Time Doctor Vs Flowace Comparison

Both Time Doctor and Flowace are powerful time tracking tools built to help teams become more productive. There are some similarities and differences between Time Doctor and Flowace that we are going to cover in this Time Doctor Vs Flowace comparison page. Analyze the insights and know what suits your business better.

List of features

AI-Automated Timesheets
App/URL Usage Tracking (Desktop)
App Usage Tracking (Mobile)
Activity-bucketed Time Reports
Calendar Management
Customization on Team and User level
Work Mode & Privacy mode
Task Benchmarking
Project Management
Dashboard Analytics
Idle Screentime Detection
Distraction Management
Attendance Management (In-Out Time, QR Code, Selfie, GPS)
Invoice Management
Work Schedules and Leave Management

What is Time Doctor?

Time doctor is an employee productivity management tool that helps remote teams track their time. It helps managers analyze how their teams are performing across different projects.

Here are some of the key features of Time Doctor:
Bill Your Time More Accurately
Time tracking & employee monitoring
Online timesheets & payroll
Project management and budgeting
Offline time tracking
Screenshots from user’s desktop
Website and app usage monitoring
Distraction alerts
Reports and analytics
API integration with other tools

What is Flowace?

Flowace is a robust automatic time tracking tool that helps both remote and in-office teams to ace at work. It provides employees with the features that lessen distractions and encourage them to put their best foot forward.

Some of the key features that Flowace possesses:
Bill Your Time More Accurately
Automatic time tracking
AI-based automatic timesheets
Project/task categorization
Document folder-based time tracking
Project management
Offline time tracking
Automatic & touchless attendance
Outdoor work time management
Task-based automatic time splitting
Idle-screen alerts
Reports and analytics
API integration with multiple tools

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