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What are alerts, and how do you turn on alerts?

Alerts are email notifications sent when a user misses the working hours defined by the admin.

Step 1: Access the admin setting

  • Log in to your Flowace account with a registered username and password
  • Click “Admin Settings” from the top right under your profile name.

Step 2: Locate Alerts

  • Once you click on the admin setting, you will find the Alerts option on the left of the webpage.
  • Click on Alerts, and choose the users to define the work hours

Step 3: Customize alerts

  • Select the user
  • A small tab with an option will appear. Click on it to begin the customization
  • Choose edit to define work hours
  • You can also choose to send an alert to the user, send an alert to the custom user, or send an alert to the user’s report to

Save the changes, and you will get reports from every member of your team.