The Hindu Business Line – Using AI, Flowace aims to democratise employees’ appraisal process

Date : April 06, 2023
Source : The Hindu Business Line
Flowace Hindu business line

Flowace AI platform integrates all the employee activity on a dashboard for better analyses of productivity.

Flowace, a leading platform for employees’ productivity measurement and upskilling, targets to democratise employees appraisal process this season by using artificial intelligence.

The platform removes concerns in companies on the quality of appraisals and their inherent biases that creep in leaving many employees unhappy with the final outcome.

The platform measures and analyzes employee productivity in an unbiased manner over a period of time leaving no room for any subjectivity.

Flowace is a fully automated tool that allows employers to study employee activity across digital devices. Its AI platform integrates all the employee activity on a dashboard for better analyses of productivity.

The KRAs of the employees can also be tagged to this measurement tool to assess the overall productivity of the employees during the entire year on a real-time basis and the dashboards are effective in throwing insights at regular intervals to measure, assess and reach out to employees.

All these tools help the management in the appraisal process. As this is a fully automated process, it enables the managers to analyse performance in an objective manner and shares advice on the various upskilling and growth opportunities for the staff.

Flowace’s platform is currently trusted by more than 35,000 users. The clientele include digite, egis, University Living, codemantra and FunctionUp.

Tarun Kodnani, co-founder, Flowace said the company help employees to overcome their inefficiencies to harness the potential of their human resources rather than monitoring or micromanaging employees.

The platform is used in service industries where the clients are billed based on the number of hours spent on a particular project. The project teams can map the staff progress and auto-assign projects depending on the time spent on each task and reduce redundancies, he said.

Flowace aims to provide companies with the tools to automate the management of office hours. It provides companies with a holistic overview of how their teams perform and guide employees who they feel need to upskill.

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