Flowace + Outlook Time Tracking Integration

Now you can easily keep tabs on the time you spend Outlook with our Outlook Calendar Time Tracking integration. Compare your planned vs. tracked activity effortlessly. Setting up our integration is a breeze—just a few minutes, and voila. Get a sneak peek into how much time your awesome team is spending on different projects.

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Flowace Outlook Calendar Time Tracking Integration

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How does Flowace track time in Outlook?

Sign up

Sign up using your Outlook account and dive into the action by accessing the “Integration” section in the sidebar.

Initiate the connection

Click on the “Connect” button to kick off the connection process—super easy so far, right?

Install the Chrome Extension

Install the Google Chrome Extension and give your login to your Flowace account.

Sync with style

Head over to “Projects” and click on “Add new project” to sync your Outlook calendar into Flowace. Get ready to pick and choose the specific events and discussions that deserve your time-tracking efforts.

Now, it’s time to make productivity look easy!

How can you benefit from Outlook Calendar integration?

  • Ensure you never lose a billable minute—thanks to Outlook Calendar integration, keep your projects cost-effective and your pockets happy.
  • Track your time on various activities with just one click. Yep, you read that right—effortless time tracking at your fingertips.
  • Get a crystal-clear picture of your workweek or your entire workforce. You will have a backstage pass to your productivity show.
  • Boost project profitability with efficient time management. It’s not just about doing the work; it’s about doing it smartly.
  • Impress clients by showcasing the exact amount of time dedicated to their projects.
  • Monitor and analyze how your team manages time. Are they doing the cha-cha or the tango? Find out.
  • Access instant timesheet reports in real-time. Because who has time to wait for insights? You will get it instantly.
  • Aim to manage your task time without the distraction. Peek into productivity and own it.

Other Features You Get With the Integration

Bird’s eye view of your timesheets

Showcase your Outlook events in a visually appealing monthly timesheet. Why stress over time tracking when you can easily validate the status of any precious hours? This feature gives you a bird’s eye view of all your undertakings like calendar events or client meetings.

Designed for Microsoft 365

Designed with precision, Flowace will improve your employees productivity within the Microsoft Suite. Whether they’re a freelancer, a small business, or a big shot in the corporate world, Flowace brings you the tools to make the workflow easier and hit those goals with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

How does Flowace track time in Outlook?
Flowace simplifies time tracking in Outlook with a user-friendly process. Sign up using your Outlook account, access the “Integration” section in the sidebar, click on “Connect” to initiate the connection, install the Google Chrome Extension, and sync your Outlook calendar into Flowace under the “Projects” section.
How can I benefit from Outlook Calendar integration?
Setting up Outlook Calendar integration takes just minutes and provides valuable insights into your team's daily calendar events. And the benefits include ensuring no billable minutes are lost, effortless time tracking, a clear picture of your employees workweek or workforce productivity, improved project profitability, and the ability to impress clients with accurate time dedication.
What features come with the Outlook Calendar integration?
The integration offers a bird's eye view of timesheets, showcasing Outlook events in a visually appealing monthly timesheet. It allows users to validate the status of hours spent on calendar events or client meetings easily.
How does Flowace improve productivity within Microsoft 365?
Flowace is meticulously designed to enhance employee productivity within the Microsoft Suite. Whether they’re a freelancer, small business, or part of a large organization, Flowace provides tools to streamline workflow and achieve goals effortlessly.
How can I manage workforce policies with Flowace?
Flowace offers an automated system for managing workforce policies. Users can set parameters for late marks, half-days, overtime, shift timings, and more directly within the platform. Real-time reports provide insights into employee activities, allowing for efficient policy management.

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