Flowace Vs TimeChamp

Flowace Vs TimeChamp

Timechamp Vs Flowace : Features at a glance

Flowace and Time Champ are some of the leading people analytics software dominating the markets in 2023. Each comes equipped with several features that are ideal for targeting potential issues like automated timesheet management, employee monitoring, etc.

At present, Time Champ has increasingly gained popularity as an automatic time management software, but the real story is a little jaded. Users using TimeChamp have affirmed their product ‘looks good, works fine, but comes with a big blockage, its foundation.’

Flowace on the other hand, is gaining steadfast popularity as the next-gen time management software. With personalized features, it hits the ‘bull’s eye when targeting employee monitoring obstacles easily. But, the question remains, among the old vs new, which one is the more efficient, trustworthy, and people-friendly? Let’s review the detailed comparison, for more clarity.

Feature comparison table

Feature Flowace TimeChamp
AI-Automated Timesheets Yes No
App/URL Usage Tracking (Desktop) Yes Yes
App Usage Tracking (Mobile) Yes No
Activity-bucketed Time Reports Yes No
Calendar Management Yes Yes
Customization on Team and User level Yes No
Work Mode & Privacy mode Yes No
Task Benchmarking Yes Yes
Project Management Yes Yes
Dashboard Analytics Yes Yes
Idle Screentime Detection Yes No
Distraction Management Yes No
Attendance Management (In-Out Time, QR Code, Selfie, GPS) Yes No
Invoice Management Yes Yes
Work Schedules and Leave Management Yes Yes
SIM Call Time Tracking Yes No
Whatsapp Call Time Tracking Yes No

Main features

Reviewing the feature vs feature differences between Time Champ vs. Flowace dot-to-dot in terms of utility, ease of use, and ROI.

Feature Flowace TimeChamp
Device Compatibility Flowace is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and even Linux devices. Moreover, it is built on a strong foundation that can even run on devices with 1GB ram. This makes it a convenient choice for remote companies that have no control over the devices used by their employees. Time Champ is compatible on MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Chromebook. However while Time Champ may come with extensive useful features in terms of time tracking but it’s like a house of cards,’ looks beautiful but can break at the slightest nudge. It uses Chromium-based features that make it a tad slower for older devices, and this can pose to be a problem for companies that work with remote employees who may not be using devices that are modern.
Time Tracking Hands-free and completely automated, Flowace AI-powered time tracking software streamlines your workday. By switching from privacy mode to work mode, it begins tracking time as soon as an employee starts working. Time tracker with automatic updates. Logging into the system starts the time tracking process. Manually updating and adjusting the timesheet is sometimes necessary, and activities are calculated with every login.
Speed of Deployment The time tracker functionality of Flowace is at the top of its class as it has a speed of development and is updated multiple times a month for free, ensuring a top-of-the-line experience. In Time Champ, several updates are leveled out, but large updates require additional purchases. Furthermore, when it comes to deployment, it is slow and requires several extensions and plugins to function properly.
Incremental ROI In addition to incremental ROI, Flowace customers also receive free support. The speed of deployment is fast, and each month Flowae introduces more than 4-5 (all-system friendly) updates Flowace provides the highest quality service in its space, unlike its competitors. In the event that there is no ROI within 40+ days, they offer a 'money-back guarantee'. Time Champ has innumerable features that can perfectly work in sync to target employee monitoring predicaments. However, as it tries to incorporate a multitude of features in a Chromium-centric base, it can lead to implementation issues. Timely updates may make the system slower or users may face issues where the software crashes.
Cost Effectiveness Flowace is 30-40% more cost-effective in terms of pricing, unlike Prohance. Review the pricing section below for more details. Time Champ charges a fixed rate and this has not been altered yet. Check their piercing page for additional information.

Productivity Features

Feature Flowace TimeChamp
Activity Monitoring Work hours can be calculated based on keyboard and mouse usage with Flowace's AI-powered dashboard which seamlessly handles all activity monitoring tasks without compromising privacy. Gain valuable insights into your team's productivity by tracking their time spent on applications and websites, including idle hours, maximum focus hours, fewer focus hours, and even burnout alerts. Additionally, it includes screenshot functionality, project-specific time tracking, and automatic bill generation based on productivity. As a result, employers can gain valuable insight into the working habits of their employees. Time Champ provides a detailed activity tracker and it can track apps and URLs, track mouse and keyboard movements, provides live screen recording, keyboard activity tracking, blur screenshots, etc.
Privacy Due to its hands-free and fully automated nature, Flowace is a great choice. With it, you can work in a private mode. A user's actions are not captured while in privacy mode. If the user switches into work mode, all the user's daily work activities are automatically recorded for automated timekeeping. Time Champ does not come with a separate privacy mode for users. It comes with an activity screenshot feature along with live screen recordings, live screen video viewing and bandwidth tracker, etc.
Billable Hours Calculator Flowace's automated call-tracker utilizes AI-powered functionalities to track billable hours with utmost precision, ensuring optimal cost transparency for users. By accurately monitoring every second, it enables seamless tracking of any duration of billable hours, enhancing its effectiveness as a comprehensive tool. Time Champ lacks the capability to function as a billable call tracker due to the absence of an automated AI system for capturing recorded calls and generating bills.
Operational Efficiency Flowace's automated time tracker is the perfect people analytics tool that can function smoothly on any system and even ones operating on 1GB RAM. Time Champ operates perfectly fine on systems that run on 8 GB RAM. However, due to its over extensive features, it sometimes crashes

Time Champ vs Flowace: The Dashboard Comparison

Time Champ’s dashboard provides you with a comprehensive overview of your team’s work through three distinct perspectives. Firstly, it showcases the total hours tracked, offering a clear measure of the collective effort invested. Secondly, it highlights the tasks that have consumed the most significant amount of time, helping you identify priorities and areas of focus. Lastly, it presents the top apps and websites utilized, granting insights into the digital tools and resources that have been instrumental in your team’s productivity.

In comparison, Flowace revolutionizes team, time, and project management by providing a centralized platform through its automated AI-powered dashboard. From a single location, effortlessly oversee and organize your teams, track time, and manage projects efficiently. With the flexibility to customize the dashboard with up to multiple diverse widgets, you can gain valuable insights into crucial metrics such as total tracked hours, activity rates, budget utilization, timesheets, earnings, and much more. Empower yourself with comprehensive information and streamline your management processes with Flowace.

Who Can Use Flowace Time Tracker

Flowace is a versatile solution that caters to various industries, including construction, landscaping, cleaning, BPO/KPO, architecture, engineering, software development, shared service agencies, e-commerce, and accountants. With its time tracking, billing, and geofencing features, Flowace simplifies the management of remote and mobile teams across all sectors.

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