5 Best Remote Employee Monitoring Software Systems of 2023

Varun R Kodnani - Flowace

Varun Kodnani

Remote Employee Monitoring Software

In recent years, how companies approach work has undergone a remarkable transformation. Flexible hours, remote setups, hybrid approach, you name it!

This is the future of work. However, as you welcome this exciting shift with open arms, you need to ensure that the tasks get done no matter where the team members are working from.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the best remote employee monitoring software systems of 2023. We’ll go into detail about various options, weighing the pros and cons each tool brings to the table. 

Let’s dive in…

Flowace – Best for employee productivity monitoring

Why Flowace?

Flowace is an AI software that’s both powerful and understanding. It’s been making a real difference, boosting the productivity of 36,763 users by 31% in just 89 days. And the best part? It doesn’t cost the users anything extra. Flowace believes in the synergy of idealism and productivity for excellence. 

Its AI-powered employee productivity tool empowers teams, ensuring future readiness and eliminating workplace complexities. 

What’s cool about Flowace.ai is that it actively talks to users and managers. It’s like having a motivational coach for work. It helps people get more done in less time while ensuring they’re not overworking themselves. 

Flowace Stand Out Features 

Flowace Stand Out Features 

Flowace does some pretty neat things:

  • It spots the hard workers who really put in the effort and stay focused on important tasks. It’s like giving credit where credit is due.
  • It takes all that performance data and uses it to make sure everyone gets a fair evaluation. No favoritism here.
  • It helps organizations set up rules about working extra days and getting paid. No sneaky side jobs allowed.
  • It even advises making things run smoother, like finding ways to do things better and avoiding wasting time.

Key features for remote team growth:

Timesheet Data Analysis and Reports

Flowace’s automated timesheet feature supports remote leaders in understanding project activities:

  • Analyzes employee behavior, time, and costs on client projects
  • Categories employee activities
  • Generates invoices (billable/non-billable) for individuals/teams
  • Aligns resource allocation with project budget effectiveness
  • Identifies and addresses workflow inefficiencies

Hands-free time tracking

Flowace’s automated time-tracking:

  • Logs work hours and locations
  • Pinpoints peak productivity periods
  • Integrates precise employee monitoring tools
  • Gives insights into team and individual productivity

Project communication

Flowace aids remote teams with clear communication and management strategies:

  • Establishes expectations and priorities
  • Facilitates successful project execution
  • Supports tailored management approaches for remote work dynamics.

So, Flowace is like your work buddy, helping you do better and ensuring everything runs well.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is your ultimate time management ally, empowering you and your team with tools to supercharge efficiency and make every minute count. It helps employees become more efficient by sending alerts about distractions and offering daily activity measurements. Moreover, managers will get insights with productivity evaluations that enable them to recognize high achievers.

Features of Time Doctor

Time tracking: With Time Doctor, time tracking becomes a breeze. Whether online or offline, the system captures your work hours accurately. 

Project progress: Track your project hours effortlessly. Whether you’re a mobile maverick or a web warrior, Time Doctor’s got your back.

Screenshots to check progress: Time Doctor’s screen recording and screenshots capture your work journey. 

Job and task tracking: Assign your time to specific tasks and projects. 

Payroll integration: Time Doctor syncs with top payroll software like Gusto. Effortlessly organize hours and breeze through timesheet management.

Reports: Detailed reports reveal your time spent, web and app usage, and more. Plus, unique distraction alerts keep you on the productive path.


  • Time Doctor is a tool designed to refine workflows for small teams and ensures a more streamlined approach to tasks.
  • Even when the internet takes a break, Time Doctor doesn’t. It diligently tracks time, making sure no productive moment slips through the cracks.
  • It has activated optional keyboard and mouse tracking to stay informed about team members’ activity levels during work hours. 


  • Unfortunately, it lacks a shared time clock option, which might require alternative strategies for collaborative timekeeping.
  • It might fall short for those on the move as it doesn’t offer GPS tools and other features tailored for dynamic mobile workforces.


Basic Standard Premium
$5.9 per user/ per month $5.9 per user/ per month $5.9 per user/ per month




SentryPC stands out as a top player in remote employee monitoring software with many compelling features. Its unique covert tracking capability allows managers to observe user activities, making it a leading choice discreetly. 

When you use this platform, supervisors can remotely oversee a user’s screen and even capture screenshots to verify their work. This tool comes at a reasonable cost, particularly suitable for enterprise-level needs.

Key features

  • Geofencing
  • Central user and device management
  • Real-time monitoring of user activities
  • Remote settings management for employee computers
  • Compatibility with Android, Chromebook, Mac, and Windows devices
  • Administrative keyword and phrase banning
  • Time scheduling for monitoring and usage control

Pros of SentryPC

  • Complete feature set
  • Affordable pricing
  • User-friendly interface

Cons of SentryPC

  • Complex setup and installation process
  • Occasional software crashes
  • Room for improvement in customer support


Basic Standard Premium
$69.95 / year $1,495.00 / year $2,495.00 / year




Insightful grabbed our interest for a reason. It offers an all-inclusive solution for employee monitoring and computer activity tracking. You can see how your team members, whether employees or freelancers, use their time, apps, and websites. 

With timely screenshots taken periodically or based on specific rules, you will get evidence that your team is on track and performing as expected throughout the day. 


  • Employee monitoring keeps track of team activities to ensure productivity and efficiency.
  • Activity tracking to monitor tasks and progress to stay on top of project timelines.
  • Remote work management to manage remote teams with ease.
  • Automatic time tracking reduces the hassle of manual time tracking
  • Verified attendance to make sure to have accurate attendance records and avoid any confusion.
  • Project budgeting to stay within budget and allocate resources wisely for successful project outcomes.


  • Mark and manage unproductive apps effortlessly, staying focused on what matters.
  • Enjoy performance without slowing down your system.
  • Our tool works discreetly in the background, letting you concentrate on your tasks.


  • They still need to expand integration choices for more compatibility.
  • Needs even more screenshot capabilities for a detailed view.


Employee monitoring $8
Time tracking $10
Automatic time mapping $15
Enterprise Price on request




ActivTrak is another cloud-based employee time and productivity monitoring tool designed to boost your team’s efficiency. With ActivTrak, you can easily keep track of the websites and applications your employees access during work hours. 

It gathers information like URLs, website titles, and screenshots, providing you with a complete overview of your team’s activities throughout the day. But that’s not all – it goes the extra mile by giving you detailed insights into users’ time on each website and app. 


  • Timesheet trackers keep tabs on employees’ working hours.
  • The remote employee monitoring feature suits organizations with remote teams well, ensuring engagement and productivity.
  • Then there’s activity monitoring and reporting, which will help you get details into your employees’ activities and generate reports.
  • Identify top performers and leverage their productivity strategies for improved team performance with productivity insights.
  • It also provides advanced analytics to make informed decisions about your employees.


  • ActivTrak is an easy-to-use platform. The navigation is simple
  • The dashboard gives you a clear overview of employee activities
  • You can enjoy the benefits of ActivTrak’s free plan, which is ideal for teams of up to 3 users.


  • ActivTrak lacks a monthly payment option, which might not be suitable for all companies.
  • Although ActivTrak has app integrations, they come with extra fees as add-ons.
  • It does not include keystroke logging, which may limit specific monitoring requirements.



Free Plan Essentials Enterprise Professional 
$0 per user $10 user/month
billed annually
On request $17

billed annually


Should your business use remote employee monitoring software?

Yes, especially if you run a remote team and hourly or task-specific productivity matters a lot.​​ Imagine you run a company with a dispersed workforce, including remote or mobile workers. Holding them accountable can be tough, right?

That’s where employee monitoring software becomes your ally, ensuring everyone stays focused and engaged, no matter where they work.

With this powerful empathetic AI, you get real-time insights into your employees’ activities on their devices and in the workplace.

No more guessing if someone is underperforming or not working – you’ll know immediately. And it grants you control over who accesses your company’s network and which devices are in use, helping you maintain a secure and efficient work environment.

So, as a business leader, the choice is in your hands. Employee monitoring software offers immense benefits, but choosing the features that align with your organization’s goals is imperative. Find the perfect fit, empower your team, and watch your business thrive with newfound productivity and collaboration.

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