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Atlanta's workplace in 2023 needs a digital revamp and implementing our automated employee monitoring software into the workforce is the best way to help businesses boost productivity and profit.

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Why is Flowace Atlanta's choice for the best employee monitoring software?

We stand tall as Atlanta’s best employee monitoring software because we fulfil the three main objectives:

  1. Expansion in diversification,
  2. Modernization of existing business models
  3. Following the business success trails

Time tracking made handsfree

Entrepreneurs report that because most employees have poor time tracking habits, it eventually results in inaccurate or untracked time, causing US companies to lose $8.8 billion in revenue streams per day. Flowace’s automatic employee time tracking removes the additional chore of switching the start/stop timer by automating the entire process for employers by quietly tracking time per employee workflow.

  • GPS Tracking and Geofencing
  • SIM and Whatsapp Call Tracking
  • Document and Folder Based Tracking
  • Auto Screenshots 
  • URL and Website Bucketing into Categories

Track projects like a pro

Flowace's specialized employee monitoring tools work internally with your team’s workflow and help transform its intuitive data analytics into detailed reports. These reports are displayed in the form of organized templates:

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Auto Screenshots
  • Work Mode and Privacy Mode
  • App Usage on Mobile

Offline time tracking

Atlanta's on-site industries are vulnerable to frequent internet interruptions due to inadequate networks at construction sites. Flowace's offline accessibility in time tracking software allows a streamlined workflow through:

  • Daily Work Logged into Local Storage
  • Auto Syncs Data During Poor Connectivity

Shift management

There is a rise in shift management trends when it comes to Atlanta's 2023 strategy of customer acquisition. Companies like Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola, some of the biggest Atlanta-based franchise companies in the US, use proprietary employee monitoring software to oversee their shift management instead of devoting valuable time to manual labor. Flowace's impeccable shift management helps visualize tasks at a stretch with:

  • Real Time Report Updates on Dashboard
  • Recording and Capturing Virtual Meetings
  • Instant Communication with Group Chat Supports, Task Scheduling, etc.

Leave and attendance management

As leave policies in remote teams have become flexible with work schedules, it is harder for managers to track attendance and leave without the risk of human error or overlook. Flowace reduces that risk through its systemized attendance and leaves management software.

  • Automated Attendance 
  • Walk-in and Walk-out
  • Leave Applications
  • Configure Flexible Shift times 
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Reduce your costs on billing, payroll & invoice

The bigger a company gets, the riskier it becomes to handle its workforce billing and invoicing, mainly because of increased complexity involving more employees, more billing items, and more accounts. Flowace’s time-tracking software features a special invoice and billing management that works on keeping that workflow running, reducing costs, and generating revenue as

  • Clear and Concise Payslip Generation
  • Customizes Invoice Templates to Reflect Brand Voice

Improve employee functionality through third-party integration

Did you know? Multi-purpose software platforms that offer end-to-end user experience drive better business workflow than individual software running simultaneously. Flowace brings intuition and unwavering productivity into the general time-tracking software in Atlanta through a smooth integration with third-party apps. Flowace has divided its set of apps into the following categories

  • Project Management Tools
  • Cloud Storage Tools
  • Communication Tools
  • CRM Tools
  • Digital Calendars
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Analyse company workflow through productivity reports

Flowace's AI-driven features automate not only productivity and employee time tracking but also auto-report that data in your personalized dashboard. This is done through the following features of Flowace employee monitoring;

  • Track App & URL and Activities on the Browser
  • Implement Optional Screenshots
  • App Usage on the Phone
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Satisfied Customers

More than 500+ companies worldwide trust Flowace with their business.

Flowace has transformed how we manage productivity. The user-friendly interface and real-time tracking provide invaluable insights into tasks and efficiency. Automated reports highlight top performers and maintain accountability while respecting privacy. Kudos to Flowace for fostering a balanced work culture. Highly recommended!

~ Ergode CEO Video Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Flowace.

How does Flowace track activity?

Flowace will only track the activity on applications and websites that your employee workforce uses while the Flowace app is active. Based on the data it collects on the amount of time each employee spends on these applications, it logs the time in specific categorizations, buckets the URLs and websites under integrated categories, and displayed them in the activity dashboard. 

Does Flowace time-tracking software record an employee's location all the time?

Flowace’s time-tracking software also has a mobile app that integrates a GPS. It tracks employee location through geofencing. Flowace’s geofencing and geo-tracking features specifically include:

  • Tracking outdoor meetings 
  • Tracking transit time 
  • Configuring work sites and automatically getting notified when an employee visits that work site.
How does time tracking help in Atlanta's income-generating business?

Flowace time tracking software helps generate income for businesses in Atlanta through:

  • Saving time to track employees by automation 
  • Giving precise insights on company workflow through detailed employee reports on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. 
  • Guaranteeing accuracy in filing expense reports 
  • Providing the opportunity to analyze company workflow and understand bottlenecks, discrepancies, and areas of improvement. 
How to pick the best time-tracking software in Atlanta?

This page shall guide you in understanding why Flowace is the best option for companies in Atlanta. flowace’s comprehensive features list showcases its capabilities going beyond a manual time-tracking software while ticking the boxes of integrating every productive time-tracking tool.  

How do I maintain the privacy of my employees while using employee monitoring software?

Flowace caters to employee monitoring and time-tracking software laws, which are different for different regions. However, the universal concern is to abide by the legal threshold of transparency; inform your employees that you will be tracking their time. Here are some steps you can take to ensure privacy for your employees:

  • Create a policy 
  • Maintain transparency and accountability of your employees
  • Don’t breach boundaries 

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