a productive work environment.

For example, a few employees are spending more time on social media platforms. It’s not about catching them red-handed but addressing the issue to ensure everyone’s on track.

Protecting sensitive information

Your company’s digital assets are like a vault full of confidential information. In this context, employee monitoring software adds an extra layer of security. It detects if anyone’s mishandling confidential data or doing things that could harm the company’s integrity.

Suppose an employee attempts to transfer sensitive company files to personal devices. In that case, the software will flag this action, allowing you to address the situation and prevent potential leaks.

Instant alerts for swift action

You’ll receive a notification and evidence if an employee consistently breaches a policy. This allows you to take immediate steps like a reminder, a conversation, or necessary disciplinary measures.

Device control for serious situations

In some cases, you might need to step in directly. Employee monitoring software can allow you to take control of an employee’s device if needed. This isn’t about being intrusive; it’s about having a last resort to maintain a productive and secure environment.

For example, if an employee consistently ignores warnings and continues to misuse company resources, you might need to restrict their access to prevent further damage temporarily.

In Conclusion: Employee Tracking = Money Saved

When you look at the bigger picture – employee monitoring emerges as a smart choice. It’s a proven way to slash your time spent on monitoring by half.

You can skillfully monitor project progress with a tool like Flowace for employee monitoring. It helps you identify less motivated team members and generate performance reports grounded in reliable data. 

And speaking of security, employee monitoring is a must. The on-screen recording feature acts as a guardian, alerting you to behavior that doesn’t align with your employees’ roles.

Hope this article convinced you to invest in employee monitoring software right away!

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