11 Hilarious Work From Home Memes to Brighten Your Day!

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WFH memes

Lift Your Spirits with These Work-from-Home Memes

When you work from home, you escape the hassle of commuting, avoid those less-than-pleasant colleagues and small talks you’d rather skip, and say goodbye to never-ending, dull meetings. 

Yet, we understand that you miss the joyful moments and laughter shared with your favorite co-workers, especially when a meme pops up in your messages.

That’s why we’ve gathered a collection of the most side-splitting work-from-home memes just for you. Our goal? To bring a smile to your face and add some extra joy to your day.

So, let’s jump right in…

Pilot working from home

It’s like the pilot is jokingly announcing that they’re doing their job of flying the plane from the comfort of their own home. It’s a lighthearted way of poking fun at the idea of remote work and how people are adapting their jobs to different environments.

Expectation Vs. Reality

Expectation Vs Reality

Here’s the ‘Expectation vs Reality’ showdown of working from home. On the left, we’ve got Mr. Expectation, all prim and proper, ready to conquer tasks like a pro. But zoom in on the right, you will see reality, the ultimate multitasker. Juggling a work call while cooking up a storm – who needs a formal desk when the kitchen counter is your domain? It’s a hilarious twist on how our ideal visions sometimes meet the chaos of real life.

What Should I Wear?

What Should I Wear?

This meme humorously suggests that working from home helps alleviate the dilemma of deciding what to wear each day. When you work from home, you only need to worry about what you’ll wear from the waist up since your lower half is out of sight during video calls. This simplifies the decision-making process and reduces the need to choose a complete outfit. With WFH freedom, no one’s judging your stylish choice (or lack thereof) from the waist down.

When you try to work from home,

When you share the wrong screen

This meme is all about showing the funny difference between how someone looks during a virtual meeting and what’s really happening. You see this person in the picture looking all serious and professional during a Zoom call, like they’ve got everything under control. But at the same time, their kids are causing a ruckus in the background—maybe making a mess or goofing around. It’s a situation that a lot of people can relate to, especially when they’re working from home. It’s the tale of a brave attempt to maintain decorum while the background transforms into a stage for unexpected entertainment.

Getting Interrupted

Getting Interrupted

Even if you don’t have kids causing distractions in your home office, there are still plenty of other tempting things that can pull you away from your work, even if it’s just for a little while. I mean, who can resist the allure of your soft, fluffy pet needing attention? It’s a challenge to stay focused, especially when the boss isn’t around to keep an eye on you.

When kids are around,

When kids are around

This meme really shows how it feels when you’re working from home and things are going great. You’re focused and feeling accomplished; you’re just nailing your tasks. But then you suddenly remember that your kids are also home. And bam! That feeling of productivity goes out the window. The kids bring in distractions and new challenges you didn’t see coming.

You have multiple monitors!

You have multiple monitors!

This is pretty funny because it shows how someone might feel a bit curious and maybe even a tad jealous when they hear people talking about using multiple computer screens for their work. It’s the amusing observation that while some revel in their multiple-screen setups, others are content with their solo monitor.

And, you know, it’s something many of us can relate to—that feeling of not quite keeping up with the latest tech trends.

Let’s get on a call

Let’s get on a call

Well, everybody has their WFH moments. And this one just captures the unexpected moment of being caught off guard by a surprise video call. Sighing, you wonder, in the age of instant messaging, ‘Can’t we just chat over Slack?’

When your WiFi isn’t working

When your WiFi isn’t working

People are usually capable and adaptable, handling various challenges with resourcefulness. But when the wifi suddenly goes out, it’s like all bets are off—chaos ensues, and we feel as stranded and helpless as Tom Hanks’ character in “Cast Away,” who was isolated on an island without his companion, Wilson.



At the start of the day, you’re all set to work diligently for seven hours, thinking it’s doable. However, as time passes, the hours seem to stretch, and suddenly you realize that what you thought was productive work was more like daydreaming about being outside and enjoying life. It’s a relatable scenario that reflects how the perception of time can change during remote work and how easily we can get lost in our thoughts, longing for the outdoors.

All in all,

The key takeaway is that during uncertain times, your motivation for productivity might hit an all-time low, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s okay to let go of the pressure and simply welcome the day with open arms. So, go ahead and misplace the panic; after all, embracing a little laughter and joy can be just the antidote we need.

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