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ProHance Vs Flowace : Features at a glance

Both ProHance & Flowace help organizations enhance their efficiency by providing them with timely insights and workforce management. Let’s dig further into the similarities and differences between the two tools to better understand which one would suit your business better.

Up until now, ProHance bought some terrific time-tracking features to the table, but Flowace has cost-effective and impactful tricks up its sleeve. 11,763 ProHance users have shifted to the Flowace time tracker because,

ProHance Vs Flowace : Feature comparison table

Feature Flowace ProHance
AI-Automated Timesheets Yes No
App/URL Usage Tracking (Desktop) Yes Yes
App Usage Tracking (Mobile) Yes No
Activity-bucketed Time Reports Yes No
Calendar Management Yes Yes
Customization on Team and User level Yes Yes
Work Mode & Privacy mode Yes No
Task Benchmarking Yes Yes
Project Management Yes Yes
Dashboard Analytics Yes Yes
Idle Screentime Detection Yes No
Distraction Management Yes Yes
Attendance Management (In-Out Time, QR Code, Selfie, GPS) Yes Yes
Invoice Management Yes Yes
Work Schedules and Leave Management Yes Yes
SIM Call Time Tracking Yes No
Whatsapp Call Time Tracking Yes No

Main features of ProHance Vs Flowace

Identify the differences between the features with this dot-to-dot comparison between ProHance and Flowace.

Feature Flowace ProHance
Supported Device Flowace is compatible with various operating systems, including MacOS, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, and Android. Keeping track of time is made convenient with multiple options such as the web app and the Chrome extension. Prohance supports Windows, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, Android and MacOS. This also tracks time via web apps.
Time Tracking Flowace is an AI-powered time tracking software that is completely automated and hands-free. It starts tracking time the moment an employee starts his work. Automatic time tracker. Time starts tracking when employees log in. At times, there is a need to manually update and adjust the timesheet.
Development Speed Flowace comes with a speed of development and each month ranges out numerous updates, completely free to make the time trackers functionality at the apex level. ProHance levels out several updates, but big ones require additional purchases.
Incremental ROI Flowace customers receive incremental ROI for free. Unlike other products in this space, Flowace offers the highest quality service. We offer a 'money-back guarantee' if there is no ROI within 40+ days. ProHance has a set of features that offer good ROI to consumers. Depending on the usage, and procedures, it can help gain substantial RIOI.
Cost Effectiveness Flowace is 30-40% more cost-effective in terms of pricing, unlike Prohance. Review the pricing section below for more details. ProHance charges a fixed rate and this has not been altered yet. Check their pricing page for additional information.

Productivity Features of ProHance Vs Flowace

Feature Flowace ProHance
Activity Monitoring Flowace's advanced AI-powered dashboard seamlessly performs all activity monitoring tasks, including the calculation of work hours based on keyboard and mouse usage. Gain valuable insights into your team's productivity by effortlessly observing the time they dedicate to various applications and websites while tracking their work. It also tracks idle hours, missing hours, inactivity, etc. This provides you with valuable knowledge about their working habits. There are no detailed activity rates provided by ProHance, but it can track apps and URLs and track mouse and keyboard movements.
Privacy As Flowace is completely automated and hands-free. It comes with a work-privacy mode. During the privacy mode, nothing a user does is captured. However, as soon as the user shifts to work mode his/her daily work activities are all captured automatically for automated timesheet generation. ProHance does not come with a separate privacy mode for users. It takes screenshots and calculates work hours as per login.
Dashboard Flowace revolutionizes team, time, and project management by providing a centralized platform through its automated AI-powered dashboard. From a single location, effortlessly oversee and organize your teams, track time, and manage projects efficiently. With the flexibility to customize the dashboard with up to multiple diverse widgets, you can gain valuable insights into crucial metrics such as total tracked hours, activity rates, budget utilization, timesheets, earnings, and much more. Empower yourself with comprehensive information and streamline your management processes with Flowace. Prohance's dashboard provides you with a comprehensive overview of your team's work through three distinct perspectives. Firstly, it showcases the total hours tracked, offering a clear measure of the collective effort invested. Secondly, it highlights the tasks that have consumed the most significant amount of time, helping you identify priorities and areas of focus. Lastly, it presents the top apps and websites utilized, granting insights into the digital tools and resources that have been instrumental in your team's productivity
Billable Call Tracker Flowace's automated call-tracker comes with AI-powered features that track any amount of billable hours and provides optimal cost transparency to users, as every second is accurately tracked. ProHance does not directly double up as a billable call tracker as it does not have an automated AI to capture recorded calls for bill generation.

GPS Tracking and GeoFencing

Having a time-tracking app that solely operates within the confines of an office is only half of what most businesses require. In today’s dynamic work environments, where teams are frequently on the move or engaged in fieldwork, remembering to track time accurately, especially for specific projects, can prove challenging. This oversight can lead to significant financial losses for businesses in the form of untracked billable hours.

This is where geofencing comes into play. Flowace introduces an automated geofencing feature that empowers you to establish an unlimited number of job sites and assign the appropriate team members to each location. Geofenced job sites streamline the time-tracking process by automatically initiating or pausing the timer on the mobile app as team members arrive at or leave a particular site.

With this innovative solution, focusing on work becomes effortless, as you no longer need to worry about meticulously tracking your billable hours. Flowace’s geofencing feature ensures accuracy and convenience, allowing your team to dedicate their attention to the tasks at hand.

Additionally, Flowace records locations and routes from the mobile app for fleet tracking. Unfortunately, ProHance is not equipped with a GeoFencing feature, hence, outdoor projects need manual tracking.

Who Can Use Flowace Time Tracker

Flowace is only suitable all industries:

  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Cleaning
  • Architecture
  • Engineering & Software development
  • Shared service agencies¬†
  • E-commerce
  • Accountants¬†

You can manage remote and mobile teams effortlessly with the time tracking, billing, and geofencing features of Flowace.

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