What Are The Best Software To See If Remote Employees Are Working?

Varun Kodnani


For companies looking for more efficient remote employee monitoring, remote employee productivity monitoring software are becoming an increasingly popular option. With the rise of remote work, it’s essential for businesses to have the right software in place to ensure their employees are staying productive and on task. This blog post will discuss the benefits of using remote employee monitoring software, as well as how to track your employees’ daily work and which software is best for remote employee monitoring

Table of Contents

  • Why employee monitoring is beneficial?
  • How do I track my employees’ daily work?
  • What software do companies use to monitor remote employees?
  • Conclusion

Why employee monitoring software is beneficial?

Employee monitoring tools offer a variety of advantages for employers, like –  

  • First and foremost, these tools can be used to increase productivity by ensuring that employees are not wasting time on tasks that are not related to their job duties. 
  • Furthermore, these tools can help prevent company information from being leaked or stolen by allowing employers to monitor communication between their staff and outside sources. 
  • Additionally, time-tracking software allows employers to better manage remote workers by providing detailed reports on their performance and progress. 
  • Finally, these tools can help managers identify any potential issues with the workflow process or individual employees in order to make necessary changes quickly and efficiently. 

How do I track my employees’ daily work?

When it comes to tracking your employees’ daily work, there are several different approaches you can take depending on the type of business you run. For example, if you have a large team working remotely you may want to consider using a project management system, such as Asana or Trello in order to assign tasks and monitor progress more easily. 

Alternatively, if you need more detailed data regarding individual performance levels then you may want to look into employee monitoring software such as TimeDoctor, Hubstaff, or FlowAce which allows employers to track how much time each employee spends on a particular task or project. 

What Software Do Companies Use To Monitor Remote Employees? 

When it comes to employee monitoring software for remote workers there are several options available including RescueTime, Teramind, Trello, Hubstaff, FlowAce, TimeDoctor, etc. All of these software solutions offer features, such as activity tracking (including keystrokes typed), screenshots taken during working hours, website usage reports (including blocked websites), idle time tracking (to ensure breaks are taken), time-of-day reporting (to see when each employee works best), file transfers monitored (to detect any malicious activity) and much more. Depending on your specific needs there is sure to be an option that is perfect for your business! 

Want to know in detail about the top employee monitoring and time-tracking software? Here’s another blog to guide you with more detailed information. (May link with the previous blog – Blog No: 004)


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    Employee monitoring and time-tracking tools provide businesses with a range of advantages, such as- 

    • increased productivity levels through better time management practices
    • prevention of sensitive company information from being leaked
    • improved oversight over remote workers
    • identification of any potential issues with workflow processes or individual employees to address quickly and effectively

    With the right employee monitoring software in place, businesses can get a clear picture of how their staff is performing so they can adjust their strategy accordingly. Ultimately this leads to happier employees who feel more secure in their jobs knowing that they are being monitored fairly while also feeling rewarded for their hard work with appropriate rewards where applicable. 

    It’s important however that companies use ethical practices when implementing any kind of employee productivity tracking tool in order to ensure both privacy rights remain intact while still getting accurate data about performance levels among other crucial metrics needed for success. 

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