Handdy Timesheet Alternative in 2024

About Handdy Timesheet In 2012, Handdy was introduced internally as an employee monitoring and productivity software. Right from the start,…

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Handdy Timesheet Alternative in 2024

About Handdy Timesheet

In 2012, Handdy was introduced internally as an employee monitoring and productivity software. Right from the start, Handdy had impressive capabilities. Handdy provides employee monitoring, client reporting, admin/payroll tasks, and productivity management. It quickly is an important tool, helping us tackle daily business challenges effectively.

About the Handdy Timesheet

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, and remote work became the norm, some of Handdy’s service clients inquired about an employee monitoring tool. Little did they know that Handdy already had a solution, which we had been continuously enhancing to adapt to new situations like the pandemic.

Upon sharing Handdy with existing clients, they were thrilled to know about such a tool. There is a global need for employee monitoring software that addresses real-time business challenges while being user-friendly.

In this context, Handdy Invoice, Handdy Billing Software, and Handy Alternative are essential keywords that highlight the features and benefits of the software. 

Despite Handdy’s impressive features, Flowace is a superior alternative to Handdy. It goes many miles ahead in enhancing the value proposition for potential users looking for a reliable employee monitoring and productivity solution.

Key Features of Handdy:

  • Monitor employee activity
  • Track employee time
  • Overcome productivity challenges
  • Address insider threats

Cons of handdy:

  • Limited Integration: Handdy lacks seamless integration with other software.
  • Internet Dependency: It heavily relies on a stable internet connection.
  • Offline Limitations: Users face challenges accessing data offline.
  • High System Requirements: completely drains the resources, making it impossible to function on low-specification computers with 4 GB of RAM or less.
  • Confusing UI/UX: Some users find the user interface and user experience confusing.
  • Inaccurate Time Tracking: Users have reported numerous issues with its accuracy.

Pros of Flowace

  • Discover Flowace: The superior alternative to Handdy Timesheet
  • Enjoy seamless integration with 10+ third-party plugins
  • Track time offline with ease
  • Experience a better UI/UX for effortless navigation
  • Ensure 99% accuracy in time tracking with Flowace
Revolutionize productivity:

Boost by 31% using the innovative solution by Flowace!

Free Trial

Handdy Pricing: 

Handdy Pricing Time tracking is a handy tool for businesses to track time and billing efficiently. It simplifies the process by accurately monitoring billable hours and generating detailed invoices. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, it’s perfect for freelancers and businesses alike.


handdy Price Plan

Handdy Customer Review: 

Comments: I would not recommend using this, only recommend this if there is no organization (admin) locked pc in your company.

Handdy Customer Review

Comments: Since we need simple tracking, I find it useful and value for money than developing an in-house tool


Handdy Customer Review


Flowace – The Best Handdy Alternative


What is Flowace

Flowace is remarkable AI software that combines robust capabilities with a deep understanding of its users. Its impact has been significant, leading to a remarkable 31% boost in productivity for 36,763 users within a mere 89 days. What’s more, the best part is that this enhanced productivity comes at no extra cost to the users. Flowace firmly believes in the harmony between idealism and productivity to achieve excellence.

This AI-powered tool for employee productivity equips teams with the tools they need to be ready for the future while simplifying workplace intricacies.

What sets Flowace.ai apart is its active engagement with both users and managers. Think of it as a motivational coach for work. It efficiently aids individuals in accomplishing more within a shorter span, all while ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

Key Features as a Handdy Timesheet Alternative

  • Recognizes hard workers who prioritize important tasks, providing well-deserved recognition
  • Uses performance data to ensure unbiased evaluations, devoid of favouritism
  • It assists you in establishing fair rules regarding overtime and compensation and prevents unauthorized side jobs
  • Gives insights to enhance workflow efficiency and minimize time waste

Key features for nurturing remote teams:

Flowace timesheet data analysis and reports: 

  • Analyzes employee behaviour, time allocation, and project costs
  • Categories of employee tasks and activities
  • Generates invoices for billable and non-billable hours, benefiting both individuals and teams
  • Aligns resource distribution with project budget requirements
  • Identifies and rectifies workflow bottlenecks

Hands-free time tracking: 

  • Identifies periods of peak productivity
  • Records work hours and locations accurately
  • Integrates precise employee monitoring tools
  • You will get insights into both individual and team productivity levels

Project Communication: Flowace supports remote teams with effective communication and management strategies:

  • Establishes clear expectations and task priorities
  • Facilitates successful project execution
  • Adapts management approaches to suit the dynamics of remote work

Flowace becomes your reliable work companion, guiding you toward improved performance and ensuring seamless operations.

Revolutionize productivity:

Boost by 31% using the innovative solution by Flowace!

Free Trial

Flowace Pricing : 

Boost productivity with Flowace — upgrade your time-tracking system today! Cut costs and gain essential features for growth. Experience a 31% efficiency boost at an unbeatable 40% lower price. Contact us now!

Flowace pricing

Flowace Customer Review – 

Flowace Customer Review

Flowace Customer Review

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