My Hours Alternatives in 2024

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Free My Hours Alternatives

Free My Hours Alternatives

Flowace stands as the fully automated solution for businesses seeking a remarkable 31% boost in productivity. What it does is enhance your employee’s productivity, promote a healthier work-life balance, and mitigate burnout.

Moreover, a major focus of Flowace is streamlining the laborious task of filling in timesheets. With our platform, you do not need to handle manual time tracking or toggling start-stop timers. Hence, Flowace reduces timesheet completion time by over 90%. This, in turn, will increase your accuracy as well.

Interestingly, the standout feature, “desktop time,” meticulously records all laptop or desktop activities. We’ll discuss the distinctive features in detail below to see if they are worth your money!

About My Hours: Project Time Tracking Software

In 2002, My Hours was introduced internally as project time-tracking software.MyHours is a comprehensive time-tracking and invoicing software designed to streamline the management of projects and tasks for individuals and teams. 

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, My Hours has been a go-to choice for freelancers and businesses alike.

About My Hours Project Time Tracking Software

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But what if I told you there’s something even better out there? Enter Flowace, the ultimate alternative to My Hours. While My Hours gets the job done, Flowace takes it to the next level with its intuitive design and advanced functionality.

Flowace uses AI-powered time tracking, which automatically categorizes your activities and eliminates the need for manual entry. With Flowace, you can focus on what you do best while leaving the time tracking to the experts. Say hello to a more efficient way of working with Flowace, the best alternative to My Hours.

5 Finest Employee Time-Tracking Software for Businesses in 2023

My Hours Key features include:

  • Project Management: Organize tasks into projects and assign them to team members.
  • Invoicing: Generate professional invoices based on tracked time and expenses.
  • Reporting: Access insightful reports and analytics for project progress and productivity.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with popular project management tools.
  • Client Management: Manage client information and track time spent on client-related tasks.

My Hours time tracking pricing:

Are you looking for a simple way to manage time and employee productivity? The service provided by My Hours Pricing and Time Tracking starts at $9. For those who want more advanced and insightful time tracking, Flowace Time Tracking is the best alternative to My Hours, with a $1.99 starting price. Using Flowace, you may increase worker productivity in addition to tracking time.

My Hours time tracking pricing

Cons of My Hours:

  • Limited integration options compared to competitors
  • Lack of advanced reporting features
  • Occasional glitches and bugs reported by users
  • Mobile app functionality could be improved
  • Customer support response times can be slow
  • Expensive with less feature

My Hours Customer Review

“For my needs, loss of manual labor”

The detailed reports that used to be by hour and month while providing the breakdown between projects, tasks, and definitions of each daily contribution to the said task were completely ruined. Being unable to export or see all the details has made this an obsolete item.

My Hours Customer Review

“My Hours.com:Old format Great, new format confusing”

There are a few bugs regarding pro functionality, one has to log out from time to time because free features do not work anymore. Getting a summary is not the most intuitive way.

Old format Great, new format confusing

How HR managers can do employee monitoring while Working from Home!

Flowace: The Best My Hours Tracking Alternative

Flowace is an easy-to-use time-tracking tool suitable for both individuals and groups. It offers thorough insights into workers’ activities, including websites visited, applications used, and frequent screenshots.

With an impressive 31% boost in efficiency observed among 36,763 users in just 89
days, Flowace proves its prowess without burdening users with extra costs.

This transparency helps understand team dynamics. Flowace also offers features like silent mode, efficient network bandwidth monitoring, time tracking, and task and project management.

Key features of Flowace: the best alternative to My hours

  • Fully Automated Attendance
  • Hands-free Time Tracking
  • AI-based Screenshots
  • Activity Analysis
  • Billing, Budgeting & Invoicing
  • Billable Hours Distribution
  • Configurable Visual Reports
  • Geotagging & Geofencing

Flowace Pricing

With Flowace, increase productivity and upgrade your time-tracking setup right now! Save expenses while getting essential features for growth. Gain 31% more efficiency for an unbelievable 40% less cost. Get in touch with us right now!

Flowace pricing

Flowace Customer Review:

I like the team at Flowace; they are very helpful, and friendly, and will always be there to listen to your concerns. In my opinion, it is the most important thing to me.

I have used multiple trackers in the past. But most of them used to crash without your knowledge.
Now, I have been using Flowace for quite some time, and I must say that you don’t have to worry about the software crashing or something like that.

It is very easy to use and convenient to change tasks, and I also like the folder feature!

“Helps me manage the workforce effectively!”

Helps me manage the workforce effectively!

“Best tool to streamline your workforce”

Best tool to streamline your workforce

Trello Time Tracking and Reporting Power-up

Ready to choose the Best My Hours alternative?

While My Hours Alternatives has its strengths, it might not suit your team’s needs if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly and scalable.

Take your time to explore other options and find the best fit for your team.

Flowace is one alternative worth considering, offering similar features and backed by case studies from satisfied clients. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


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Time Tracker - A smarter way to work

With Flowace, you'll revolutionize how you track and manage your team's time, ensuring every minute is optimized for maximum efficiency.

Here's what you'll get with Flowace:

  • Easy-to-use time-tracking tools
  • Comprehensive employee monitoring features
  • Seamless project management integration
  • Detailed productivity analytics
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