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About the Deputy Time Tracking

Ashik and Steve hated how hard it was to schedule workers and track their hours with messy papers. So in 2009, they created Deputy, a computer program that made things easier.

Deputy even let people talk with text messages, which was way ahead of its time! Businesses loved Deputy because it meant no more paper mess.

But if you’re looking for a deputy alternative, other options like Flowace offer even more ways to manage your workers.

Today, the Deputy is a recognized leader in workforce management. It helps businesses of all sizes manage their hourly workforce efficiently,  saving them time and money.

The deputy is a web-based workforce management solution. It is designed to help users simplify their scheduling, timesheets, tasking, employee communication, and administrative tasks.

It includes various apps and one-click payroll integration to simplify workforce management. 

Deputy Time Tracking

The Deputy platform enables users to schedule in line with demand, prepare accurate payroll, and communicate more clearly.

It streamlines employee administration, so teams can focus on what matters. 

Deputy aims to help businesses become more profitable, connected, and trusted by each team member — their goal is to make that happen for workplaces in every community, worldwide. 

Deputy boasts more than 320,000 workplaces internationally as users.

Businesses across industries can manage their staff, give teams a way to track their shifts and free up time for people to focus on what’s important to them.

About Deputy Alternative

Tired of wrestling with the deputy? Introducing Flowace, the deputy alternative that will revolutionize your workflow!

While the deputy gets the job done, Flowace takes it to the next level.  Our intuitive interface is like a breath of fresh air compared to Deputy’s, making it a breeze to manage your team.

But that’s not all! Flowace boasts cutting-edge features that Deputy simply can’t compete with.

Flowace throws out the manual time-tracking nightmare.  We use artificial intelligence, the kind of fancy computer stuff that makes your life easier, to automatically organize your tasks.

No more wasting time with spreadsheets – Flowace takes care of it all seamlessly.

Revolutionize productivity:

Boost by 31% using the innovative solution by Flowace!

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Deputy Features 

  • Scheduling 
  • Timesheets 
  • Time Clock
  • Payroll Integration
  • Communication
  • Task Management
  • Mobile
  • Performance Management 
  • Time Tracking
  • Shift Planning

Cons of Deputy

  1. Glitches and connectivity issues when integrating with other platforms like RUN. 
  2. Inefficiency and poor customer support from the sales team via chat and phone.
  3. Difficulty in setting up employee schedules and navigating reports is due to a clunky interface and lack of clear instructions. 
  4. Persistent payroll errors, causing issues month after month. 
  5. Lack of features such as location filtering and slow loading times. 
  6. Supervisor notifications are sometimes sent to the wrong person, leading to clarity and efficiency in communication.

Deputy pricing 

Deputy offers flexible pricing options tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes. With a 30-day free trial and no credit card required, users can explore its features risk-free.

Deputy’s pricing plans cover essential workforce management functions such as scheduling, time & attendance tracking, and premium features for enhanced efficiency. 

Pricing Details

  • Scheduling: $3.50 per user per month. 
  • Time & Attendance: $3.50 per user per month. 
  • Premium: $4.90 per user per month. 
  • Flexi: For businesses running large, short-term events like conferences and festivals, access to premium features is available for $2 per user per week.

Deputy pricing 

Deputy Customer Review

Comments: Support team use email only. Most support issues are flicked back to the help videos and everything else you are told “we’ll request this feature be added”. It never is


Review of Deputy


Comments: No customer service No IT Service No one knows how to fix anything and no one wants to help get it fixed. Better off just finding a company that will beta test an update before throwing an update out there first And one that has a legit 800# so you and your staff can get back on track when the software is a mess.


Flowace: Best Deputy Alternative in 2024

Flowace started with a simple idea, kill the timesheet. They hate the paperwork hassle as much as you do, so they built a tool to automate it all. No more starting and stopping timers, no more endless data entry.

Flowace tracks your work in the background, slashing timesheet filling time by a crazy 90%.

But Flowace isn’t just about saving time. They want to help you get more done. By seeing where your time goes, you can find ways to work smarter, not harder.

Flowace users saw a whopping 31% jump in productivity—that’s a lot more accomplished in a shorter day!

Flowace works with the tools you already use, like email and project management software. It automatically tracks your time on projects, making budgeting and managing costs a breeze.

Think of Flowace as your productivity buddy. It helps you get things done faster, without adding extra stress.

It keeps everyone on the same page and helps prevent burnout. Flowace is making workplaces simpler and more successful, one timesheet at a time.


Features of Flowace: Simplify Your Workday

Flowace is an all-in-one time tracking and productivity tool designed to make your work life easier. Here’s what it offers:

Automatic & Accurate Time Tracking:

  • Say goodbye to manual timesheets! Flowace tracks your work in the background, eliminating the need for constant timer toggling.
  • Get precise records of work hours and locations for effortless billing and attendance tracking.

Boost productivity & analyze workflows:

  • Identify your peak productivity periods to optimize your schedule.
  • See how you and your team spend time, helping to streamline workflows and pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Flowace provides reports to categorize tasks, analyze employee behaviour, and identify bottlenecks.

Effortless Billing & Project Management:

  • Generate invoices automatically for both billable and non-billable hours.
  • Align resource allocation with project budgets for efficient management.
  • Flowace helps ensure fair overtime compensation and prevents unauthorized work.

Revolutionize productivity:

Boost by 31% using the innovative solution by Flowace!

Free Trial

Manage remote teams effectively:

  • Gain insights into remote team activity and project costs.
  • Flowace integrates with project management tools, facilitating clear communication and task prioritization.
  • It offers scheduling capabilities to keep everyone organized.

Additional Features:

  • Flowace is available on all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) for mobile access.
  • It can capture screenshots (AI-based?) to further analyze activity.
  • You can configure visual reports to see your data in the way that works best for you.

Overall, Flowace is a powerful tool that can help businesses and individuals save time, work smarter, and achieve more.

Flowace Pricing

Flowace can help you get more done in less time!

Upgrade your time tracking and see a big difference (31% improvement!). It costs less than other options and gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Are you ready to try it out? Contact Flowace today!

Flowace pricing

Flowace Review

1 . Great Tool

Flowace has aided us in efficiently overseeing our employees by providing thorough productivity reports. Whether your employees are remote or in-office, managing them is not only cost-effective but also exceptionally user-friendly.

Source – Capterra

Capterra review of flowace

2. What do you like best about Flowace?

  • Flowace offers a fully automated solution that can increase a firm’s productivity.
  •  The unique time tracking tools provided by Flowace contribute to greater transparency in the workplace.
  • The elimination of manual time tracking processes, such as pressing start-stop timers or entering data manually, saves a significant amount of time.
  • It not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of timesheets.

Source – G2

Why is Flowace the best deputy alternative?

Stuck in a deputy rut with manual timesheets? Flowace might be the perfect deputy alternative to supercharge your workday. Here’s the scoop:

Flowace automates time tracking, ditching the endless timer toggles that plague Deputy users. Goodbye to mountains of data entry and hello to automatic timesheets—a dream come true!

But Flowace goes beyond saving time. It analyzes your work patterns to pinpoint areas for improvement, helping you streamline your workflow and achieve more in less time.

Deputy might offer basic time tracking, but Flowace unlocks hidden pockets of productivity within your workday.

Flowace also prioritizes transparency. It gives both managers and employees a clear picture of how time is spent, fostering a culture of openness.

This can reduce confusion, prevent burnout, and keep everyone motivated, which might not be as emphasized with Deputy.

Remember, the best choice depends on your specific needs. Consider features, pricing, and user reviews before making a switch.

However, if you’re seeking a Deputy alternative that automates tasks, boosts productivity, and promotes transparency, Flowace might be the key to a happier, more efficient workday.

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Time Tracker - A smarter way to work

With Flowace, you'll revolutionize how you track and manage your team's time, ensuring every minute is optimized for maximum efficiency.

Here's what you'll get with Flowace:

  • Easy-to-use time-tracking tools
  • Comprehensive employee monitoring features
  • Seamless project management integration
  • Detailed productivity analytics
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